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Caption competition results

12:44 UK time, Friday, 15 June 2007

Here are the winning entries in the caption competition.

They say never work with animals or children, but the Monitor has never let such considerations stand in its way. So this week, veterinary staff prepare to vaccinate Nelson the lion at Perth Zoo in Australia. But what's being said?

6. Paul Knights
"Look, if Mrs Green says it's an Oriental Shorthair then who are we to disagree?"

5. Catherine O
"The boss says can you get a move on? We're doing five NHS hip replacements this afternoon."

4. Andrew Penguin
"If he wakes up, it was her idea, right?"

3. Diane, Sutton
"Of course I'm glad he's found it, but I think he could have told us sooner it was in his pocket the whole time."

2. Clare Knights
"What do you mean you've run out of chloroform?!"

1. Dan Hammett
"Weren't you wearing a watch before we started?"

Thanks to all who entered.

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