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My patience with our game has snapped

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Jim Spence | 19:39 UK time, Friday, 26 August 2011

Is there anything in the Scottish water supply or gene pool that stops us producing world-class athletes?

The answer is patently "no"; Sir Chris Hoy and Andy Murray are proof positive.

So, having been as guilty as the next man or woman of producing a litany of excuses which supposedly stop us from producing top footballers, my own patience, and perhaps yours too, snapped, with this week's Europa League results.

Forget summer football, improved facilities, better coaching, more PE in schools and all the other stuff which apologists have been yabbering on about for ages.

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Is success relative or are we Europe's poor relations?

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Jim Spence | 00:19 UK time, Saturday, 20 August 2011

In your view, which of the three Scottish clubs had the poorest result in the Europa League on Thursday night?

And why, in your opinion, was their result the worst?

On a dire night for Scottish clubs, how do you gauge how poor, or otherwise, a performance was?

Should you compare the relative size and wealth of the opposition?

Should you look at factors like population and footballing tradition?

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Goodwillie is good business

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Jim Spence | 15:09 UK time, Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Now that the dust has settled on David Goodwillie's 2.8 million pounds move to Blackburn Rovers, it's worth reflecting on what the move means for Scottish football and also for Rangers, who were unsuccesful in trying to buy him.

The size of the potential fee with add ons and a sell on clause, represents very tidy business for United, allowing them to pay down a chunk of their debts to the bank.

The move also signals to English football that perhaps the time for getting Scottish talent on the cheap is passing and sets the bar higher the next time a club tries to lure one of our top players south of the border.

And there is the rub for Rangers.

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