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Bloggers Of Tomorrow (Well, Monday)

Jeff Zycinski | 12:24 UK time, Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Thumbnail image for Karen-Alan-Simone.jpgLook at the people in this photograph. What can you see? Cheerfulness? Enthusiasm? Intelligence?

Or treachery?

For be not fooled, these are the people aiming to usurp my position in the BBC blogosphere by launching the all-new Radio Scotland Blog. They plan to give you a proper behind-the-scenes glimpse of the programme-making process and are promising photographs, videos and all sorts of fancy bells and whistles.

They'll take your questions and get answers from the "decision-makers" and they'll provide timely information on how to get tickets for forthcoming events. There will also be "guest entries" from our presenters and producers.

It all sounds wonderful, but of course this means I'll be pushed to the sidelines with my ramblings about delayed train journeys and failed diets. The beginnining of the end.

The new blog starts on Monday. Alan Braidwood (the chap in the middle) will be the Editor ably assisted by Karen Miller (left of the picture) and video specialist Simone Byrne.

So, a rival blog. This will be a test of your loyalty, dear reader. Don't betray me.

But I might even read it myself.


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