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Hark the Herald (Sunday)

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Jeff Zycinski | 18:04 UK time, Thursday, 29 December 2005

So we're heading out to the sales, with the children dressed for the polar conditions that have been forecast, when I get a call on the mobile from the BBC Scotland Press Office. A Sunday Herald reporter is asking for a comment on a statement the SNP is planning to make about radio in Scotland. I provide a long-winded lecture on the need for a variety of provision from both BBC and commercial broadcasters. Meanwhile my family sit shivering in the car waiting for me to dismount from my high horse and start the engine so they can get the heater to work. But I always like to help any reporter looking for a quote. I remember what it was like, working on a newsdesk at this time of year. It seemed like the whole world went on holiday and you couldn't get anyone to comment on anything. If you were desperate enough you would end up doing a piece on the sales. If anyone wants a comment on that, I'm also happy to oblige. Not sure it's fit to print, though!

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