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15:23 UK time, Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Here I was ready to write a smug little comment to say that BBC had messed up "you put Eddie Murphy as his own on screen partner teehee" only to find out that was the actual answer! I have definately learnt my lesson - always check that you are right before being smug. Something I learnt today after shouting out to my office that I had spotted a BBC mistake only to find myself very red faced a few seconds later...
Poisoned Pirate, The Flying Fox

"I think we can safely say that the stomping, snorting optimistic beast of a market is fleeing the field, to be replaced by something scary and grizzly," said BBC Business Editor Robert Peston. "But volatility is the order of the day. In London, there has been a stunning bounce, which could yet turn out to be ephemeral. "Having worked at assorted times on trading floors, I can smell the adrenalin, testosterone and fear that is creating this mayhem." Just what was in his coffee this morning?
Baz, Lingwood, Norfolk

RE: Kite to pull ship across Atlantic. Using the power of wind to power a boat? Goodness! What a good idea, can't believe no-one's thought of that before.
Rob A, Cambridge, UK

Never have I seen such a blatant case of "re-inventing the wheel" as Kite to pull ship across Atlantic. Unless of course someone did re-invent the wheel.
Rob, Bristol

Hmm, a ship powered by a Kite? Perhaps they think it's modern because it's "computer controlled" but isn't this what used to be called "sails" in the old days?
Kelly Evans, Reading, UK

The chief executive of the former Distressed Gentlefolk's Aid Association, now named Elizabeth Finn Care, is called Jonathan Welfare. Genius!
Candy Spillard, York, UK

Has anyone else spotted that Mike Huckabee (potential next US president) bears a stiking resemblance to Robert Lindsay? A win for Mike would certainly keep him (RL) in business doing the docu-soaps and films. And he DOES have experience.
Mike, UK

Oh Angela (Monday's letters), that article was from the 23 September, 2004. It would appear that Mike Thomson was educated in the fine art of subtraction better than you.
Dave, Battersea, London

And that's why I always use a famous person's name when writing letters.
David Beckham

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