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16:08 UK time, Friday, 1 December 2006

Sunshine and beaches are not the only alternative to television and overeating at Christmas. Last year I worked in a shelter over Christmas and it was the best Christmas I've had in years. Good company, fun and a feeling of having achieved something useful rather than vague guilt at having sat in front of the TV for a week.
Ann, Leeds

What's so bad about the British Christmas? Well, it's incredibly expensive for a start, rubbish TV and weather, too much food and drink. Then the anti-climax of New Year and it's time to make a resolution to lose the extra weight, give up smoking etc, which usually lasts about a week. Why do we put ourselves through it every year? We will be spending our fifth Christmas abroad this year, my only regret is we'll have to come back.
Emma, Nottingham

I'm no fan of Christmas and could quite fancy spending it somewhere exotic. What I don't fancy, however, is queuing up with the 2.5 million others who'd be doing the same. Mince pies and the Two Ronnies it is, then.
Sue Lee, Twickenham

I love the caption competition but I thought you made a serious error of judgement with the selection of the winner today.
Richard Polding Barcelona

You're at it early this year! A bit bored in the office? Here's a handy check-list for journalists to use:-
January = we are all too fat
February = why is it so cold?
March = we all hate the British winter
April = it's too wet
May = when will summer come?
June = why global warming means no more summer
July = why is summer so hot?
August = why isn't it hot anymore?
September = where's the Indian summer?
October = it's too wet
November = fireworks are dangerous
December = we all hate Christmas
January = we are all too fat etc, etc…
John Sol, Birmingham

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