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Caption Comp

12:56 UK time, Friday, 13 April 2007

It's time for the winning entries in our caption competition.

This week, it's American artist Mark Jenkins - somewhere in one of those bin bags - showing his work in the UK for the first time. But what was being said?

6. Simon Rooke
A quarter of a million isn't bad for Kensington and Chelsea, and it sleeps four.

5. Ian Dunlop
Extreme hoodie craze causes problems on London streets

4. Adam
"Shhhhh! Here he comes."

3. David Dee
"Oi, you lot! Biodegradables go in GREEN bags, ALTERNATE Thursdays. You're nicked!"

2. Andrew
''Tyler! Get those soft southern installation artist nonces off the pavement, along with their rubbish....''

1. Brett Mitchell
"Let's face it lads, we've been ripped off. This is not a four-man tent."

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