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Caption competition results

12:47 UK time, Friday, 15 September 2006

It's time for the caption competition results.


This week, toddler Phoebe Cordy plays at the Sense and Sensuality exhibition at Bankside Gallery in London, which encourages visitors to use all five senses to experience art.

Here are the winning entries. We were getting ahead of ourselves when we promised a vote. But you can see the runners-up (losers) by clicking the word Comments.

6. "And this one brings down the fire wall"
David Slater

5. Coming Soon to BBC 17: The Eleventh Doctor, played by adorable Maggie Tweeden-Overbite, battles the evil Mr Trousers and his vast recyclotron.
Tim Francis-Wright

4. Welcome to the Ridley Scott Daycare Centre

3. Tony Blair regretted his appearance on CBeebies' "World's Strongest Toddler"
Gareth Jones, Anglesey

2. Arrrggghhh: Not Tubular Bells again!!!!
Bert Fletcher

1. "Man, this new formula Calpol is just, like, totally out there..."

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