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15:57 UK time, Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Why do live outside broadcasts on breakfast television increasingly need members of the public in the background doing things they wouldn't normally be doing at that time of the morning? Example: story is new school meals better for kids - cut to OB where school children are sat in the background forcing school meals down their throats at 6.30 in the morning! You often see these poor people posed ready for the word 'action' as the camera cuts to the OB. A flexicon for these people would be increasingly handy. How about OBdeviants?
Lee Pike, Cardiff, UK

Re: Caption on picture at top of the story Wizard of Oz returns to cinemas. I think we could have guessed that. Judy Garland was the one on the left of the photo.
Michael Hall, Croydon, UK

I'm afraid that Daniel Hayes is incorrect in one aspect of his pedantry: Stoo did not use the term 'disinterested' to mean not interested, the quoted headline in his letter did.
Jacqui Adams, London, UK

In order to verify you have achieved the correct sitting position, 135 degrees is the minimum angle required to avoid dribbling on your keyboard during a surrepticious afternoon nap.
Nick Rikker, Barcelona, Spain

In reply to Jerry, I only get 30 minutes for lunch, and I can't wait 4 days. Please spill the beans and we will all congratulate you on your cleverness.
Colin, Ipswich

You swine Jerry! How am I supposed to concentrate at work with that "apparently simple question" floating around my head?
Andrea, London, UK

To Jerry of London - Having spent MORE than 2 hours trying to do that puzzle - please put me out of my misery and explain how on earth you get to 8327?
Kym, Bournemouth

To Vicky Stiles from Prague. The solution to you loosing one of your new gloves is to take up golf or become a gangster rapper. I'm sure you could help propagate the one glove craze that I've seen some of our younger citizens sporting. However I'll leave it up to you which profession you choose.
Guy Thompson, London,UK

Re: Vicky Stiles' single glove - she could use it to keep one of her hands warm
James, Lancaster

And I thought I was the only one who wrapped presents in wallcharts. Once again PM comes to the rescue of the social outcast.
Andy Donovan, Sheffield, UK

So, PM is definitely female, been wrapping your presents for months? Everyone knows that men do all their Chistmas shopping on Christmas Eve, 20 minutes before the shops shut
PierreZFP, Luxembourg/Luxembourg

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