Reshmi Bajnath


  • Reshmi Bajnath
  • 11 Mar 08, 12:41 PM

Afternoon all,

So i've just got into work after a late night filming the show, which you can all see tonight at 10.30pm on BBC3. I'm not bias or anything but its definitely the best show yet!

We had the hilarious James Corden on who was taking advantage of his newly single status by doing some serious flirting with Lily! Lets just say there was talk of a wedding at one point!
As you all know Ruth Jones was supposed to come on the show but she was unable to come at the last minute due to illness, so get well soon Ruth.

Joseph Dempsie and Mitch Hewer from Skins were amongst the many celebs propping up the VIP bar and they proved to be popular eye candy for most of the audience! The guys dished the dirt on what really goes on with that ridiculously good looking cast.

Roisin Murphy performing her brilliant new song "You Know Me Better" and she didn't disappoint when she arrived in one of her trademark flamboyant outfits.

Last but not least were the You Tube Heroes of the week, the Brubakers with their brilliant wedding dance which has had an amazing 9 million hits.

You can also find out which band won the vote to perform on the show tonight. WIl it be Team Waterpolo or Look See Proof?

Watch the show, it's amazing....i promise!

BBC3, 10.30PM

Love you long time

Reshmi xx

P.S - I still want to hear from you if you have a funny or embarrassing story. If you want the chance to chat to Lily and hang out with the celebs at the bar then email me now. xx

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  • 1.
  • At 02:49 PM on 11 Mar 2008,
  • Tiffany wrote:

Last night was amazing! My friends and I loved every minute of it - got everyone's autographs and my mate got to tell her story! Can't wait for tonight, having a little party to watch the show!lol. Thanks again X x

  • 2.
  • At 11:00 AM on 12 Mar 2008,
  • James Terry wrote:

Hey shame u didnt interview Roisin Murphy....ur advertisment and webpage gave the impression u wud, as in Pose aq question to Roisin???

  • 3.
  • At 03:53 PM on 12 Mar 2008,
  • Pipsy wrote:

Felt I just had to comment on last nights show. Absolutely amazing!
I'm probably not one of Lily's major catchment audience (ie: I'm 36 with 5 kids & little pc knowledge)....but liked the idea of the show and decided to give it a try.
Seeing Lily's confidence grow as a presenter, throughout the series has been gr8 and I have enjoyed parts of each show.
But last night exceeded all expectations. It all came together soooo well. I found myself laughing hysterically, ALL the way through the show. James Cordon and Lily should definately work together more. The rappor they showed was brilliant tv and I was glued (desperate for her to keep throwing him
I was always more of a fan of Keith Allen fan; and it was this that made me curious to see what his daughter had to give, outside of her music career. I'm still a big fan of Kieth; but, Lily has earned my respect in her own right and I will continue to support the show for as long as it runs.
Keep up the good work all of you....and to Lily, Don't let the critics get you down hun - I'm sure there are many more like me, whose lives you make brighter and cheerier each time the show goes out.

  • 4.
  • At 01:34 PM on 14 Mar 2008,
  • Martin Wright wrote:

I have only just managed to watch this weeks show being busy with other things, (final year at uni so a very busy time for me) so caught it on the BBC online thingy. I have to say that i thought it was the best show yet. James Corden was the best guest you have had without a doubt. Very interesting guy with a lot to say, and seeing Lily's face when he was saying how lovely she was.... it was the sweetest thing i have ever seen. Made me like her even more.

Keep up the good work sweety. You are a great presenter. Don't know what the papers are on about. I think its a top show.

Martin xx

i would really love to come to see the show with my mates!!!

  • 6.
  • At 04:02 PM on 18 Mar 2008,
  • lisa wrote:

Lily is amazing..

when is hernew album out? we need some new music.

  • 7.
  • At 04:08 PM on 18 Mar 2008,
  • lisa wrote:

Lily is amazing..

when is hernew album out? we need some new music.

  • 8.
  • At 04:33 PM on 18 Mar 2008,
  • James wrote:

Fantastic show - Great to see the LOOK SEE PROOF boys on they were brill!

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