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Jon Teamlaverne Jon Teamlaverne | 12:00 UK time, Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Multimedia magazine editor Lucy Hedges joined us in the studio to discuss all things tech, bringing us the latest in gadgets, websites and must-haves. Here is what she talked about today:


Blue Note, iPad, free or subscribe for £1.49 a month


EMI's Blue Note Records delivers an iPad app that gathers songs, artwork, photos, videos and articles about Blue Note's artists and back catalogue - approximately 500 records. This includes its very first sessions in 1939 through to the most recent output by jazz musicians like John Coltrane, Freddie Hubbard and Anita Baker. Trace the label's evolution with an interactive timeline or filter by artist, style, instrument and more. It features track samples in the initial free download, and full streams if you subscribe for £1.49 a month.


Each month Blue Note will highlight an album, artist, article, or a featured playlist compiled by musicians, journalists, and other jazz experts. Apple TV owners can use AirPlay mirroring (listen again to find out what this means) and the slideshow feature. So, you can navigate through the app as an animated slideshow displays original session photos of the artist currently playing through your Apple TV.


Favourite feature: it will take you on a tour of music that contains samples from the Blue Note catalog, placing the original versions alongside the sampled versions by artists such as Beastie Boys, Chemical Brothers, Madonna and Wu-Tang Clan.


Spotify users can also access the app via the desktop app.



Website of the week - WorldCam, www.worldc.am


Worldcam is a new, first of its kind search engine that lets you search Instagram photos by location and a cool way to explore the world through square-shaped, low-res, oversaturated photos. It essentially provides an artistic look at what people are doing all around the world. It's pretty simple: type in any city in the world, then type in any location - parks, company HQs, landmarks, businesses and other public buildings and hit search. Worldcam will display a feed of all the Instagram photos that have been tagged at that location.


Whether it's a good idea to upload lots of tagged photos where you live, work, or that you're not at home is up for debate but one thing is for certain, it's fun to explore.


Gadget of the week - ION Audio Jukebox Dock, www.firebox.com, £100


The makers of cool and unusual app-cessories for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices (iCade Retro Arcade cabinet that transformed your iPad into a retro arcade gaming machine) have created a jukebox dock for your iThings. Its distinctive, authentic, retro styling with wood and neon trim reminds you of the neon Wurlitzer models, but scaled down and much more affordable. The colours change with the music and the iPad or iPhone integrates nicely with the album cover displayed at the front.


If you want it to work with your iPhone 5 you're going to have to buy the lightening connector to allow you to use your new phone with the old iphone connector. Or you can also use a standard 3.5mm audio jack, so your non-Apple MP3 player will work.



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