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12:18 UK time, Thursday, 8 May 2008

A service highlighting the riche of the daily press.

There's a collective gasp from the papers over the story of the man who opened fire in public before being killed in a shoot out with police... but it's more to do with the financial/professional status of the people involved than the dreadful episode itself.

"Last poignant message of siege gunman shot dead by police in his £2million flat" - Daily Mail

"Crazed shooter was top barrister" - the Sun

"What drove a £500,000 a year lawyer to engage in shootout to the death with police" - Daily Express

"How did our Oxford-educated son come to die in a gun-siege?" - the Daily Telegraph

The Daily Mail offers a slightly bizarre insight into the domestic set-up of the gunman and his wife, which reads thus: "Friends were surprised when they became an item. Both were Oxford graduates, but Mr Saunders was a public school-educated shooting enthusiast while his wife was a printer's daughter who went to a comprehensive and was said to have Left-wing views."

Back at the Sun, there's a tortuous pun on the Amy Winehouse getting nicked story - "They told me to go down the cop shop then said... ELLO ELLO ELLO". And what police station did the stick-thin chanteuse have to attend? Limehouse. Sadly, there's no Winehouse-Limehouse word-play, even in the picture caption.

To conclude, a piece about the weather courtesy of the Daily Express... and a question. Why, when papers illustrate stories about glorious weather, do they always end up on Brighton beach? Ok, it's a rhetorical question - the answer being because, it being a beach, there's lots of bare flesh, and Brighton is also known as "London-on-Sea". But the picture is maddeningly always the same - with the pier in the background. Come on picture editors. Time to be a little more creative in choosing a venue.

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