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Caption Comp

11:35 UK time, Thursday, 5 April 2007


It's time for the winning entries in our Easter caption comp.

This week, it was the "clown army" who joined a blockade at Faslane Nuclear Base in Scotland. Protesters have been camped outside the site for over a year. But what was said?

1. JB
Sponsors of the "keeping a straight face competition" were desperate to break the deadlock of the two finalists.

2. Sam Hutchinson
Officer on the left to his colleague: "I don't think much of the new CSO uniform."

3. Simon Rooke
"'Reach out to the community', they said. 'Empathise', they said. Have you got the pepper spray or should be just baton charge?"

4. Michael Williamson
"Aren't you the guys who arrested me when I was in Father's For Justice?"

5. Jip Foster
Police keep an eye on the media circus at Faslane.

6. Richard Lowery
Locals mock protesters dressed as police officers.

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