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10:45 UK time, Friday, 15 September 2006

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

What do the papers make of the Conservative Party’s new logo, the £40,000 sketch of an oak tree replacing the torch of liberty introduced by Margaret Thatcher (the flames of which are uncannily reminiscent of her famous ‘do)?

“Is it a smudge? A child’s scribble?... While the concept of the oak tree has proved popular, the portrayal chosen has aroused disappointment,” says the Times, after canvassing opinion among party faithful.

Another writes on the ConservativeHome discussion site: “It looks like it’s been drawn, then scrubbed out. Like the Tories can’t make up their minds.”

The Daily Mirror also reprints comments from the site, such as “My daughter said, ‘Did David Cameron give his baby a crayon?’”

And that bible of Middle England, the Daily Mail, cannot disguise its glee at the opprobrium heaped upon it, such as “Eton mess”… “looks like someone wrote something rude and it was scribbled out”.

Those of a delicate disposition may wish to look away as the paper canvasses opinions of Tory grandees – among them Lord Bell of Belgravia: “I am loath to say it’s crap because I cannot believe this is it” – and style guru Peter York: “It is the most inexplicable, fuzzy-wuzzy bit of logoism possible.”

But the Daily Telegraph plays it with a straight bat, describing the logo as “an impressionistic doodle”. The only hint of criticism comes from Lord Tebbit, who when it was first mooted likened it to “a bunch of broccoli".

Incidentally, Paper Monitor picked up a copy of London Lite on the way home yesterday. Christina in curlers, spot-the-difference games... Suddenly Metro looks rather classy.

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