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16:07 UK time, Wednesday, 23 January 2008

More political correctness gone mad in the story that BECTA doesn't accept the story of the three little pigs because it might offend Muslims. Nice to know that they don't consider that offending Jewish people to be important.
Adrian, London, UK

The Three Religiously Insensitive Pigs versus The Leashed Fiancee? Who will inspire the most vitriol? I'm going with the pigs, judging from your elucidating article on modern social attitudes. Thank you nonetheless for giving me a simply awesome title for a book that shall hopefully drag me from my lazy, obstinate poverty and make me less of a pariah. Please have some excessive emoticon use :) :) :).
Dylan, Reading, UK

Re Three Little Pigs 'too offensive'. Personally, I'm glad this has been raised. As somebody who thinks wolves are fascinating animals, the depiction of lupines in this and other children's stories is deeply offensive.
Dave Godfrey, Swindon, UK

Re those pigs and how they may also offend builders. I'm furious about this. I'm a cowboy and I'm offended. What about me?
Buck, Cumbria

In the light of the story about the failed travel company Travelscope being taken over by a firm created by its former owners, has anyone else noticed the irony of the new company's name? Subtle? I think not!
Fi, Gloucestershire, UK

Re UK homes to get super-fast fibre. After all the preceding headlines and stories about government plans for health living/obesity, I was very disappointed to find out that express home deliveries of All Bran - or even porridge - were not, after all, in the offing.
Aqua Suliser, Bath

Re UK homes to get super-fast fibre. That should solve the obesity crisis.
Colin Nelson, MK, UK

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