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"La Roja" from Miguel, Spain

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A Football Fan A Football Fan | 13:58 UK time, Thursday, 17 June 2010

miguel_200.jpgHello BBC Friends:

I'm Miguel from Valencia Spain, of course I'm supportes of Spain National Team " LA ROJA", this is the nickname that the supportes aloud when the Spain is playing. All the supportes wears t-shirts, scarves, and wigs of red colour. Red is passion, Red is force and Red is Spanish fury. We can, everybody with "LA ROJA".

The Spain National Team is current champion of Europe Cup, and is one of the favourite team for win the South Africa World Cup. Spain have a lot of good players, like Torres and Villa, two of the best forwards of the world, or Xavi and Iniesta, they are the brain of Spain.

When Spain is playing a match, all the streets are empty, Where are the people?. The people are in fornt TV watching the match, all the Spanish Bar are full the supportes to cheer their team "LA ROJA". In Valencia we prepare a match party in town square, and we cook a giant paella for to invite the supportes, and they can watch the match while they are eating paella.

South Africa is the fisrt African country to organize a World Cup. Every match is a big party for South Africans, the stadium are full the colours, songs and music. Do you know which is the sound of the World Cup?. It is " LA BUBUCELA", it is a big plastic trumpet that it sounds like a fly.

I hope that Spain win the World Cup, because will be the first time.


  • Comment number 1.

    I remember in 90's North Korea suffered from famine. Nobody would image that they could play in World Cup. But today, Even facing Brazil, they made a score. I cried when I was watching this from TV.

  • Comment number 2.

    Hi Mike:

    I am very surprised with the resul of "La Roja", we here in Mexico waiting a triumph under Suiza, I think that the spain team were nervuos, the fact to be favorites may be much pression, I am vey sure that "La Roja" will be in the next stage, in the case of spain team only it is time question....good luck! for "La Roja"


  • Comment number 3.

    Hello Miguel,

    I have some Spanish colleagues in job. They all are friendly and gracious. My country team don't attend in World Cup, so I support for Spanish Team. Hope that "La Roja" will win.

  • Comment number 4.

    Hi Miguel !
    As I wrote in my BBC blog,, "Vamos Argentina",, it seems that Spain woke up today in their second match,, they did like Brazil,, they both woke up in their second match....
    We are expecting our 3rd match against Greece tomorrow and we trust in our players a lot!!

    Vamos Argentina !

  • Comment number 5.

    Hi People,

    - I´m Távora from Brazil and it was a big surprise to me reach this blog and to be the first Brazilian to write something about football. I´m not mad about football but of course when the World Cup comes to fore it´s normal to be a supporter. It is difficult to Brazilian people in that time don´t participate, don´t suffer and in the same time to desire to be an winner. Forgive me people but Brazil is called the country of football despite that sport have been born in England. Everywhere in Brazil people likes football. Everywhere in Brazil a child is playing football. I remember 1970 year when Mexico hosted the World Cup. I was 10 year old and it was my first cup. Brazilain Team win the championship and become three time winner. It was a great emotion to me.

    - The profile of the World Cup teams are very similar. There is no a large difference among teams. The technical level is the same to the all the teams. Perhaps the champion would be a great surprise to many people.

    Let´s support our teams!!

  • Comment number 6.

    Hi BBC friends!

    My national team aren't qualified to this world cup, I 'am enjoying watching it though, I'am supporting German National team, I like the way they play and their dynamisme even if they lost the game against Serbia, but the most important is to be qualified and win the world cup. In fact, the whole thing which I like most in my favourite team is their mentality of success and of determination : I start believe that the way of playing and organisation of national teams may reflect the attitude of the whole country where they come from!!!! Finally, I'm enjoying the african world cup even if it comes at the same time of exams and assessement of the last of year...Manchaft haven't said their last word yet! wait for it and you will see :p

    let's enjoy the world best game ;)

  • Comment number 7.

    "LA ROJA " for ever
    "LA ROJA " in loud sound
    my national team (syria)is not in that game and expect never will reach world cup lol ,,,
    anyway , i am supporter to spanish sports in general from league to international team ,
    and i blog this comment while that match between SPAIN and PORTUGAL" is going on
    i know one spainsh sentence let me say it to writter "DAIOS TE SLAVO "(if you like realmadrid )hahaha i am kidding
    god save spain
    let us enjoy the world best game

  • Comment number 8.

    Hi everybody,
    Is the first time I write here. I would like to go ahead in Advanced English so if there is a place in this website for that, let me know. After Spain won the World Cup, now pressure is very hard over us. Two championships in a row. I read comments of Tavora... here and now we start to fear that being in a final is the minimum. I was for one hour in june in Tabatinga (near Colombia border) and there were big expectations around national team. One big shop sign said "Vamos a por la hexa". Because of World Cup only take place each 4 years and is frustrating if players or trainers act bad, they have to decide if Brazil has to bet for quality or solidity. It is not so clear which is the best model for them

  • Comment number 9.

    Hi Miguel!
    Congratulations to "LA ROJA"! Viva España! Campeona del mundo! I was in Valencia, when there was the match between Spain and Germany! And it was the first time in my life, when I support any football team! I was impressed with the atmosphere in the bar, where my friends and I watched the game! It was great new experience! And I was endlessly glad for "LA ROJA" with theirs goal!!! As well as all Espanoles!!!

    And the last match I was watching at home in Bulgaria! It was unexpected for my husband, when I appeared in the living room with red t-shirt and Spanish scarf! And you know what, he supported Holland!

    It's good that we are tolerant to each other! There were no fights at the end! But I was very very excited about the winning of Spanish team!

    Congratulations again and again! Spain is the best!

    Best wishes,



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