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15:07 UK time, Monday, 16 October 2006

And the award for the most related internet links on a BBC News article goes to Q&A: Protecting your identity. Can anyone top this?
Tom Calvert, Northiam, UK

Has anyone considered that the reason for hospital patients not finishing their food could be that they were not feeling very well?
Jan Podsiadly, Croydon

The Guardian's apple wallchart has to be one of the most useless yet. Okay, so I eat more apples than I see exotic butterflies, but they all look the same; roughly spherical, and a mixture of red and green. Thrilling!
Robin, Edinburgh

Re: James Carter's comment "workers find unexploded bomb". The term "unexploded" helps define the extremely brief period between the finding of a previously undiscovered bomb and an explosion. This period is normally measured in milliseconds.
Nick Rikker, Barcelona, Spain

I regard a bomb becoming an unexploded bomb after its intended moment of detonation. Prior to that it is surely just a bomb.
Andrew, Liverpool

So, rock/pop groups are always plural, according to your style guidelines. What about The Streets, which is a one man band....
Andrew, Stockport, UK

Phillip of Nottingham - this is a theory I have suggested many times in emails which have been suspiciously suppressed. The fact that this PM (as opposed to the other PM) never seems to take a holiday is proof enough for me.
Christina, Bath

I think MM is produced by a comically mis-matched couple somewhat akin to Terry and June. I picture them in matching tracksuits getting in hilarious scrapes. "Ju-une! I've lost Thursday's letters and the boss is coming round for tea! Again!"
Adam, London, UK

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