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Patrick Ruddy

BYE BYE! (0)

  • Patrick Ruddy
  • 2 Apr 08, 03:12 PM

Thank you everyone for watching the programme we made. It will be coming back. Keep them peeled.

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Adam Goodall

One more to go (3)

  • Adam Goodall
  • 26 Mar 08, 12:26 PM

It's official. We've only got one more episode left of Lily Allen and Friends to record!

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Reshmi Bajnath


  • Reshmi Bajnath
  • 23 Mar 08, 12:58 PM

Happy Easter Everyone,

I hope you're all enjoying your extra long weekend and I expect most of you are tucking into your third or fourth easter egg by now.

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Patrick Ruddy

If I were you... (7)

  • Patrick Ruddy
  • 18 Mar 08, 04:05 PM

...I'd be watching the show tonight.

Jermain Defoe & Phill Jupitus with Roxanne McKee & Jennifer Metcalfe from Hollyoaks.

Not to shabby.

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Reshmi Bajnath


  • Reshmi Bajnath
  • 11 Mar 08, 12:41 PM

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Adam Goodall

Roll on Episode 5 (5)

  • Adam Goodall
  • 6 Mar 08, 07:44 PM

Evening everyone.....

We're now officially over half way through the series and the whole team are working full steam ahead towards our next episode. Hence why we're still in the office at this time!

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Lucy Dwyer

Show 4 Tonight! (7)

  • Lucy Dwyer
  • 4 Mar 08, 11:27 AM

Hey there,

Hope you're all good. Last night's filming was fantastic, so keep your eyes glued on BBC3 tonight at 10:30pm!

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Patrick Ruddy

Show 4 (6)

  • Patrick Ruddy
  • 27 Feb 08, 05:29 PM

We're nearly half way through the series. Can't believe it.

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Gemma Martin

Tonight's Show! (16)

  • Gemma Martin
  • 26 Feb 08, 12:51 PM

What a show! What an audience!

We filmed the third show last night and it was a real corker!

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Adam Goodall

Planning for Show Three (12)

  • Adam Goodall
  • 20 Feb 08, 05:50 PM

Hi ya'll,

Hope you all enjoyed the show last night, how funny were the Gay Barbie Boys and their version of 'Grace Kelly,' the dancers got so into it.

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Reshmi Bajnath

Show 2 – Done and Dusted! (11)

  • Reshmi Bajnath
  • 17 Feb 08, 06:47 PM

So here we are two shows later….

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Patrick Ruddy

Tomorrow... (1)

  • Patrick Ruddy
  • 14 Feb 08, 07:40 PM

Show two has come round already. Thanks to everyone who watched the first one go out.

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