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16:57 UK time, Friday, 1 September 2006

Manilow recovering after hip op: just for a moment there I thought Barry had deserted his middle of the road roots and regretted it.
Cat, London, UK

If I started a petition for a "none of the above" choice on the Caption Competition vote, would anyone be with me?
Lindsay, Glasgow

Wow! This week's caption competition entries actually were quite good. It was novel having to decide between several good entries for a change. Could we have a button to vote for more than one answer?
Lester Mak, London

Re Paper Monitor's reference to Mark Almond, if it could have been THAT M Almond, he would have been Marc, not Mark. Unless there's another famous Mark Almond who I'm not aware of, obviously.
Silas, London, UK

Regarding the government's proposals to chip our bins. I don't know if this crossed anyone else's mind but if households are going to be charged by weight for rubbish collection how are they going to stop unscrupulous neighbours from putting their rubbish in other peoples bins to avoid paying?
Chris, London

Whatever the rights and wrongs of hold baggage charges, does Toby Nicholl really think that "an explosion in the amount of baggage put in holds" is the best choice of words?
Simon Robinson, Birmingham, UK

Two articles caught my eye today - "Semen 'may fuel cervical cancer'" and "Cameron calls for emissions law". Typical of today's policiticans: no sooner does a problem arise than they want to legislate on it.
Wen, Horsham

I hate to blow Adrian's theory of Paper Monitor's gender out the window (Thursday letters). He reckons a woman because of the reference to perms and ruffles for a Christmas party outfit. I have two words for him. Russell. Brand.
Isabella, Sheffield

Could the Magazine Monitor enlighten me on a question that's been bothering me? What is the plural of Daddy Long Legs? Our house was invaded by a plague of them and I'm not sure whether to refer to them as 'Daddy long legses', 'Daddies long legs' or just 'Daddy long legs'. They seem reluctant to leave the house till I get my grammar right.
Rob, Letterkenny, Ireland

Re "That icon of effortless good looks, Victoria Beckham". One for the flexicon there I think. An obvious example of a foxymoron.
Kip, Norwich UK

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