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11:35 UK time, Friday, 13 April 2007

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Remember Loadsamoney? Only me! Eranu/Uvavu? Yeah but no but? Am I bovvered? All these references from popular culture (and many, many more besides) in their time became a kind of street cred shorthand for journalists (and, come to that, politicians) eager to show that they're not out of touch.

In this culture-rich society we're living in, it's naturally quite a challenge to stay hip (though Paper Monitor has never, personally, had any trouble in that respect). So what is the cultural reference du jour? See if you can guess, with our exclusive News on Mars round-up from today's papers.

starmars.jpgLife on Cars - Classic Cortinas selling like mad (Daily Star)
Life on Mars? No, pet, it's Life on Venus (Richard Littlejohn imagines what it would be like for Gene Hunt to come to the modern day. Creative writing, six out of ten - Daily Mail)
Why women love DCI Gene Hunt (Daily Telegraph)
Monster from Mars - profile of Gene Hunt/Philip Glenister (Times T2)
Were the 1970s more or less boring than the 1960s? (Letter to Daily Telegraph)
Columnist Fergus Shanahan on 'Gene Hunt' being snubbed for Bafta - (Sun)
Big Brain Mark Lawson on the internal paradoxes of Life on Mars compared with The Prisoner (Guardian)
Life on Mars best show 4 yrs (Text message to Daily Star)
Opinion column on Cortinas becoming fashionable again (Daily Star)
'Police need to be more like Life on Mars tough guys' (Letter to Daily Express)
The bullies from Mars (Daily Mail)
Teachers blame 'Life on Mars' for rise of homophobia (Independent, Telegraph and Times)
"Never mind Life on Mars; on Tuesday night, life in Manchester felt like another planet." (Mike Hume writes about football violence in The Times)

And (JOKE COMING UP) all this is to say nothing of today's Times front page: "'Fat' gene found by scientists". Cowabunga!

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