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They're Twittering In The Cafe Now

Jeff Zycinski | 08:46 UK time, Wednesday, 29 July 2009

I walked into the BBC's Edinburgh offices yesterday and was immediately harangued by Carolyn Becket, the woman in charge of our various Cafe programmes.

"Have you blogged about our Twitter page yet?, " she asked and in a tone that carried a hint of menace and a threat of retribution.

"Well no, " I said, "you see I've been on holiday and..."

Carolyn shook her head and her fingers sprang from her clenched fists like ten pink switchblades. Luckily she was heading towards a keyboard and not my throat.

"We're updating listeners on our plans for the Edinburgh Festival, " she explained, "telling people which guests have been booked for the Festival Cafe programmes and talking about cake."

I looked at the screen in front of her and nodded. I didn't really understand the cake reference but neither did I want to inflame the situation by asking stupid questions. I simply promised I would blog about the Festival Cafe tweets.

I think I'm safe now.


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