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10:57 UK time, Friday, 6 July 2007

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Today is 6 July. That means tomorrow is 7 July. Or put another way 07/07/07. This is very exciting, and here's why.

"Modern man long ago forgot why seven has always been so blessed," says the Daily Mail. "So what date could be more special than 7/07/07, except perhaps the seventh of July 1977?"

Or, conceivably, the seventh of July 7777, but that admittedly is quite a long time to wait.

But the paper goes on: "There are seven seas, seven virtues, Seven Wonders of the World. Seven colours of the rainbow... the seven days of creation, the seven deadly sins, the blessing of the seventh day..." somehow missing out on mentioning the internet's most popular and excellent news-based quiz.

Other sevens not mentioned: a report saying shop-bought sandwiches are seven times saltier than crisps, and interest rates going up to 5.75% (which is nearly seven). The paper does, at least, have the decency to point out why 7 July has a particular significance outside pointless numerology-based articles.

It's a series which will run and run, though. Why, it was only the sixth of the sixth in 06 that the Daily Mirror wrote a piece entitled 6.6.6. DAY OF THE DEVIL. And only the fifth of the fifth in 2005 when the Express wrote a piece Ten things you never knew about the number five. Paper Monitor's note to self: story idea for August next year, and September the year after.

Meanwhile, Paper Monitor has some interesting Facebook groups to monitor, including I'm Still Terrified of Mr Noseybonk. Odd, isn't it, that no-one has yet formed a Facebook group for Friends of the Magazine? Unlike some in the media, self-respect prevents one setting it up oneself, but of course should the people speak one will only be too happy for one's name to go forward.

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