Reshmi Bajnath


  • Reshmi Bajnath
  • 23 Mar 08, 12:58 PM

Happy Easter Everyone,

I hope you're all enjoying your extra long weekend and I expect most of you are tucking into your third or fourth easter egg by now.

Obviously because we are the hardest working team in TV, we will be back at work tomorrow filming the next show which you can see on Tuesday.

We've got some great guests coming on including funny man Paddy McGuinness and Joanna Page who plays Stacey in Gavin and Stacey. We've also got the brilliant Lauren Laverne on the show.

As per usual we will be treating you to some more hilarious You Tube clips and our viral of the week, so if you've been sent any funny clips like the monkey peeing in his mouth, as seen on the last show then send them to us and if we like it then we'll play it to the nation. If you didn't see it then check this out.

Don't forget there are only two shows left so make sure you get involved. Keep sending us your emails, home made clips, You Tube virals and embarrassing/funny stories.

Don't miss the show on Tuesday, 10.30pm, BBC3.

The End

Reshmi xxxx

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