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Caption competition results

13:11 UK time, Friday, 29 June 2007


It's time for the winning entries in the caption competition.

This week, it's Nell McAndrew and Rupert Bear launching the Woodland Trust's drive to secure the future of ancient trees.

6. Gareth Jones, Isle of Anglesey
"I really don't think this is how you do the 'Oaky-cokey', Nell."

5. Stig
Meanwhile, in the garden at No 10, potential junior ministers in a "Government of all the talent", eagerly await news of their jobs...

4. James Carter
Nell was starting to get suspicious. This was the 10th time that Rupert had got his kite stuck in the tree, and he always insisted on standing underneath her to keep the tree steady...

3. Christian Cook
"After three, heave..."

2. Tim
The marriage would never work - there were tree of us in it.

1. Kieran Boyle
Prince Charles was still very troubled by one particular recurring dream.

Thanks to all who entered.


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