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Caption Comp - results!

14:05 UK time, Friday, 1 September 2006

It's time for the caption competition... results!

Caption competition pictureThis week broadcaster Gyles Brandreth poses with the original Fozzie Bear given to him by Muppets' creator Jim Henson. It is among bears from the world's oldest Teddy Bear Museum that are due to be sold at Christies. But what's being said?

1.David, Edinburgh
Judge presents legal council team.

2. Tony Holden
The passage of time had not been kind to Miss Piggy.

3. Pix6, Vienna, Austria
The reason why Goldilocks is still in therapy.

4. David Dee, Maputo Mozambique
"Cash in the Attic - mixed lot - do I hear 50p?"

5. Helene Parry, South Wales expat to Brentford Lock
The security dog was spoilt for choice.

6. Hal Coyle, Cambridge, MA, US
Before and After patient photos from Dr Marvelo's Cosmetological Clinic (results not typical).

Leave a comment and tell us which you prefer.

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