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Caption competition results

13:46 UK time, Friday, 16 February 2007

It's time for the caption comp results.

This week, Conservative leader David Cameron has been in the news amid allegations that he was caught smoking cannabis while a pupil at Eton. But here he is later in the week in Sweden, talking to a dad about that country's paternity policies. So what's being said?

Here's the pick of the entries:

1. Simon Rooke
"Remember, drugs is bad, m'kay? There's a time and a place for drugs and it's called Eton."

2. Gareth Jones, Isle of Anglesey
"...and this little piggy has a private past."

3. Sean Smith
"I admit, Mr Svenson, I have shopped at Ikea. It was a long time ago and I'm not proud of it."

4. David Dee
"Cool, great, really metrosexual! And was the mother present at the birth?"

5. Matti
"Ahhh! So this is the Centre Left?"

6. Helene Parry
"This little piggy took an enterprise-based approach to a free market economy..."

Thanks to all who entered.

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