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Caption competition

15:26 UK time, Friday, 29 September 2006

It's time for the caption competition - results!

This week, Bob Geldof reacts to Gordon Brown's speech at the Labour Party conference.

Here are the winning entries.

1. Tall Tone
...and as Bob here from the Arctic Monkeys agrees...

2. Simon Rooke
Damn, that's a great name for a kid, Fiscal Prudence Geldof.

3. Lynn
Brown fails to comprehend rock paper scissors

4. Gareth Jones, Anglesey
I wonder if that Noel Edmonds thing will shut him up?

5. Phil
Gordon: "Look at the shadow Bob, it's a chicken"

6. Brian O'Broin
Bob, if you can't say it, just point to the person who chose your suit.

You can see the non-winners by clicking here .

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