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Caption Competition

13:06 UK time, Friday, 15 August 2008

Winning entries in the caption competition.

georgeandbill424getty.jpgGeorge Bush chats with former Microsoft boss Bill Gates at the National Aquatic Centre in Beijing. But what's being said?

The competition is now closed. Full rules can be seen here [PDF].

There is still no prize, except the traditional small quantity of kudos.

6. Fauconnier
"Yeah I get all my trousers made for me by Getty Images."

5. Kjabooti
"Hey Bill, Windows said I performed an illegal operation and had to shut down. Who are you guys, the United Nations?"

4. Rob Falconer
"I sure love candy, Bill. I'm hoping to try some of these Chinese Wispas I've heard about."

3. Tremorman
Hi Bill, those iPhones are a great invention, I mean who would have thought you could make a call with your eye?"

2. CoasterCowboy
"Honest Bill, little guy on the way in, got two tickets for the swimming, two Xbox360 games and a copy of Vista for $10."

1. planetmarshalluk
"Have you tried turning it off and on?"

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