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16:00 UK time, Friday, 15 September 2006

I'm totally enraged about today's story that it's been suggested the drink-drive limit should be reduced for under-25s. Not because I think it's OK to get plastered and drive home, but as someone who worked behind a bar for six years I've seen a great deal more gentlemen of, shall we say, 'more advanced years' sinking three or four whiskeys in half an hour and waddling out to their jalopy and on to the next pub. But of course that's OK - they've been doing it for years.
Paul, Portishead, England

Is Al Gore's film really "the most terrifying of all time"? Surely we all agree that nuclear apolocalypse flick "Threads" made by the good old BBC retains this title. With its 80s hair and fashions (and featuring the Sheffield egg-box council building) it gets more and more terrifying as years go by.
John Coulthard, Bath, UK

Not wanting to sound like a pedant or even a trainspotter, but in the story about the Inter City 125 turning 30, you appear to have published a picture of a Class 91 and mark 4 coaches (also known as the Inter City 225), complete with electric pantograph (we all know from the noise of a 125 that they are diesel powered), over the caption 'The little train that could' (excuse the quotations!). I'm sure the Magazine is completely au fait with British locomotive nomenclature, and that this is just a brief oversight. Say it is, and my faith will be restored.
Chris W, Wales, UK

Conspiracy or coincidence – the Conservative Party's re-branding is based around a shade of blue that's unnervingly similar to the Magazine's chosen new palette.
Maurice Day, Bootle

Re the Tory logo: Am I the only one to think it looks like an ostrich?
Snoop, Barcelona, Spain

Sorry, but I like the new Tory logo *blush*
Angela H, Worthing, UK

I don't know why I'm so perturbed by the headline Who tells off the prime minister?' Who tells the Prime Minister off? Who gives the Prime Minister a telling-off? It's almost enough to make me wish Alastair Campbell were still doing it.
James Kingham, Chelmsford, Essex

Some of those Caption Competition entries were pretty dire.
I have a newfound respect for the Monitor after reading all 237 of them. If it weren't for the teal, I don't think I would have made it.
Evan, London UK

What shall I do on this fine Friday afternoon? Read all the caption comp entries, 6 down, 237 to go. It's going to be a great afternoon. Good work MM!! We should start a vote on the worst 6 entries now we can see them all.
Steve K, Fraserburgh, Scotland

The woman answering the door in Out in the cold is gorgeous. Who is she?
Joel, Nottingham

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