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Caption competition results

12:29 UK time, Friday, 23 February 2007

Marathon runners
It’s time for winning entries in the caption comp.

This week, runners Ed Stumpf (left) and Sean Cornwell get in some training in London ahead of the six-day Marathon Des Sables across the Sahara Desert. They plan to compete while wrapped in cling-film to show how the world is being suffocated by carbon emissions.

But what’s being said?

1=. Nigel Macarthur
"No one so much as glances. This must be London."

1=. Sean Smith
"Just one little fold at the end of the Sellotape and we'd never be in this mess, Dave."

3. Stig
"That’s what you think now. But when it rains out there, who’ll be laughing then, eh?"

4. Pix6, Vienna
"Er, shouldn't we be wearing natural fibres?"

5. Cayley
Two miles, and three litres of water later, Sean found the design flaw.

6. Gareth Jones, Isle of Anglesey
EU Packaging Regulations: WARNING. May contain nuts.

Thanks to all who entered.

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