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Caption comp - results

13:39 UK time, Friday, 9 February 2007


It's time for the caption comp.

This week, the elephants at Whipsnade Wild Animal Park celebrate a new arrival - a baby calf, second-born of Kaylee, on the right. But what's being said as the bouncing baby pachyderm makes its public debut?

1. Simon Rooke
“It's always the same when Auntie Pauline comes round, they start drinking and then it's 'do you still remember the routine when we were in the circus?'”

2. Annie, London
"Would you believe it Barry - two needles in the haystack. What are the odds!"

3. Lee Pike
Embarrassment at elephant wedding as someone forgets the rings.

4. Ian
Steve McClaren considers a half time tactical change.

5. Stig“He never writes… and up and lift… he never phones… and hold it... he never vacuumed...”

6. Rob Falconer
“Yeah, but it's the shake-it-all-about that's the difficult bit.”

Thanks to all who entered. Despite earlier promises, the losing entries will not be available due to the ongoing technical difficulties.

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