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No shortage of drama in Japan

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Jake Humphrey | 13:17 UK time, Monday, 5 October 2009

I'm writing this blog while rumbling along the road between Suzuka and Osaka.

This current trip seems to be going on forever. From Singapore to Japan - and now we're going to Abu Dhabi via China to film Martin Brundle and David Coulthard zipping around the new Yas Marina circuit in a two-seater F1 car.

I know that sounds glamorous - and believe me, I feel incredibly lucky to be on this bus - but after a slight miscalculation I've kind of run out of pants.

There are two possible explanations for this.

Either my wife, Harriet, miscounted when helping me pack - she always grabs my pants and socks and uses them to fill my shoes as it apparently 'saves space and keeps your shoes nice for the television' - or I've done my usual trick of managing to leave my personal belongings strewn across half the globe.

Sebastian VettelSebastian Vettel celebrates victory in Japan

I'm notorious for losing things. Sometimes it's bad luck, such as when we flew into Singapore last week and I lost my mobile down the side of the seat. I used my passport to help prise it to within a grab-able reach and then dropped that too!

I moved the seat from the sitting position to the reclined position, got on my hands and knees, tried to fashion a plastic spoon into a tool... no use.

Eventually, I sheepishly informed the stewardess who told me 'under no circumstances move the seat' and I told her I absolutely hadn't!

As it was now in the slightly reclined position I had to sit on a crew member's jump-seat for landing and then an engineer and the flight crew dismantled the chair whilst I looked on, flushed with embarrassment.

I got the phone and passport back and left them with the remains of the seat - it was like the time Alan Partridge managed to dismantle a trouser press.

Sometimes my absent mindedness can actually cause quite a lot of trouble.

At the Beijing Olympics I put a poster up in the make-up room so any guests or dignitaries could sign it - the plan was to take it home and put it up in my study.

From Chris Hoy to Gordon Brown, it got covered in ink over the 10 days we were on-air and I proudly carried my poster to the airport for fear of it being crushed in my suitcase.

Just as they called the flight I realised I didn't have it.

I retraced my steps and eventually I had the sickening, dawning realisation that as I'd come through customs I leant it against the table to sign my departure papers. I quickly nipped back to the immigration check point and looked through the barriers.

Sure enough, 20 yards away, there was my unattended poster.

I was so keen not to lose it I quickly dashed out, grabbed it and tried to nip back 'airside'.

Well, here the drama began because they wanted to see my passport again, and according to that I'd been 'stamped' out of China and wasn't technically even in the country.

Much flashing of my BBC card and Olympic accreditation later and I made the flight, poster in hand, with moments to spare. The poster remains rolled up in the loft!

So, Harriet, if you're reading this before I get a chance to call home, perhaps a quick trip to M&S is how we'll celebrate my arrival home, regardless of what Paxman thinks!

Anyway, Japan, Suzuka, and the 15th race of 2009.

I remember on the red button F1 Forum, which you can still see online, I said "15 gone, just two races left" and I could barely believe it myself.

I was shooting the breeze with Marty Brundle on the bus before he dropped off to sleep and he was telling me that in F1 it's the norm for life to just flash past. I think it's the counting down the year in two-week blocks that really speeds things up.

If you do watch the Forum, you can spot the moment that Jenson Button was chilling out behind me and then suddenly got all shy when we started talking about him.

He was in great form all weekend but what do you think about his Championship chances now?

Was another weekend of damage limitation enough or do you think the pressure will be suffocating for the final two races, with Seb and Rubens refusing to go away?

JB, with his Japanese/Argentine girlfriend Jessica, loves it here and I'm actually sad to leave Japan. It's so unique and individual that it's felt like a real breath of fresh air.

Jenson ButtonJenson Button with his girlfriend at Suzuka

There can be few places left on earth where the English language is still so widely unspoken and not understood.

I like the Japanese nation's attitude - why should they learn our native tongue, and anyway, it's amazing how far you can both get with mutual noises, signs and laughter.

By comparison, for all its cleanliness and modernity, Singapore felt like Europe in Asia.

One of the most unusual aspects about this island have been the toilets.

I was telling Chris Moyles on Friday morning that they have 'super toilets' out here.

The lid lifts and seat warms when you enter the bathroom. It makes waterfall noises to avoid more embarrassing sounds emanating from the room and it also has two little jets to have a little wash if you so wish... which is apparently quite addictive and as I had lots of work to do I decided not to chance it... even once.

By the way, Martin Brundle seems in a good mood considering it's such an early hour.

He asked "are we there yet" after about two minutes, and just said "it's quite exciting being on a bus!". I'm more excited by my beverage.

They love vending machines over here, it seems.

We've just bought some coffees for the journey and instead of waiting for a 16-year-old 'Barista in training' to froth the milk, I just put a few yen in a slot - and out came a coffee. OK, it is in a can, but it's hot, tasty and convenient.

It was only after I snapped a pic of the can to show you what I'm drinking that I realised that perhaps DC needed one too. That's what you get for indulging in too much karaoke!

Coffee in a can

It was quite a dramatic and testing weekend for a number of reasons.

I realise that it was rather demanding for all you F1 fans too, and after looking at the viewing figures I am genuinely delighted that millions of you braved the pain of a 5.00am alarm call on Saturday and Sunday to see the build-up and action live.

I hope it was worth it just for EJ's question to Ross Brawn pre-race.

If you missed it, David and I were quizzing Ross on the emotion of the Constructors' World Championship being within reach and he was sharing just how nervous he was feeling when Eddie piped up with a question that he prefaced by saying "coming at this from my own little way" and then challenged Ross to a karaoke performance should they clinch the title.

Ross sidestepped it well, and in the event his vocal chords can relax until Brazil!

Eddie was in good form this weekend, demonstrating his unique take on fashion once again. What do you think of the shoes?

Eddir Jordan

So, no titles decided this weekend, but there was no shortage of drama during both days.

I have been excited about Suzuka since the very start of the season because it's heyday is right in the middle of my defining time as a Formula One fan.

From Piquet winning the title to Prost and Senna's coming togethers and Damon Hill's emotional title win in 1996 that didn't just leave a lump in Murray's throat - as an impressionable teenager, Suzuka was the business as far as I'm concerned.

Lewis Hamilton clearly agrees, he drove an F1 car here for the first time last weekend and said it was the best circuit he's ever driven.

I took a wander around on Friday evening and I can't agree more. Suzuka may be brilliant, but as we saw, particularly on Saturday, it demands respect.

The accident packed qualifying session was quite difficult for us, not just because the stop-start session meant we had to react quickly to what was going on, and tread on BBC Breakfast's toes by staying on air longer, but post-qualifying was where the pressure really arrived.

Due to the numerous penalties handed out by the stewards it seemed the grid was changing before our very eyes.

The problem was that almost every team had a different potential grid because of different implications of how the penalties would affect things.

Now, usually that's cool for us, we're off air so we can sit back, see how it all pans out and clear it up the following morning... but not when there is a re-run being transmitted that afternoon.

So, after much scratching of heads, with Mark Wilkin the boss stalking the paddock looking for concrete news, and trying our best to resolve the re-arranged grid we were finally able to record the end of the BBC 1 re-run programme at about 10.00pm... we then were able to turn our attention to the following day's script and running order... but not before grabbing some late-night grub with Lee McKenzie in the media food-tent.

Noodle soup has never tasted so good!

Lee McKenzie

So, if the first 15 have flown by, you can bet the final two races will come and go in the blink of an eye.

And isn't it just set up perfectly for Brazil to provide all the answers for the second season in a row.

As long as I take some 'contingency pants and socks' I think we'll be just fine.


PS - Since my last blog we've two new arrivals to the BBC F1 team after both Sunil and Andrew Benson had new babies within a couple of days of each other... congratulations!


  • Comment number 1.

    Nice Blog Jake, but why are you on a Bus and not a plane, surely DC could've arranged something?

  • Comment number 2.

    Fantastic blog as always, Jake.

  • Comment number 3.


    Ha Ha! Classic! How do you "Kind of" run out of pants! I can just picture you, DC and Marty B on a bus, windows down, with the remainder of your freshly laundered pants, wrung out and hung up to dry in the breeze!

    On a more serious note! Awesome coverage and blog(s) once again this weekend from the whole team! The opportunity to watch all sessions live online (even at 2.30am!) and with no breaks, plus the F1 forums are FANTASTIC as Murray would say! Thanks for keeping it real!!!

    Safe travels and see you in Brazil

  • Comment number 4.

    Congrats to the new parents.

    Good show Jake. Must admit the race was a disappointment after the quali.

    One question that I bet won't get answered - you guys spent forever talking about driving moves; but are there going to be any team moves within the BBC?

  • Comment number 5.


    Surely after realising the Japanese fascination for vending machines, you should have bought a pair of undies from one...don't tell me you didn't notice them! Ok, ok, they're usually girls ones....!!!

    Love your story about the passport and mobile! I bet your colleagues were loving that!

    JB will do what he needs to in Brazil, have no fear.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Comment number 6.

    Good blog Jake. I noticed Jenson was sat behind you on the F1 Forum and then disappeared while you were talking about him.

    Love the BBC coverage, although I wasn't quite up at 5.00am but was up in time for the race at 6.00am. So glad there are no ad breaks. :)

    Can't wait for Brazil, but it doesn't seem very long ago that you were introducing the Australian GP!! Scary how time flies!

    Keep up the good work Jake and the BBC.

  • Comment number 7.

    Great blog, I do love the 5am race starts but you do end up flagging towards the end of the day.

    Button will have the WDC wrapped up at Interlagos, no problem.

  • Comment number 8.

    Harriet is so right! I've been packing my pants and socks in my shoes for the last 20 years as I've travelled the globe. It saves space, it keeps your shoes in shape and when you come to pack to go home if there's space in your shoes your pants are probably under the bed!

  • Comment number 9.

    Run out of pants ??, Dont they have a vending machine for that Jake ??

    Top tip for pants wearing for those who travel light....

    1.Normal 2.Inside out 3.Normal back to front 4.Inside out back to front.

    That way 3 pairs will last you until First practice in Brazil...

    Oh and Jake....guess where is a good place to keep your passport so you don't lose it again...althuogh I would find somewhere else after day 3!

    Thanks for the update....

  • Comment number 10.

    More great coverage this weekend - Brilliant. I don't watch much TV at all but I have to say that this years' F1 coverage and F1 Forum have made the license fee worth every penny. I have to hope that the trio of yourself, EJ and DC are back again next year, it's so much better than the clinical coverage which went before and the banter is great. The access to the F1 elite (as EJ pulls in Schumi) is unprecedented. Simply superb!

    Tried the link to the Yas Marina crcuit. Looks amazing....on the Xbox or PS3. Is it finished? There's a distinct lack of photos of the circuit, hotel, marina etc.

  • Comment number 11.

    Hi Jake,

    Do you ever stay in any of DC's hotels on your travels?

    Enjoy the presentation, but just wish Jensen would put in a good quali at Brazil and finish it there.

    By the way the hoarding around part of the Brawn HQ at Brackley is emblazoned with all their GP successes and I bet the sign writer can't wait to do the two with World Constructor Chamapions and World Driver Champions!

    Toodle pip!

  • Comment number 12.

    Great show, Jake.... But why, oh why, is the BBC website so slow with (or completely missing) F1 news? After all the talk about Rosberg's "Delta Time", there has been zero follow-up on the Beeb.

  • Comment number 13.

    Congratulations Sunil and Andrew Benson :)

    Jake - constructive criticism if you don't mind. I like the fact you present F1 but whenever there's something to laugh about it seems like you get nervous and kill the moment, e.g. here:

    At 28:30 is it really necessary to put him down like that, it didn't even seem funny and if I'm honest I knew you'd say something that would be a buzz kill.

    You did something similar with Vijay Mallya when they had their second place result, about him getting dancing lessons from EJ (I think you said "don't start dancing"). After your comment his smile vanished and he looked a bit taken aback. I couldn't understand what that was about either.

    You're a good presenter but there are places you could improve. Having said that I'm concious that in context of this criticism, there is no way I could do anywhere near as good a job as you.

    Hope you don't mind this feedback and hope you enjoy Yas Marina. Two races to go, doesn't time fly? :)

  • Comment number 14.

    I think Jenson is just as likely to trip over somebody as he is taking the title at Interlagos. If he has a bad race there and Seb V and Rubens have a good one, then the pressure will be on him big time, meaning he could wobble again and loose it.

    Incidentally i think a bright yellow pair of Jenson Button themed undies would be awesome :-P

  • Comment number 15.

    I am not sure if I want this answering... but what do you with your dirty socks and pants?

    As for the race, very good coverage for the most part. You seem to really be getting the hang of this Jake and I really enjoy your questioning now, you getting quite fearless in asking the questions I (we) want answered just next time grill Bernie! The only problem I had with the coverage was how you explained (or didn't) the grid penalties and how Rubens took a 5 place grid penalty and only moved back one place, I have figured it out now but was left scratching my head and shouting at you lot on Sunday morning.

    As for your question about Jenson, I think he is probably really happy about the result given his starting position. He has lost one point to Rubens (who really needed to take out a lot more to have a realistic chance to win the DWC), and Vettel closing up has just meant that Rubens and he have to fight each other for the remaining 2 race wins. As for us viewers it was also a great result as it keeps the DWC open for another race (and possibly till Abu Dhabi), although I think he might clinch it in Brazil... Rubens needs to outscore him by 5 points and Vettel by 7 just to stay in the hunt.

    Also can I make a request for a Brundle/Coultard segment early next season on the safety car, rules and tricks that drivers try. After Rosberg speeding 'but not getting any advantage *cough 2-3 places cough*' because his lap time delta was 'hidden by his low fuel light' after he told Ted (or was it Lee) that he had seen the delta times and stuck to them.

  • Comment number 16.

    Yet again, another fantastic insight into life as an F1 tv presenter! Really looking forward to the Brazilian GP, always seems to be an interesting and entertaining race. (Glock struggling on slicks in the rain to hand Lewis the title last year anyone!)

    Watched every single piece of coverage this weekend, including all 3 practice sessions. I really enjoy having the 5 live guys commentate on practice. Shame Ant Davidson won't be there next year, but it will give us another brit to cheer on, on the track!

    Enjoy going commando, it can be quite refreshing!

  • Comment number 17.

    Your not an F1 fan if you haven't watched a Suzuka Grand Prix! One of the best Suzuka Grand Prix's I remember was a few years back when the championship was between Hakinnen and Schumacher!

    Schumacher started from pole but stalled it on the line so started from the back of the grid! And then stormed through the grid, managing to make it up to 3rd position before crashing out, giving Hakinnen the title!

    Even tho he crashed, I maintain that this was one of the best racing performances I have ever witnessed, truly brilliant racing from a Formula 1 legend!

    Great blog Jake, and Eddies shoes were the height of fashion! myt purchase myself some.....haha

    Keep it up Jake, always a brilliant read and can't wait for the Brazilian Grand Prix!

  • Comment number 18.

    Fantastic blog Jake. The BBC F1 team have been brilliant in bringing the coverage back to the Beeb. Well done! Keep it up for the rest of the season.

  • Comment number 19.

    Why would the pressure be on Jenson?

    If Sebastian Vettel doesn't finish at least SECOND in Sao Paulo, his title bid is over.

    Similarly, Rubens and FOURTH place.

    So the pressure is very much on those guys - the slightest mistake and their championship will be over, but they still have to push flat out.

    Jenson just needs to carry on running a calm race strategy and the title is his.

  • Comment number 20.

    HI Jake
    Great show again, never mind the pants and socks it was a bit of a green jumper moment going on there!! socking, I mean shocking. This year has flown by for sure but I have loved every minute long may the BBC retain its coverage, its funny how when you watch the old races produced by the Beeb how there is a striking continuity despite the decades between. I am really enjoying Martin and Jonathans coverage. JB will wrap it up in Brazil, I’m surprised that the pundits have not sighted Brawn to shine in Brazil, mind you Sebastian nearly ruined all our British hopes last year will he do it again?!! He is supreme when the car and circuit suit no doubt about his credentials but I hope Jenson does it. Gonna be thrilling. Keep up the great work. And yes Monday has been extremely hard after two 5am starts this weekend. Well worth it though.

  • Comment number 21.


    Great blog as usual, laughed out loud at the superLoos. There is a 3rd option to your pants crisis there maybe a pantnapper loose, a very worrying thought, or worse the gremlins that are responsible for hiding house keys and remote controls are with you.

    One question I would like your opinion on, in the light of yet another N.Piquet Jr (feel sorry for me) statement amd like myself a F1 fan, what do you think of his actions and do you see any future for him in F1, and would you as a fan feel offended if he did?

    Would be interesting to hear your views. My own is everyone is entitled to make mistakes but it's in actions you prove your worth and I feel if he is serious rather than plumbing to get back into F1 in a period of time, he should prove himself at a lesser Formula again, help youngsters, etc,etc to earn some respect again and be quite in the press, he has said enough now.

    As for JB I have every confidence as long as he gets into Q3 that he will either get the position he needs or he'll have to DNF in last race to lose title.

    Enjoy your trip to Dubia, any chance of some pictures of the curcuit while your their, would be fantastic to see the layout, like if you did one every meter or so, so we can digitally map it, bit like google earth, hehe, perhaps I ask to much, would just love to race on simulator before end of the season.

  • Comment number 22.

    Great blog Jake once again - possibly a little too much information on the underwear though...

    Work today (Monday) has been very hard work after 5am starts on Saturday and Sunday, and then not going to bed in the evening until after MOTD and MOTD2. Definitely looking forward to the prime-time evening slot of the Brazilian race!

  • Comment number 23.

    Great Blog Jake.

    Talking of contracts, I hope yours, DC's and EJ's have all been renewed/extended for future years, you make a great team.

    I see the Brawn GP Team Manager's joke with MB on the grid walk went straight over Martin's head (talking about reliability).

    I got up at 5:00am to listen to your pre-race coverage, then watched the race live via the red button with 5 Live's commentary, then watched the re-run with MB & JL's commentary - it's interesting how you get a different perspective/approach from both teams.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Comment number 24.

    Did you really have to tell the whole world that you've run out of pants? Most people either buy new ones or use the hotel's laundry service? Or you could even do a handwash.

    You clearly didn't have much to write about this week.


  • Comment number 25.

    Great job Jake on the blog.

    My BBC moment of the weekend though would have to be Nick Heidfeld's answer to Brundle on the gridwalk. Slowest in the 'top speed ranking' sounded somewhat different, and watching it again I could see Martin almost laughing, then explaining again that he said ranking instead of a different word...

  • Comment number 26.

    Enjoyed the blog, got up 5am Sunday morning watch pre race show and race itself, dozed off during race but caught last lap and dozed off again and missed red button forum but a good race. good show keep it up JH

  • Comment number 27.

    Hi Jake,
    I'm rubbish at getting up early in the morning so I decided to stay up all night on Saturday having missed all the excitement on Friday night/Saturday morning. You might think this isn't a problem as it's the weekend but, like you, my main work days are both Saturday and Sunday (hurrah for portable TVs). I wish you hadn't made the Post Race Forum so interesting because that kept me awake even longer and seriously sleep deprived by the evening!

    I'm sure you do thank the teams but I think it's fantastic that they let you host the forum in their hospitality areas each week. I think Brawn and Red Bull have been particularly generous but maybe that's because of your 'staff' connections. I did think that the Brawn 'camp' looked very low key and consequently relaxed yesterday. I also wondered whether Jenson had even noticed you all filming just behind him since he, his dad and his girlfriend seemed totally oblivious.

    Oh hang on, I'm just re-watching and I spotted the moment Jessica pointed the camera out to Jenson, at which point he did a goofy wave home to... Mum maybe? Of course a few minutes later, your 'ears' obviously pointed him out sitting behind you and, having had all the attention drawn their way, the Button family did a quick embarrassed decamp LOL.

    While I'm on the subject, congratulations to Jenson for once again being the only driver to do a significant on track overtaking maneuver (as well as smartly sitting back and allowing two other drivers, trying to do the same, take one another out so that he could jump a couple more places). I'd love to see an analysis of all the drivers this season and what they've achieved on track, regardless of points scored. Of course good qualifying is essential in F1 to ensure podium success but some drivers seem to go backwards, in the race, and others, like Jenson, make ground even on notoriously difficult circuits. His wins at the beginning of the season were spectacular but his persistent points-taking in the second half, against all the odds, will win him the championship, surely.

    Loving Eddie and David these days by the way. And Anthony Davidson is a delight to listen to, on Radio 5. I'm glad it sounds like he's getting a ride next year but I'll miss his knowledgeable insight so clearly communicated.

    Finally, re the pants situation - typical man! Haven't you heard of travel soap? Did you really plan to take a month's worth of pants away with you and not have to wash a single pair?!!!

    >>>>Over-excited waiting for Interlagos

  • Comment number 28.

    Loving the blog Jake - I really like the side of the job that you portray in it!

    Have also really enjoyed the BBC's first seasons coverage so far, I was a peeved with myself for not thinking to record the F1 forum after the race on Sunday (I was a little late getting up so watched the entire race programme about an hour behind itself on chase play) Is there any way that the F1 forum could be part of the series linking that we have available on Freeview Plus now, or is it not possible for the interactive type channels? - I did catch it on the BBC website but it's not quite the same on a laptop! ;)

  • Comment number 29.

    Brawn published a photo from behind Jake during the forum, showing the lights & crew in action. There's no way that Jenson missed that lot hiding in the corner ;-)

    Nice blog Jake. Got me looking forward to a report on the new track now...

  • Comment number 30.

    One other thing, regarding the 'Driver Roundabout' speculation you guys did at the weekend.

    You pointed out that there was viewpoint from Martin and Eddie that there weren't enough good new drivers and/or the new drivers weren't performing. It came to my mind later in the day (probably due to sleep depravation) that, since Lewis Hamilton's extraordinary debut year, everyone now assumes that every new driver can enter F1 and do as well as him right out of the starting blocks.... and that if they don't, they are more than a bit rubbish!

    I'd like to suggest that Lewis was/is an anomilly - in the best sense of the word! It has not been the norm for drivers to do what he did in their first season. Even the drivers, currently on the grid, who are considered to be uber-talented - Vettel, Alonso, Raikanon and Kubica, needed a season or two to come to the fore.

    So let's be a bit kinder on the new guys hey? Particularly mid season replacements who, without in-season testing, are even greener than normal. And surely the more important question (For UK viewers anyway) is where the new UK drivers are coming from?!!!

    >>>Who would like to point out that Fisi may not being doing much better than Badoer but Badoer WAS the test driver for the Ferrari whilst Fisichella has been busy driving a totally different car!

  • Comment number 31.

    hi jake, great blog. is going by bus the beebs way of cost cutting.has ej not got a boat he can take you all in.enjoy the trip guys.
    looking forward to brazil,i think the current form of both kimi, and lewis could have far more impact in the end than anything jenson does on the only takes a win for either of these two for seb to be out of contention,and likewise, rubens needs a high points return to take it to the final race.i agree that jenson needs to improve,but he still holds all the aces.
    i would like to know what others feel about the role mark webber still has to play.will he get ultra offensive if hes around the brawns, knowing hes got nothing to lose,or do we trust his integrity to drive fairly?
    one final point, why do teams constantly leave it late to get in their qualifying laps.i accept that they are waiting for the track to rubber in,but if the brawns had gone out earlier,maybe they would have achieved a higher grid spot.
    roll on brazil.

  • Comment number 32.

    Cool Blog Jake,

    The flight scenario made me laugh, obviously it was embarrassing for you but on race perspective I thought it was a good race and as usual great BBC coverage. I thought Eddie's shoes looked cool.

    I hope the Driver's Championship goes down to Abu Dhabi, which I think it will and hope Button wins it, but I think the Constructors will be won at Brazil by Brawn.

    With DC and Martin going round the Yas Marina circuit will that be shown during Brazil coverage or will it be held until Abu Dhabi? Anyways it sounds exciting especially when Martin was talking about it on the F1 Forum.

    Anyhow Keep Up Fantastic Work and Roll On Brazil!

  • Comment number 33.

    F1 at the BBC continues to show ITV how it's done with one one increasingly annoying exception..

    Eddie Jordan & David Coulthard seem be to forever digging at each other and seem to think it is good use of licence payers airtime to disagree about everything on live TV

    In fairness to EJ it seems that DC disagrees with every comment he makes just for the sake of it.

    Grow up lads and justify your handsome fees by bringing us a balanced view, if you want to bicker do it in your own time.

    Jake you are great, don't these two retirees spoil a great bit of TV

  • Comment number 34.

    Brilliant blog, always enjoy your comments, very interesting to read about the less "glam" aspects of covering a Grand Prix and travelling from race to race. When are the BBC going to show the races in HD?

  • Comment number 35.

    Hi Jake. I'm not getting into the pants discussion as I want this reply to be brief.

    Really enjoyed Rubens Barrichello's circuit walk. I remember a similar feature at Barcelona being just as informative and well produced. Can you get him to do all of the circuit guides?

    It seems travel fatigue is setting in with some members of the BBC team. In Saturday's qualifying session Anthony Davidson said "coming out of the hairpin now and heading towards pouhon corner", only for David Croft to correct him with " that will make a very long lap as Pouhon corner is in Belgium!" Not to be outdone, Eddie Jordan in the pre race show saying how things would be different when we get to Japan, and DC pointing out "I think you mean Brazil as we are in Japan now Eddie!"

    Brilliant coverage again and I would like to add to JessicaAukland's comments in post #27, that Anthony Davidson will be missed from the commentary box next season. He has built up a good rapport with David Croft and the camaraderie between the two makes a great accompanyment to the race.

    Finaly, I'm glad that the chamionships are both still to be decided. I still think it will Brawn and Jenson who will be finish as champions.

  • Comment number 36.

    Regarding JB handling the pressure, I think his mid-field results are actually a sign that he's handling it well. If he were handling it badly, we'd see rash manouevres, inexplicable crashes etc. Settling for eighth when the pressure is really on, is what makes world champions, when there's no dominant team.

    We're so used to world champions only having to beat their team mate, (well, most of the time MS didn't have to do that) that we can't cope with a season where the world champion, whoever of the three it turns out to be, will have had a set of really miserable races during the year.

    Look further back in history - say 1968. Or how about the year when Keke Rosberg won the championship. He only won one race!

    There's already a load of talk about whether Jenson will be a credible champion. Sheer tosh. The credible champion is the guy who has the most points at the end of the year. It's more interesting when it's not plain sailing for anyone.

  • Comment number 37.

    Hi Jake,

    Great blog!

    The Japanese GP is a bit special for my wife and I as this time last year we were on our Honeymoon and went to the GP in Mt Fuji as part of it! We were in Rupongi in Tokyo a day after the race and bumped into Martin Brundle in a restaurant in the night! He was his usual charming self and was happy to have a couple of pictures with us and chat for 5 mins. I said that we'll put his picture with the other celebs we met and that he'd be right up there with Timmy Mallet!! :-) he said "Right.. That's your lot!!" and sat back down! The 3 guys he was with thought it was highly amusing!

    So.. If you could apologise to him and tell him thanks again and due to his constant pushing in in front of European reporters his picture has been promoted next to Peter Stringfellow!

    Kind Regards

    Nigel & Carrie

  • Comment number 38.

    @30 - Kimi had a great 1st season at Sauber, he showed Heidfeld the way home (when Heidfeld was being touted as a possible future DWC I seem to remember). Maybe his results weren't in the same league as Lewis' but then the Sauber wasn't the car that McLaren was in 2007.

    That said I can't think of any rookie to have blown the field away the way Lewis did. The only other rookies I can think of that came close to comparing to Lewis' début in F1 were Villeneuve and Schumi (although I personally don't class Jacques as a true 'rookie' given his prior success in the states).

  • Comment number 39.

    p.s. Comparing rookie season might make for an interesting filler piece at the start of next season...

  • Comment number 40.

    Hi Jake
    Amusing blog as usual, how can someone so seemingly disorganised in the underpants department manage to hold it together for the whole show :)

    I think you should have given Nico a harder time over the total evasion of your first question:

    Jake asks Nico a closed question, the only options to answer is
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Dont Know
    Nico Answers with: I didn't gain any advantage

    Hmmmm as someone mentioned earlier seventh to fourth is a bit of an advantage

    Then the stewards decide it's ok he couldn't see delta, what was it he said to the pit team
    The thing i have been wondering about the whole Nico thing is surely the pitwall and the guys in the back of the garage had the lap time delta from the telemetry, so wasn't the radio working at the time to tell Nico to slow down.

    Sort of similar scenario in a way to a certain place change at the first race of the season. I really hope for the FIA & stewards sake there isn't a tabloid headline at the next race along the lines of Liegate 2: The Sequel. Hope it doesn't impact on the Championship title by season end to BrawnGP's detriment as if Nico is going there next year, there may be tears at bedtime.

    Other than that small hiccup I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Suzuka back on the calender, one of the more exciting and far less sanitised tracks. I really hope Abu Dabi can live up to the promise and not be a Singapore or Valencia.

    Keep up the good work and you will really enjoy Interlargos, watch out for the pickpockets outside the track and in town!

    By the way didn't you have time to pop into the amazing department stores in Japan, you can spend ours just playing with the rather expensive big boy's toys while you are looking for new kecks :)

    PS is it just me or are the smiley tags on your blog broke?

  • Comment number 41.

    Fantastic blog, Jake.
    Thanks too for nearly always managing to get an interview with Stefano Domenicali - now do us poor, sad Massa fans a favour and try and get the wee Brazilian himself for an interview in Interlagos, eh? ;)

  • Comment number 42.

    Cracking blog Jake and Happy Birthday for Wednesday. Maybe get DC and EJ to buy you some pants, eh? :)

  • Comment number 43.

    Another great Blog Jake, you are just showing us the best of what happens off the track.
    Maybe you should do the packing yourself Jake...getting your wife to do it!
    The race was boring...Qualifying was exciting...yet I had to miss most of it because I was travelling from Spain to the UK (back of me Hols).
    Watched a bit of TV3's coverage of the Singapore Gp (BBC's coverage kept breaking up) and 3 commentators...maybe its time for 3 commentators for the BBC?
    James Allen, Martin Brundle and Anthony Davidson? Sounds very nice.
    I want the BBC to confirm that the last race will be in HD as reported :)
    DC, EJ and yourself Jake in HD...are you ready for it??

  • Comment number 44.

    Due to an alarm failure, I missed the race live, and with the rest of the day been a motorsports festival across the board, I only got round to watching the re-run I recorded at 8 o'clock Sunday night.

    The race on its own was worth a watch, but was a bit of an anti-climax after Qually, and the coverage was great as usual. But I'm afraid that the British Touring Car title-deciding races on ITV that afternoon just outclassed everything. The racing was mega, no nudging each other into the gravel, no controversy, just the 3 title contenders going at it wheel-to-wheel. Oh and add in the closest ever BTCC race finish too!

    I don't want to put a dampener on Abu Dhabi for you, but I think the whole thing's overrated. The track may go under hotels and grandstand etc, but at the end of the day it's another Tilkedrome. Ok they're running it under lights, but this will back-fire because it won't look half as good as Singapore. If the title's settled in Brazil, it could be the dullest F1 season finale ever, it's a good move giving the last race back to Brazil in 2010.

    Finally Jake, please put in a word with the BBC motorsports people, and ask them to bring us GP2 next season. Setanta had the rights, they went bust, So Eurosport picked them up and made a half-hearted effort at the coverage. It's just like screening the 125cc and 250cc races before Motogp, which the Beeb do anyway. Plus Crofty did a great job on the commentary on GP2 in 2008, so you've got the right man for the job there already!

  • Comment number 45.

    Very interesting blog, makes a nice change from "Button will still win" or "Button will choke" that seems to dominate these pages. Nice to just hear some stuff about how your weekend went in a great country.

  • Comment number 46.

    Another fabulous blog post Jake, I always find these down to earth and funny reads. :)

  • Comment number 47.

    I'm sure there are pant shops in Osaka! And an F1 driver (even a retired one) getting excited about being on a bus?? MB has his adrenal glands wired backwards, maybe it's something about coming from Norfolk (I live in Norfolk too, can I have a job?).

  • Comment number 48.

    I thought MB was a little techy with EJ in the forum. He justifiably takes a lot of pride in his driving achievements doesn't he - remembers his stats and all that - doesn't seem to like it when EJ is flippant about it. Now that the teams and the FIA have put down the handbags its good to see the commentary team picking up the slack.

    Also - props to Ted Kravitz for getting that coverage of Rosberg being ferried into the lift by his team manager. Great stuff!

    Feeling you with the socks and pants thing - how do women *learn these things? Is there a special class in school?

  • Comment number 49.

    Oh Jake, yet again your blog had me crying with laughter

    'Either my wife, Harriet, miscounted when helping me pack - or I've done my usual trick of managing to leave my personal belongings strewn across half the globe'


    Thank you for your insight to the other side of F1, on what you and your colleagues do and get up to. Your blogs are always such fun to read.

    Couple of things other people have brought up
    #13 alcoholicmonkey - I also have to agree with him about both occasions and like him, there is no way I could manage your job, but if no one ever says anything maybe it's something you woludn't pick up on yourself

    #40 smifffies - I am finding that the BBC web site isn't updated often enough with relivant info. Over a race weekend I tend to keep upto dated with what is going on, by going onto twitter and seeing what you guys have written, as it seems to be a lot more acurate and upto date.

    Still Please Button to nail it in Brazil, I had my heart in my mouth at the end of the GP. I don't think I can take much more of this!!!!!

    Can't wait to see you all again in 2 weeks time


  • Comment number 50.

    "And isn't it just set up perfectly for Brazil to provide all the answers for the second season in a row"
    i think you'll find thats FOURTH season in a row.

  • Comment number 51.

    Coverage was fantastic as usual Mr Jake ... :-) Went to Suzuka myself with a friend back in 06 (Schumachers final season (Alonso took him due to engine failure). Michael was leading for three quarters of the race too, gutted!

    Anyway, loved it there and appears you did too.

    Mate, you've seriously built a name and character for yourself this season which has been fantastic to see. Especially with your blogs ... You've really nailed it insofar as coming across as a normal bloke who's happened into a job of dreams - it works very well indeed. You dont need me to tell you, but keep it up hey!

    It's even got to the point whereby you make a person feel like he know's you personally, with your blogs and your twitter updates, it's fantastic and works really well.

    Anyway, I'm waffling.

    Keep well and I'm very much looking forward to JB as Champion ... I've been wanting this since he first signed with Williams.

    Regardless of his/Brawns lack of pace & high up finishes during the latter half of the season he still holds the most wins this year & so desrves the title based on that alone. Fact!


  • Comment number 52.

    Ha ha, lol Jake,I can't wait to see what you guys think of Abu Dhabi.
    I like that E J and M B just tell it how they think it is to them.

    Thanks for another awesome blog... Good or bad, funny. I like you put everything into your blog..

    You should have a name tag an return address in you items, ssee how many lost items get back to you... lol

    I'm sure Eddie an Martin have allready kissed an made up lol...

    BTW.. i think DC has prob passed out,due to Jake not having clean pants lol.. Kidding Jake.

  • Comment number 53.

    just cheked u out on wikipedia... ur too perfect
    love ur blogs

  • Comment number 54.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 55.

    Im a formula 1 novice but felt that the crash with 10 laps to go cost Jenson dear in Japan. He had closed a 3 second gap on his brawn team mate and i think would have taken him-Rosberg was still to pit and i feel without the crash Button would have finished 6th rosberg 7th and bara 8th.

    As Mr Brawn said if he gets qualifying right he should wrap it up over the 2 races

  • Comment number 56. 8.28...why???

  • Comment number 57.

    Don't understand the "pants" issue Jake, 1 pair 3 days, right way/back to front/inside out, it's only simple arithmetic or you could just tease the ladies and go commando.

    The grid and penalties was far too confusing, time F1 and FIA sorted something simpler for people to understand.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Comment number 58.

    As unacustomed as I am to praise for others I must say that your banter-esque relationship with both DC and EJ are fast becoming the best thing about the coverage.

    The BBC really landed on it's feet with you Jake - your insightful, intelligent interviewing technique has been a revalation to the F1 coverage.

    Long hail King Jake!

  • Comment number 59.

    Jake, You have won us over. I was very Skeptical when I first saw you covering F1.... DC and EJ initial confrontations were not that great and a bit childish but you seem to have reined them in and I enjoy the rapport between you three. EJ and DC even apologise to each other when they get things wrong. Great coverage of F1! You interview with Bernie in Singapore was LEGENDARY. You kept asking Bernie tough questions and did not back down or let him side step your questions until EJ changed the topic. Keep up the good work!

  • Comment number 60.

    Hi Jake,

    New to blogs and yours, but searched it out as I wanted to comment and ask a question re Vettel.

    Whilst he is now bigging up his chances to lift the championship, it all seems to have gone quiet over the engine limit issue.

    Is it the case, that Vettel has 2 used engines for the last races to use without penalty or must he take a new engine and endure a 10 grid place either at Brazil or Abu Dhabi?

  • Comment number 61.

    Regarding #36:
    At last!
    Thank you!

  • Comment number 62.

    @ #36 - great comment, I wholeheartedly agree. Admittedly, some seasons of any sport are more interesting/exciting/scandalous than others but when that's all over with it's the bloke with the most points that wins. If that's 1 or 20 more than the guy in second place doesn't really matter, does it? I think Jenson Button would probably have liked to swap the 2 halves of the season around and be finishing on a huge high but it's only natural that as time went on other teams overcame their engineering issues and caught up with the Brawns. Just look at Lewis!!

    I do have one question Jake - what do you think is the problem with the Brawns getting it together in qualifying? More notably, Jenson? As a few people have said here, his times mid race in Japan proved that he's not losing his ability by any stretch of the imiaginiation it just seems to take them a while to have everything click together. Do you think this is where the pressure is really on or is it genuinely upgrade issues?

    And I can answer your pants mystery...there is NO WAY your wife would have left you short - we girls ALWAYS pack contingency pants!!!! Therefore, I think a Japanese businessman has probably just found your M&S undercrackers in his hotel drawer :) Good blog as always a fun insight into your world, thanks.

  • Comment number 63.

    I must say you are doing a grand job. The coverage of the F1 scene is tremendous. The DC and EJ duo are also great and quite often offer more excitement/competition than the racing.
    What a pleasure it is to watch the events uninterupted without adverts.
    I think the teams deliberately start engines when you three start talking or when you do interviews, as for it happen every time is too much like coincidence.
    Thanks again for a great programme.

  • Comment number 64.

    Hey Jake,

    Many thanks for yet another illuminating, engaging and entertaining blog! I'm not surprised people got up at 5am in the UK, it had the makings of a fascinating race. Being in Canada it was a little more reasonable to stay up until 3am...

    On the subject of the Canadian coverage, I'm delighted that TSN buys the BBC commentary. I grew up with Murray and James, then Murray and Jonathan P., and finally Murray and Martin, and the quality of Martin and Jonathan L. is right up there still! Unfortunately we only get you, DC and EJ in snippets at the end of the race. Please, please, please can you and the BBC bigwigs campaign to get TSN to take your whole show? Please? Considering that later on Sundays TSN usually gives over 5 hours to dull-as-ditchwater, roundy roundy racing, why they literally only show the race and podium ceremony for F1 is beyond me. No analysis, no background, no chewing the fat after the fact. When I've caught your shows in the UK I have been very impressed, so go take over the world!

  • Comment number 65.

    Two things,

    First regarding the stewards. Correct me if I am wrong but when Raikkonen won his 2007 championship in the last race by 1 point over Hamilton there was a stewards enquiry after the race into fuel irregularities in two other teams. The stewards found that there was a case to answer yet took no action. If they had, Hamilton would have been promoted 2 places, gained extra points and won the championship instead of Raikkonen. I think we have witnessed in Japan yet another example of the stewards makeing decisions and disregarding the evidence before them. Yes it is better to see the championships won on the track and not in a meeting afterwards, however rules are there for a reason.

    Second, regarding the Driver championship. Both Vettel and Barrichello need to not only beat Button but also the rest of a very stong field in order to get the points that they need. Button on the other hand meerly has to get a few points to stay ahead. As pointed out by Martin Brundle, when Raikkonen beat Hamilton in 2007, there were no other strong cars in the field, this year is a totally different scenario. Even if Button has another DNF I would be surprised if it stops him getting the championship that he thoroughly deserves. Then next year he can give it back to Hamilton!


  • Comment number 66.

    Another excellent, entertaining blog, Jake. If you want to drop in to NY on the way to Brazil, I can take you pants shopping! Surely you could have bought some from a vending machine in Japan, I seem to remember they cater to all tastes.

    As a pre-F1, long-term Jenson fan, I'm getting kind of fed-up with the talk that Vettel has "blown the championship wide open", and RBR's - somewhat delusional - insistence that they can still take both titles. Now, I'm prepared to be wrong here, but I really don't see them scoring the two 1-2's they need at Brazil and Abu Dhabi with the Brawn's not picking up the one point they need. So, that's the WCC sorted.

    As for the WDC, Vettel needs to win both races with neither JB nor Rubens scoring any points at all. Unlikely. Oh, and let's not forget that he hasn't got any fresh engines left. Really unlikely. RB will freeze as he usually does in front of his home crowd, and JB will pick up at least a handful of points, although I think if it all comes together for him he's got a good chance of getting on the podium. Job done.

    I would hate for Jenson to get pipped at the post as he's had a stellar season. Okay, from Silverstone on it hasn't been too pretty but who would have predicted at any point up until Turkey that he'd win 6 out of 7? After every race he won people would say it would be the last, and it wasn't. I would really love him to have a strong finish to the WDC, but if he limps towards it I won't be complaining. A WDC is a WDC, after all, and at least he won't have won it with cheating, dirty tricks or suspect FIA intervention.

    So I will continue biting my nails and humming quietly to myself in corners for another week and a bit, until you all hit Brazil. If and when JB takes the title, I promise to try to calm myself long enough to e-mail the forum and let you know how hysterically happy I am!

    Safe travels, Jake, and watch your remaining possessions like a hawk in Sao Paulo!

    Suz. x

  • Comment number 67.


    Love the old socks and kecks in the shoes gag... been there and done that one!!!
    Reminds me of a chief officer that I saied with once who used to have one suitcase to last him a 4 month trip, inside was an accordion, and inside that was stuffed all his clothes including socks and kecks to last him for the full 4 months.... nice variation on a theme !!!

    Must echo all the positive comments that have been made about the standard of coverage by the Beeb this year - fantastic coverage on race day by all concerned but not forgetting the guys who do the quali day (Crofty and Davidson etc etc etc)
    Will there be an award for you all at this years Sports Personality of the Year awards??? You guys deserve it and I'm sure that DC and EJ would find space for it amongst the plethora of silverware etc that they have.

    Looking forward to Brazil and seeing how far awy DC stands from you if you dont find a clean pair in the interim period (btw he should have a spare pair that came with the cape he wore over his overalls at a certain podium not so long a go...........ask him)

    Cheers ..

  • Comment number 68.

    Have really enjoyed the bbc coverage this weekend (and all season long) but it is coming to the end of the season and time to start taking a genuine look at comentary team in preparation for next year.
    The blog comments for the first few races were full of comments about JL and if I'm being honest he has improved, but just flicking through the comments on this blog, all you see are comments about how good the 5 Live comentary has been. - and it has been. Croft and Davidson seem relaxed and full of enthusiasm. I'm delighted for Anthony if he has a drive for next year, but it will be a pity not to hear his insights.
    Definitely time for Croft to move in with Brundle on the TV com. and let JL return to radio where his style is much more suitable.

  • Comment number 69.

    I'm not that struck on David Croft. Martin and Jonathan have clearly gelled better as a team better of late.

    My pet hate is Eddie Jordan who just says a load of rubbish half the time.

  • Comment number 70.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 71.

    Quick question for you, Jake! In your can of coffee photo, was that DC sleeping in the background? Still, great blog as always! Keep it up and let's hopefully have a double celebration for Brawn and Jenson Button wrapping up their respective titles in Brazil!

  • Comment number 72.

    Harriet is 100% correct! :)

  • Comment number 73.

    In the land that provides absolutely everything you should have been aware of underwear vending machines... although the type of underwear on offer might not be of your size and *ahem* cut, and prices as they are they certainly shouldn't be sniffed at...

  • Comment number 74.

    Nice one as always Jake, Forget the pants try commando style, might be a relief in those hot places your going to.

    Did you get a go in the two seater, be a shame if you did`nt, lets wait for the next show.

    nice one

  • Comment number 75.

    Great blog Jake, I'm really enjoying your coverage this year, although I'm knackered this week with the 5am starts!

    I totally agree with #36. JB has had a great season and although he hasn't matched the highs of the early season, he's been consistent and brings the car home.

  • Comment number 76.

    Hi there jake. great show at the weekend. but no more talk of pants please. I was a bit worried when bbc got the contract again. we get used to the usual faces running the show, and a change seems a daunting thought. but you and the rest of the team are a minning formula. cheers. as for the current situation...I think JB will blow it. I know he has a substantial lead, but Sebastian Vettel seems the hungrier of the two. and let's not forget Rubens. This could be his last chance to be world champ. he wont be in the team next season, so he has nothing to loose. he will go all out and Jensen seems to be sitting back and allowing this to happen.

  • Comment number 77.

    Jenson is in a great position, and I can't see him losing it. The pressure is on Vettel as if he doesn't finish at least second in Brazil, he's gone, and that's assuming Button gets no points at all. He's trying to put pressure on Button because he knows he doesn't have much chance. Meanwhile, Barrichello has to get two heavy points finishes and hope Button doesn't get any points. This is very difficult when you are in the same car as your team mate and it's less competitive than it was.

  • Comment number 78.

    oops . sorry. that's a 'winning formula'...not minning formula as I wrote above. no specs and poor quality office equipment. thats my excuse.

  • Comment number 79.

    Good Blog Jake,

    A good tip for the shreddies, take a used pair (or two) into the shower with you and wash as normal, while doing so jump about a bit on the pants and then make sure you give them a couple of minutes to rinse. Leave them to dry on the shower rail and the are as fresh as a daisy next day.

    Has anyone else realised that if the crazies at the FIA had their way at the start of the year, JB would already be champion having won the most races.....

  • Comment number 80.

    Jake - myself, hubby and 2 kids have loved the coverage all season - really great! A brilliant insight to the whole world of F1.
    One more thing - we're off to Silverstone Saturday so wishing you luck for your 1st race - go get 'em !!

  • Comment number 81.

    Hi Jake, with 3 new teams poised to enter the grid will be at its largest in almost 15 years. Nowadays, unlike then, most cars will finish the race. In light of this should the smaller teams be given something to fight for? For example points down to 10th or 12th place. I think this would make the midfield more entertaining to watch. Otherwise smaller F1 teams are just left making up numbers and racing for nothing.

    One possible system could be 20,15,11,8,6,5,4,3,2,1. This would also give bigger reward for winning 33% extra points rather than 25% which is how it stands with 10,8,6,etc...

  • Comment number 82.

    Loving your F1 Blogs, Jake! Great Job. I cannot believe how quick the season is going, only 2 more races left!

    I want to thank you and Jenson Button, as well as my other half for getting me into F1 this season. My other half who is a big fan and has been drilling F1 facts into me for several years now, that I caved in to watching it. Jenson Button for being such a humble man and of course, brilliant driver and all round good guy. To you Jake, you've made the coverage more exciting and well, as one race finishes I cannot wait until the next one. What am I to do from November to March?

    Congratulations Jake to you and all the BBC team for doing a top job this year and I look forward to the coverage to come..

  • Comment number 83.

    Great Blog but bigggggg criticism. Why aren't the BBC showing the full rerun of the race COVERAGE!!!!!!!! I missed everything on Saturday because ITV showed the whole show. Anyway, good blog for bad complaint. Sadly I will forget Japan '09 as it was too quick after Singapore and it was a dim weekend, I couldn't keep track of anything so I shall miss this in my memory

  • Comment number 84.

    Another nice weekend ended, although its good that title race is still on, bt it would be better if we have more competition.

    > nice work, i wish we could see more of japan, may be next year.
    > eddie shoes were funny thans for the picture.. pink wow.. eddie was in the mood.
    > david coulthard is going for an event .. would you like to show something of that this weekend?
    > why we dont see the gr8 Holy on tv, we like the news she always comes up from paddock but we would like more of her on the tv itself not just friday commentary.
    > same for TED

    hope to see more at Brazil..

    also do tell us what teams are doing for 2009, I heard some are doing more than others

  • Comment number 85.

    "> why we dont see the gr8 Holy on tv, we like the news she always comes up from paddock but we would like more of her on the tv itself not just friday commentary."

    Please no, her voice is so boring it sends some of us to sleep!

    Much prefer Ted and Lee who do an amazing job. Particularly Ted, who must have powers of bi-location to glean the information that he broadcasts!

  • Comment number 86.

    great read jake, you always bring us so close to the action, excellent.
    i hope you can pass this message on to those you think should read it.
    having seen a couple of failed attempts to improve overtaking by changing the rules, namely loss of traction control from 07 to 08 and revised aerodynamics with slicks and kers from 08 to 09, i think it would have worked better if the 09 rule excluded the double roofed diffuser and retained grooved tyres.
    but the rule changes didn't work because f1 failed to practice what they do best. design optimise test and install a component on the car. why can't they compile a set of regulations, make 3 cars and test them for a whole season at all the visited tracks in between support races making the necessary changes to be sure that it works before introducing them the following season. this way we will know that they will work because they have been tried and tested.
    the way the rules are being introduced now looks as though the teams and the fans are being fooled into thinking that the show will be more spectacular only to be let down.
    i hope you can put this proposition forward for consideration.
    thank you.


  • Comment number 87.

    Great read yet again jake, all this interactive stuff is making me lose my life, i find myself drawn to the picture of lovely lee though :D jake do all us red blooded males a favor and post more(actually forget that and just swap her and dc around ;) ). i know the years not over and u still have two races to mess things up i cant see it happening, this year has been fantastic tv, i love the bbc they know what there doing (just 1 criticism get crofy & ant on bbc1 and off interactive its wearing my red button out) one question jake of all the drivers this year which one would u like to swap places with for a day the most and why (technically 2 questions there lol)

  • Comment number 88.

    Please could you tell me why you all stand in the pits trying to talk over the revving engines and noise? I know its the place to be but i can never hear you, but it always makes me laugh ha ha

  • Comment number 89.

    You are fast becoming a bit of a tv legend.. I look forward to the future!

  • Comment number 90.

    Awesome - best F1 season for a loooong time - let's keep them coming!
    Well done JB and Brawn - congratulations on your success in 2009!!!
    And well done Jake H, D Coultard, E Jordan and M Brundell - you gave the commentary the added edge, thank you :)

    Roll on 2010....

    Graeme Hay


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