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Caption competition results

13:33 UK time, Friday, 6 July 2007


It's time for the winning entries in the caption contest.

This week it's actor Rupert Grint - aka trainee wizard Ron Weasley - at the UK premier of Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix. He's in there somewhere, honest.

6. Sue Lee
"Mmwammng... when I ..oofff ... said...mwwwmwmmff... that I'd.. nng... show you.... hwwmmff... my magic.... wand..."

5. Martin Scolding
Harry Potter gets a shock when emerging on the other side of Platform Nine and Three-Quarters.

4. Sarah, Trieste, Italy
"NOW I believe in magic!"

3. Simon Rooke
If Carlsberg did paparazzi...

2. Mark Esdale
End of term at Pitmans' Secretarial College.

1. Sean Smith
Gordon Brown's trip to the image consultant seems to be paying off.

Magic. Thanks to all who entered.

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