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17:07 UK time, Friday, 23 February 2007

Re Morning has Broken - I suspect it's a wedding favourite because it's one of the few hymns people can remember from school. All together now…
Rosie, Cambridge

Re 7 days 7 questions - can anyone tell me how "footless socks" differ from legwarmers (except, apparently, in bagginess)? The 80s are, indeed, back.
Lucy Jones, Manchester

My best friend is Rebecca Hedges of 'Size zero means clothes now fit me'. For the first couple of years of our friendship, we were both size six. Now I'm size 16, I too have a problem getting clothes of a fashionable nature to fit me, as the likes of Topshop and Miss Selfridge do not go up to a size 16. But Becky does get told she looks child-like, and on many occasions has been refused alcohol due to her size. The world is becoming discriminative towards sizes big and small.
Karen Glover

Paper Monitor asks what's going on in the picture of the hoodie pointing a make-believe gun at Dave Cameron. It's not his gun hand that worries me - it's what's going on with the other hand...
Christina, Bath
MM note: All “ver” kids do that these days. We think he is simply resting it.

Paper Monitor is concerned that the youth in question breaches duel etiquette by “shooting” at his opponent’s back. Some versions of the "code duello" would have protected David Cameron as they provided for a referee who would also be armed with a pistol. It was his duty to shoot down either of the combatants who looked as though he may be about to transgress the rules. Wouldn't soccer be a much better game if they adopted a similar rule?
Kip, Norwich, UK

I hate to be a pedant too, Dave (Thursday letters) - don't we all? - but it's the placement of the swearword that's marvellous, not the word in itself; hence it's a grammar issue.
John Henry, London, UK

Re How to Say: Babel. I'm British and have always thought that Babel should indeed be pronounced BAY-buhl. So why my comment? Well consider the word babble - which can mean 'unintelligible speak'. It pains me to say but perhaps the American pronunciation 'BAB-buhl' is more appropriate. (Did the word 'babble' derive from Babel?)
Jordan Walters, Eastleigh

Re Adrian's comment on No 10's mass-mailing (Thursday letters). Hate being a pedant, but nothing much would happen when 1.8m people hit "Reply" at the same time. If they were all to then hit "Send" at the same time, that would be a different matter...
I'll get me coat.
R, Swindon

Am I the only person not to receive an e-mail from Mr Tony Blair?
Sue, Birmingham

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