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MPFree: Jolie Noir – White Lines

Ashley Team Laverne

Assistant Producer

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Onwards we roll to the second free download of the week, and it’s a bit of a banger this one. Nemone sits in for Lauren today, and she’s bringing her Electric Ladyland-vibes to the show with this reworking of a classic by German producer Jolie Noir.

Download Jolie Noir – White Lines

Katja aka Jolie Noir is based in Nuremberg and started DJing when she was just 18. Having grown up around 80s and early 90s hip hop, she now takes her love of the genre squarely to the dance floors with this 4/4 reworking of Grandmaster Flash’s White Lines. It’s a subtle remapping, but when the familiar elements start breaking through you know this has been made with a lot of a love. Download now.

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