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Pink Teens - More Than I Can Bear

Ashley Team Laverne

Assistant Producer

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Every now and then, a band just needs to change its name in order to establish its new course: The Quarrymen into The Beatles, The Rain into Oasis, Liberty into Liberty X. Joining that list is Temple Songs – played several times on this show - who’ve changed their name to Pink Teens. 

Download Pink Teens - More Than I Can Bear

In celebration of this change, the will be releasing a 9-track EP “Good Luck, Pink Teens”, from which More Than I Can Bear is taken. Fans of the former will be pleased that the psyche-tinged shoe gaze remain, with lead singer Jolan Lewis just having a knack for finding great melodies amongst the wealth of sound behind him. They play Bleach in Brighton tonight. Download now, watch tonight = Tuesday.

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