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16:11 UK time, Friday, 6 July 2007

I can't believe I got there first. Enjoy the Friends of the Magazine Facebook group.
Andy, London

There is a Facebook group all for you - BBC Magazine Monitor Appreciation... because what the Monitor wants, the Monitor gets.
Rosie K, Sheffield, UK

Does "Record TV quiz phone-in fine" count as an all-noun headline or is some pedant going to say that phone-in isn't a real noun?
Mike, Newcastle upon Tyne

"Dinosaur bones" are fossils and are therefore made not of bone but of stone. So can someone explain to me how the Chinese are able to make soup out of them?
MJ Simpson, Leicester, UK

Thanks a bunch for reminding me of Mr Noseybonk, Paper Monitor. As long as I can stop myself from thinking about Timothy Claypole then my childhood nightmares won't return... aargh, too late!
Steph, Toronto

Re the Jade Goody mini-quiz. Almost 80% of Magazine readers got it wrong. I'm proud of you guys. Who cares, anyway?
Caroline Brown, Rochester, UK

I eat crisp sandwiches. I'm guessing they didn't research those.
Vicky Stiles, St Annes-on-sea, UK

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