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  • Adam Goodall
  • 10 Feb 08, 04:57 PM

Hi guys,

Good news, the first ever ‘Lily Allen and Friends’ is done and dusted and it went swimmingly I must say! Lily, dressed in a beautiful red number, announced to the audience she was 'nervous' but really pulled it out of the bag as the show went on.

The guests couldn’t have been more fun. Lily got cosy on the sofa with Peep show star David Mitchell and film megastar Cuba Gooding Jr, who took his top off for half the interview.

We were also treated to a performance and a half from Reverend and the Makers who wowed the audience and crew alike. Lead singer Jon is a true genius, he was walking round set strumming his guitar all day.

My favourite part of the show was the questions to the guests from our internet correspondents; Chris Crocker in particular. Funny guy. Oh and a certain miss Anne Robinson (who was filming The Weakest Link in the studio next door) gave Lily a little surprise by crashing our set. Very funny.

So it’s one episode down, seven episodes to go now. Please keep on sending in funny youtube clips you come across and also new band suggestions.

Tune in to the show on Tuesday at 10.30pm on BBC 3 to see what all the fuss is about.

Have a good rest of your weekend.

Adam x

P.s Sorry I didn't post this earlier, it's been a nightmare getting back to my flat because of the fire in Camden last night. Thank goodness no one was hurt.

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i heard lilys shows a great but there was some hiccups with the audience leaving,cant believe people would do that ungrateful people!anyway i was invited by email to attend but couldnt,but every review and everything ive heard on the radio says it was a success!shes a brilliant girl and bet shes done proud!

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  • At 01:06 PM on 11 Feb 2008,
  • Danielle wrote:

Is george lamb involved in the show in any way?

daily mail are pairing him and allen off as a 'mystery man' - but anyone who pays attention to pop culture would know who he is (not the daily mail obviously). I assumed he was involved in some way with the show.

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  • At 06:41 PM on 11 Feb 2008,
  • Jayne (West Midlands) wrote:

Just wanted to say me and my friends had a fab time at the 1st show. Lily was great and looked gorgeous!!
For people out there sayin the audience were walkin out (NOT TRUE), there were loadz there an the atmosphere was great (people should b grateful to have been given free tickets!!)Just 1 fault it killed us to stand up for 3 hours!
Think the show will b great when it's aired. Well done Lily x

Hi guys,
I was at the first show and I had a ball! It was a great night and fun was had all round... I'm looking forward to seeing if I come out in the show.
We'll see!
Good luck with the rest of the shows.

I cant wait for lilys show tonight she will make the show so great!!1
Lilys smile makes us all happy :).
I no lily will make it fab!!!!
Lily if your reading this you was
born to be a star!!!
Lily your my Idol in life and i look up to you Bless you hunny
Good look for the next shows
xxx Much love to you from jade
(LiL JaDe)

The show was excellent. Lily looked so cute when she first came out. she was really shy, but she soon became comfortable and the show was a huge success. Well done Lily!. And the audience were not walking out. the only point where the audience began to walk out was when the winning band at the end were on (not saying who it was just in case). and that was only because they werent particularly good and the lead singer looked and sounded drunk! and also because it overran and obviously after standing up for 3 hours straight, it kills ya back n u wanna go home!!! we were NOT ungrateful!! It was a brilliant show and i am SOOO glad i went. (and glad im going again!!! hahaha)
Well Done Lily!! We Love you!

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  • At 11:26 PM on 12 Feb 2008,
  • Joe Blaazer wrote:

Didn't catch the show...were The Metros on it?

Instead of promoting bands who have already made it like the admittedly brilliant Blood Red Shoes, you could so easily promote the true underground of good British music. There are so many great unsigned bands crying out for a little publicity. Rieser, The Chiara L's, Dead World Leaders, Echolounge. If people had the opportunity to see/hear these amazing bands then they would blow up.

If this is all about the social network revolution then have some spine in booking bands who have made a name in social networks.

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  • At 01:14 AM on 13 Feb 2008,
  • Steve wrote:

Loved the first show! Lilly had a great rapour with the guests and seemed to be nervous but carried it off like a natural.
Will definitely be watching the rest of the run. Last band were a bit Ropey but apart from that no faults at all.

Go Lilly!

I watched the show last nite and thought it was great, i can't wait till next week. Lily i think ur great. I've had a bit of a bad life but u give me hope 2 carry on. Keep up all ur had work can't wait 2 hear the new album. Luv Suzanne

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  • At 02:30 PM on 13 Feb 2008,
  • Gordon wrote:


Watched the show
Really entertaining
Lily really did well it cant be easy.

The show needs The Runners

The show was awesome, why does it take the BBC this long to come up with great ideas?

Lily Allen rocks and her blatant honesty is what appeals to me most

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  • At 04:26 PM on 17 Feb 2008,
  • S&S wrote:

enjoyed watching the show... look forward to seeing the rest.

As for You tube, my favourite things are the 'farting preacher', diet coke and mentos and thenarcoleptic dogs. All worth a look .


Lily’s show is great!! The BBC are definitely showing the youth some love as I've been on:

• BBC News 24 (live) – “Teenage Murders” on 17/02/2007 at 10am
• BBC 1 (live) – “How to help our Young People” on 18/02/2007 at 7:10am
• BBC 1 (live) – “Teenage Murders" on 16/03/2008 at 7:15am
• BBC News 24 (live) - "Teenage Murders" on 16/03/2008 at 8:43am
• BBC1 (live) – Breakfast Guest: "Government Launch of Youth Taskforce Action Plan” on 18/03/2008 at 7:40am
• BBC1 – "Government Launch of Youth Taskforce Action Plan” on 18/03/2008 at 1:20pm
• BBC Radio 2 (live) - Jeremy Vine Show “Absent Fathers and Good Role Models” on 16/02/2007 at 12pm
• BBC Radio Five Live (live) – Breakfast Show “Gang Culture” on 17/02/2007 at 8:30am
• BBC Radio Five Live (live) - "Teenage Murders" on 16/03/2008 at 8:11am

This gave me the post to create 'On.Point - The TV Youth Chat Show'!! It’s Presented by myself (as seen / heard on BBC, ITV1, Capital 98.5, Choice FM, Premier Christian Radio, thelondonpaper, The Voice etc....) and features G-Force (2007 MOBO Award Winners), Darrell James (Former Gang Member / Award Winning Youth Worker) plus views from Young People.

1st Topic: “GANGS – What’s the solutions?”

See my myspace blog for more info!


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