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Hungry for Silverstone after JB's Turkish delight

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Jake Humphrey | 19:07 UK time, Sunday, 7 June 2009

Hi there.

It's 6.45pm here in Turkey, and I'm back in our own little motorhome - it's no BMW-size 'brand centre' but we love it!


I'm now really hungry, but resisting the temptation to dive into the Turkish crisps that I suspect Ted Kravitz left near my desk. My willpower won't last long though. I've been addicted to crisps since I was knee-high to Eddie Jordan.

I alway come off-air with a seriously grumbling stomach, actually. It's because I find it really hard to eat before we go live to millions of people (understandably maybe).

I'm not sure if it's a nerves thing or just that the adrenaline on the morning of a race tricks me into thinking I can't eat. Usually a banana or a coffee will do, and considering we usually wrap at 6.30pm, my body now needs serious sustenance.

DC and Eddie have no similar problems - this is them tucking into some nosh during Q1 on Saturday.


I would grab some grub now but the crew are already clearing away all around me and I never get in the way of their de-rig or I'd soon be in trouble.

I must be honest and say that a blog after this particular race is actually is a little tricky. It's been a very 'normal' weekend for us, for the first time. Well, apart from a brilliant Luiz Felipe Scolari lookalike that we spotted at Istanbul Airport.


The first four Grands Prix were amazing introductions to the sport, then Barcelona was our first expedition in Europe and Monaco was, well, Monaco! Turkey just seemed to lack anything unique for me.

I like the track and the city is pretty exciting - including the great sunsets as we wait every evening in huge traffic jams to cross the bridge over the Bosphorus to get back to our hotel.

I genuinely think the most important element of any big sports event is the presence of passionate, proper fans... you guys.

This is the pinnacle of motorsport yet just a few thousand were here. Grandstands were covered over and there is a distinct lack of buzz about the place.

I am a huge advocate of F1 reaching out to pastures new and I'm looking forward to Abu Dhabi, but it does need the countries' fans to embrace this fantastic sport.

It's the fifth year there's been a race here, and considering the likes of Montreal have lost their chance to host the F1 party it frustrates me that the Turkish fans haven't embraced the sport we love.


It certainly is a cracking track, and watching the cars gunning it into Turn Eight with DC and Martin on Thursday was a really special moment for me despite the odd bibs we had to wear.

I mentioned on my page earlier about a funny story from Sunday morning... well here it is.

We went onto the grid in between the Turkish touring cars and the Porsche Supercup races and were allowed just 30 minutes to film the opening links of Eddie, David and I that we transmitted at the start of the programme.

Suddenly the word came from the FIA that 30 minutes had become just three. It was pretty funny as Boydy the producer started to sweat profusely and tell us all it was one take or nothing.

The problem was we only had one mic between us so after each of us had delivered our lines the sound man Lee - or 'Tiger' as he inexplicably nicknamed - was grabbing the mic and quickly swapping it between us, as Boydy just shouted out our lines and we repeated them.

We were a little longer that three minutes, but I thought the boys in VT turned it into a great opening piece and we ran off the grid at the end before we either got told off or got to meet a Porsche GT3 up close and personal!

Talking of getting to know the cars, it was an interesting moment to see one of the Toyotas come shooting out of the garage as I prepared to launch across the pitlane myself. Yes, I do know the green cross code and, yes, I have learned my lesson!

I was never really close to disaster but I think Steve the assistant editor was brilliant in a near-crisis moment - that's what we don't pay him very much for - and I'm very grateful of course!

So, next it's Silverstone, and I can't wait to meet all the British fans and the enjoy a race where I know you will all contribute to an incredible atmosphere.

Great to also have a British driver leading the championship as we head there.

Today was another example of just how good the Brawn is with JB behind the wheel. Send it round Monaco or Turkey's Turn Eight and it will rise to the challenge thanks to a driver who just doesn't seem to make mistakes at the moment.

Mark Webber is a really top bloke too so I'm delighted for his eight points... is Red Bull team-mate Sebastian Vettel starting to feel the pressure though?

Anyway, another quickish blog I'm afraid as a flight home calls, and I really do need to get home.

I'm actually moving house on Monday and the removal guys are rocking up at 8am. I land at Luton after midnight. Suffice to say, my wife is more than a little stressed!

Finally, a confession. I forgot my camera this week but I did snap a few iphone shots so I hope the quality isn't too bad!

I'm going driving at Silverstone with Jenson and Lewis this week...I'll blog on that in a couple of days.

Have a great Sunday night!



  • Comment number 1.

    Don't let the health and safety idiots ban your gridwalk in the future

  • Comment number 2.

    Hi Jake,

    Doh, I thought I was first to comment! I hope you're not getting jaded already, I missed the kid-in-a-sweet-shop enthusiasm we usually get! I enjoyed the gym session with Lewis, he seemed to loosen up a lot. Enjoy your drive with Lewis and Jenson, and fingers crossed for an exciting race at Silverstone!

  • Comment number 3.

    Great blog Jake and an excellent show today. I do have a question though - had you planned to have so much time to use at the end of the race? Not complaining - i thought it was excellent, really insightful so well done to all. Bit cheeky with Mario Thiessen at the end about developing last years car - it was good but he didn't look too pleased!!!

  • Comment number 4.

    Yes driving with Lewis and Jenson sounds really interesting, keep up the good work! Eddie Jordan and DC are legends but when will Ted Kravitz get his own column like he used to have at ITV?

  • Comment number 5.

    Hi jake,

    The problems of live tv hey! Great race from JB today. Did the job well when he had to. Martin was about right to sugest he has only missed 3 apex's all season. Just hope he keeps it up at Silverstone. Glad for Webber too. He has started to feel like the forgotten son at red bull so far this year, and for no reason. Lets hope he keeps up the good work.

    Interesting to see DC join Martin for the gridwalk, (which is one of my favourite features) Didnt think much to Naomi Campbells input! So its back to Silverstone for the last time. JB will get a great reception, lets hope for a dry weekend, just for the fans.


  • Comment number 6.

    Hi Jake

    Great blog again. Honestly, first it was the Force India doors and now a close shave with a Toyota. your insurance bills must be rising ;-)

    I really enjoyed the interview with Massa and I think it's great that you guys have such access to all the teams and garages etc.

    I hope you have a great time driving with Jenson and Lewis and good luck with the house move.


  • Comment number 7.

    Great job again Jake & Co. I especially liked the DC/JB Grid interview. My guess is that the pad name that JB was referring to that Martin skillfully steered away from is really two words, second word "PAD" first word starts with "P", five letters with a double "S" and means Cat!!

  • Comment number 8.

    Fantastic Coverage as always Jake - You certainly seem to be more settled in, I'm starting to wonder how we put up with the 'other' channel these last few years - I missed the forum this week :-( any chance of it appearing on the website?

    Good to see DC on the gridwalk - Always seems to be able to coax a bit more out of the drivers (not saying that Brundle can't, but he's before most of these drivers' time now...) - A darker, more twisted part of my brain would love to see how Eddie got on in a Grid-Walk, although perhaps it'd be safer to confine him to within eye and earshot of yourself at all times ;-)

    Have fun with Jenson and Lewis, if you can get them to race against each other somehow...

    Oh and Good Luck with the move!


  • Comment number 9.

    Good blog as ever Jake. Hope you got to do a bit of sightseeing from my suggestions on twitter. Please sort out the pink shirt for next time.

    More seriously, have to admit I wasn't impressed with the "intro" grid walk - it just felt out of place and not a proper intro opening. No doubt Silverstone will be far better.

    Coverage was solid, Legard is improving, but please given Ted & Lee more time. Ted was excellent on ITV and if we don't get more Lee then I will have to concede that you (BBC) missed a trick and didn't bring the excellent Louise Goodman across. At least Lee didn't say "you must be so disappointed" this time ...

    Also good to see that Scolari is still there ... he gave me my visa when I arrived a few weeks back. Also - do they fly you out immediately after the race each time? Seems fairly hardcore ...

  • Comment number 10.

    Hi Jake,

    Great blog as usual, todays pre race was excellent, rather than slick organised TV it was live on air rough round the edges fun and it was great for it. Martin and DC's grid walk was fantastic as usual especially the banter between DC and Christian Horner and JB.

    Have to commend you also on that interview with Felipe, it was fantastic how at ease he was around you rather than some of EJ's interviews that have been a little stiff and stifled. Will you be conducting more of them in the future?

    I also thought JL and Martin seemed to be gelling better again this weekend, the commentary has been the only slight let down so far but as they get used to each other it gets better so here's hoping for the future.

    I'll be at Silverstone on the saturday so here's hoping it's a good one for both of us, just remember to look both ways before crossing the road.


  • Comment number 11.

    Hi Jake,

    I hope moving house goes well.

    I've been to Turkey on holiday for the last three years, and I'm going again this year. It's a wonderful country and the people are great. I only hope Bernie doesn't drop the race because of low turnout.

    You mentioned the Scolari look-a-like at the airport. I hope he was a bit happier than the airport passport checking staff we have every single year. They are so miserable it's unbelievable.

    I enjoyed the coverage. As usual, it's of a very high standard. I enjoyed the Forum as well, and you mentioned the ongoing political saga. I thought I would let you know that (not to spoil your homecoming) Gordon Brown is still there, hanging on. On the other hand, you may even like him I don't know!

    I'm off to Silverstone on the Sunday. I doubt I'll see you but if I do it will be a priviledge to meet you and the team. I think you're all doing a fantastic job.

  • Comment number 12.

    Hi Jake, great blog again and so soon after the race is really brilliant. Loving the BBC coverage , it gets better every race. You really do have a rubbish job dont you !!!!!!! pit walks, interviews with the drivers and driving with the current World Champion and the soon to be next one as well. Hope the house move goes well, just dony lose your laptop in all the chaos...... i would hate it if there was no more blogs.
    Roll on Silverstone i cant wait to get there


  • Comment number 13.

    Well done today, very entertaining interview with Massa cant wait to see how you get on with the excitement at your home GP, will you be showing you trip around Silverstone with Lewis and Jenson?

    Thank you so much for having the Round up chat on BBC one as its the first time i got to see it as i don't have the Red button, i do hope you are going to have it as a regular slot.

    well done again

    Dublin Ireland

  • Comment number 14.

    Another fantastic race weekend Jake.
    Im sure that EJ and DC are vying for your job because none of them pulled you away from the Toyota!!
    Still, you were pulled away thankfully, how would that have looked like in the International Press if you had been hit....BBC Presenter hit by car!
    Thankfully the Beeb wont have to use Adrian Chiles , John Inverdale or any of the 5 LIve team.
    Still, Lee McKenzie is so undeer-used, why cant she get to do more things other then driver interviews?
    I agree with the calls for Kravitz to have a column..maybe you can ask your bosses, his notebook columns for ITV were good.
    And can you please tell Johnathan Legard to look a bit interested...he seems bewildered on his own in the commentary box...can we have James Allen?
    Also liked the MB/DC gridwalk, gave a better view and also was more bearable top watch with DC having a good link with the Drivers, Martin could get closer then on his own so it should stay!
    Overall good coverage again and Jake...please be more careful in the was a lucky escape...wont be like that in the future.

  • Comment number 15.

    Yet another great blog Jake :)

    Glad to see you're alright, too. I imagine a collision with that Toyota wouldn't have done you (or the driver) too many favours! Perhaps a little advice that helped me during my childhood will keep the BBC crew safe in the future?


    Anyway, the BBC coverage has been superb right from the beginning and has only got better with each race. This is certainly the best coverage that Formula One has ever had and I'd like to thank you, Jake, and the guys that you work with for giving me a great show to watch. :)

  • Comment number 16.

    Great blog, more from Ted Kravitz please!!!!!

  • Comment number 17.

    Brilliant show again today Jake, Can't wait for Silverstone, have a nice flight home and good luck with the move!

  • Comment number 18.

    Hey Jake!

    Fantastic race coverage this weekend. Had to laugh on Saturday during your walk down the pitlane with EJ and DC. From the camera angle it looked as though the three of you were immitating "Stayin' Alive" by the BEE GEES.

    Anyway, keep up the good work. I'm glad that you seem very appreciate of us British Fans, and you appear to be a massive fan yourself (which helps lol)!

    I would say see you at Silverstone, but seeing as the organisers like to keep the public as away as possible from anything...

  • Comment number 19.

    You guys just keep getting better :), loving the colour co-ordinated shirts between you, Eddie and David :P

    Quick Question, not sure if this is in the BBC's control, but at Bahrain during the build up you showed these kind of ghost cars when you were talking about the laps, like a ghost replay thing you get on games and it was a really good way of comparing the cars but it hasn't been on again, just wondering what happened to it?

    Looking Forward to Silverstone :-)

  • Comment number 20.

    Can I just say that it was a fantastic show today, Jake - the pre-race show was definitely the best yet, with so much insightful information, it was just brilliant. Entertaining too, with you almost being run-over - the joys of live TV! DC and Martin's gridwalk fab too - thanks for that. Moving house in a couple of weeks myself, so good luck with the move - looking forward to Silverstone...

  • Comment number 21.

    WebbyFoxes> ..can we have James Allen?
    Whoa - stop there. The current presenters are leagues ahead of the last incumbents, James had his go and(thankfully)his amateurish attempts at adding excitement are a thing of the past, they were so bad many people turned down the sound - hence the rise of JL as we listened to 5 Live. As for Louise Goodman, leave her on ITV4!

    Good show today, roll on Silverstone!

  • Comment number 22.

    As always great job this weekend the coverage and all the different people you spoke to excellent. You have got a real variaty of people you are now talking to and this is making your programmes even more interesting.
    Love the MB and DC grid walk and I really liked the open shots of todays GP, with you, DC and EJ

    Grey shirt much better in the heat then your black one, but i guess with no harbour breeze probably didn't feel it.

    Good luck with your move, hope your wife feels less stressed once it's over


  • Comment number 23.

    Nearly being run down in the pitlane by that Toyota was comedy gold (and thats meant in a good way!!!) Today's pre race was very funny and probably the best pre race ive ever seen...good stuff!!!

  • Comment number 24.


    I guess you would not of watched Springwatch unsprung (their red button section after the show) on Thursday, as hey you may not be into this programme and you were in Turkey.
    But they did a quick section on it about what Kate hears as she is the anchor on the show
    Now it is amanzing what she has to listen to and still be able to ask questions and reply (have a look it's 1 min in and last about 30 seconds)

    But if that is what you have to listen to, whilst talking to all the people you do, juggling between DC and EJ, having the noise of all those cars on top.
    Wow that really is amazing and no-wonder you missed that the Toyota coming out of the garage, bet you were getting a hurry up to get on the grid as well.

    Can't wait till Silverstone!!! Come on Jens


  • Comment number 25.

    Just started following the blog and it's a great read! I especially love the pics; EJ and DC look as excited by Q1 as I was...!

  • Comment number 26.

    As many have mentioned before me, loving the rough around the edges live off the cuff feel to the broadcast, it is often said that the best ad-libs take ages to rehearse but all seems genuine in this case, even JL seems to be settling in quite nicely.
    I've watched F1 for about 30yrs I've seen production teams and personalities come and go but for that sheer 'being there with your mates' feeling the present coverage is unsurpassed.
    PS How do the unsung 'back room' guys get the montages together so quickly, in my opinion that deserves a feature all to itself - or would that be giving trade secrets away.
    Happy moving!

  • Comment number 27.

    Just wnated to say that it is refreshing to have someone like yourself telling us the truth about the attendence at the events. For years I waited for ITV to actually comment on things like that rather than just big the whole thing up over and over so kudos to you.

    Also liked your blog from a few weeks ago when you apologised for not always broadcasting the press conference and told us it was a bugbear of yours too. Again ITV would never even comment about that and I know they had at least 3 emails of complaint as I wrote them ;-)

    Keep up the good work.

  • Comment number 28.

    Great blog as usual Jake. Really good to read what actually goes on 'behind the camera'.

    See you at Silverstone!

  • Comment number 29.

    having the best car makes the best driving apparently.

  • Comment number 30.

    I don't know what it was this week but I felt some of Jake's comments (especially at the end of interviews) were rather annoying.

    For example, after interviewing Stefano Domenicali something like, "I would shake your hand but I'm holding a clipboard" was quite embarrassing.

    Generally at the end of interviews how about letting the BBC Sport staff guide the guests away because it's becoming a little tiresome hearing you effectively telling them to go away because they have to be somewhere, only for the camera to pan out half a minute later and see them just standing there doing nothing.

    I hope you aren't offended by this, it's genuine feedback and I hope you'll see it as constructive.

    Let's keep fingers crossed for a good result in two weeks! Wouldn't it be awesome to see Button AND Hamilton on the podium? Unlikely to happen I know but having been to Silverstone for last year's race, the amazing atmosphere clearly gives the home drivers a boost.

    Keep up the good work (and blogs) Jake!

  • Comment number 31.

    Silverstone will be alive with the sound of BRAWNMANIA Jenson Button once again demonstrated this talented Frome Flyer has what it takes to become World Champion.We got bored of Schumacher I don't think we will get bored of Button he is English and he is ours all we need now is the Great British Summer a heatwave please and Silverstone will be buzzing.
    We don't want another spygate story but you couldn't get much better a person to do the job as Naomi Campbell she was on the case straight away sidling upto David Coulthard wishing the Brawn Team well next time we saw her she was in the Ferrari camp my bet is Renault then had the delight of seeing her and Fabio probably wasn't too far away.Vettel made a big mistake which Button pounced on and wasn't best pleased post race with theRed Bull strategy so he will be determined to have a good British Grand Prix likewise Rubens think the worlds against him at the moment and Silverstone always embraces the little Brazilian.I fear Lewis unless he gets a few new parts will once again be a backmarker.So can Jenson be caught this year nothing that we have seen would suggest he won't be the new World Champion and do you know what I think he deserves to be!

  • Comment number 32.

    The nice 3-way intro with Jake, David and Eddie was brilliant. Nice passions from Eddie. Only bad comment was the camera work. Can you stick the cameraman on a trolley or something next time, just wasn't smooth enough for BBC.

  • Comment number 33.

    Hmm, this is an interesting place. I wish I was able to get a BBC feed here in the US but our own team on SpeedTV -- Bob Varsha, David Hobbs & Steve Matchett -- are pretty good too. Mind you, because a certain small person wants to bring F1 to the U.S. masses, we had to have it delayed by 8 hours this week on a network (Fox) channel... so that it clashed with a Nascar event. What were they thinking?

    I have an idea for an exchange program: say we trade you Hobbsy, who is very entertaining (sometime hilarious) for Eddy J. for the odd race and maybe Steve M. for DC on a similar basis? Sound interesting?

    Anyway, a great result again. I've never been a great fan of any single driver or team but I'm warming to JB/BrawnGp who have, refreshingly, set the pecking order on its bum. Maybe it's the experience of all those years of having to accept mid-field, and worse, results but Jenson is a joy to watch race and later hear in the post-race interviews. It's a breath of fresh air to see/hear his analysis, without that air we've almost gotten used to those past 10 years or so, of having just been anointed by some super-being. It couldn't happen to a nicer guy and that's a much appreciated bonus.

  • Comment number 34.

    Those pesky Toyotas. They had a ding-dong with Martin Brundle at the beginning and it looks like they've turned their attentions to you Jake. I reckon they'll try and get DC at Silverstone.

  • Comment number 35.

    Good blog again, and a worthwhile add-on to the BBC coverage.

    I was interested in your comments that "...yet just a few thousand were here. Grandstands were covered over and there is a distinct lack of buzz about the place...It's the fifth year there's been a race here, and considering the likes of Montreal have lost their chance to host the F1 party it frustrates me that the Turkish fans haven't embraced the sport we love."

    Just look at the average annual wage in Turkey, then look at the ticket prices, and do the math. Add the fact that there's no motor racing heritage, and it's no wonder that the stands are empty. F1 went to places like this for money, not for a fan-base.

    It's a pity - the track is terrific and the country is nice.

  • Comment number 36.

    You really are doing a great job Jake. Totally loving the blogs too! I love the personal touch BBC are bringing to the coverage this year, long may it continue.

    Keep up the good work everyone!

  • Comment number 37.

    By the way Jake, is there a tight pants competition going on between DC & EJ?

  • Comment number 38.

    Hey Jake

    In seven races, you have become such a wonderful part of my Formula One coverage!! Like I have said before, in a previous post, when I heard it was you to be the Main Man in the BBC F1 team, I used your name in a negative manner!! But, you must have heard me, because you really have proved me wrong, and I hope you stay with the BBC coverage for many seasons to come!!!

    Oh, by the way, the car in front, about to run you over, is a Toyota....

    Best wishes for your home move!


  • Comment number 39.

    Good morning Jake,Having been hooked on f1 since 1992 mansell day's.I just want to say how bbc's coverage is great.I live in spain and miss the added forum at the end as we have no red button to hit over here.We have no access to i -player here either,spanish coverage is good as when it goes to a advert break it has a reduced size screen in the corner to allow the viewer to see the race still,always wondered why itv never did that.enjoy silverstone, i feel now it could just be jb's year.

  • Comment number 40.

    Hey Jake, great coverage so far! Keep it all up!
    And I really wanted to congratulate you on your choice of laptop and phone... can't beat the old MacBook iPhone combo! They are nearly as sexy as the BrawnGP car!

  • Comment number 41.

    # 37. gingerboy99

    I must admit I havent noticed the tight trouser competition going on, I'll have to go and have a look.
    But if there is one I'm sure david would win!!! Lol

  • Comment number 42.


    Mint blog and great coverage from the BBC, you make the show work between the big guns of the show (DC, EJ & MB) - without you it would just turn into a big fight!! ;)

    I also thought it was great that you answered more ersonal questions in the F1 furum, really liked that - and as you said people would be having a go at you on your blog if you didnt! LOL

    You the BBC F1 man!

    Kind Regards


  • Comment number 43.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 44.

    Cool Blog Jake,

    From the first pic of you in the motor-home it looks like you were the only one to be smiling as others in the photo did not pay much attention, which made me laugh.

    I thought the race was an exciting one, and I agree with you with the fact that Turkey needs more fans to turn out when they host their GP.

    I'm excited about the list of new teams that is due to be published on friday and obviously the Last British GP at Silverstone, its going to be emotional and hopefully another exciting race.

    Keep Up The Fantastic Work and Good Luck with the move Jake!

  • Comment number 45.

    Hi Jake,

    Just for mischief, could you get Flavio Briatore in front of the camera's in the Silverstone Build up and ask, in some subtle way of course:), if he still regards Jenson Button as a paracarro? or failing that, is it just that the roadside posts in Italy are extremely fast?



  • Comment number 46.


    sorry jake but I must admit when i seen that you was presenting F1 this year I was extremly disappointed. I thought u was goin to be a clueless bystandered just being a 'yes man'. But after 7 races, im glad that the choose you, along with DC and EJ. You 3 have really made my weekends and to some extent made me more intersested in F1. Im only 16 and started watching F1 about 2 years ago, and this year has been the best converage so far. Please keep it up!! :)

    Thanks For the great blogs and good luck with the move :D

    And at Silverstone Remember to LOOK LISTEN AND THINK

  • Comment number 47.

    I'm really enjoying your schoolboy enthusiasm Jake. Try not to let F1 grind you down (or run you over - but if you do insist on getting squashed, go for the extra kudos and leap under a Brawn)

    I'm also really looking forward to Silverstone to see what you will do as host broadcaster. I sincerely hope it isn't that last time at that circuit. My first ever GP visit was Silverstone in 1981 (when Wattie won!) and it is part of F1's heritage.

    Can I ask a question? Does EJ use such pointlessly big words off camera or does he use normal words? His on camera vocabulary is incredibly verbose and as the words get bigger, the sentences make less sense (bless him). I think Martin and DC feel the same way as I spotted them doing a bit of eye rolling and smirking when EJ was speaking after the race. You of couse are far to professional for that!

    BTW great blog. I love the insight into your world.

  • Comment number 48.

    Good coverage again this weekend. Good job with the forum including more viewer emails. For me the best parts of the coverage were

    1. The interview with Jenson and his two engineers. It was good to be able to see more of the human side of the sport and a different side to the relationship between the driver and engineers.

    2. Your interview with Massa. It seemed very relaxed and it was a good decision to leave in your error on identifying Jim Clarke as a multiple winner. It allowed Massa to drop his guard a little. It would be good to do the same with other drivers. Your driving day at Silverstone with Hamilton and Button sounds like a good feature.

    I also thought that Lee's interview with Nelson Piquet and your training session with Lewis Hamiton were interesting features.

  • Comment number 49.

    Hi Jake,

    Another top quality blog. Firstly, are you sure that wasn't actually Big Phil at the airport? Secondly I completely agree with you about Turkey and F1. It is a great place and Istanbul is a great city but the support isn't there and while the track might be in better condition than the Gilles Villeneuve circuit in Montreal it certainly doesn't have the atmosphere of that place. I think the FIA should look at heavily promoting the thrill of F1 to the fans and not just the people who are in charge of putting on the event.

    As for the race I thought it was fascinating from a tactical point of view with Vettel looking like he could finish anywhere from 1st-3rd with 15 laps to go but lower down it did turn into a bit of a procession.

    I thought the coverage was superb yet again. MB and DC sitting on the grid was one of the highlights of my weekend and their gridwalk was maybe even slightly better than with MB just doing it on his own. From the sounds of it you had lots of close calls this weekend and I must say when I saw that Toyota coming down the pitlane, I did fear the worst! If the coverage is as good as this for the rest of the season I think the Bafta might be in the bag ;). My one request would be to have the pole driver take us through their Q3 lap like Jenson did in Monaco although I can understand it might be difficult to get hold of them.

    Another great weekend and if you're a little apprehensive about getting driven round Silverstone by Lewis then I would bravely volunteer myself instead!

    Good luck with the move too,

  • Comment number 50.

    Another great show this week Jake. The pre-race build up was probably my favourite so far this season. Your interview with Massa was priceless. Keep up the good work can't wait to see you on home turf at Silverstone :-)

  • Comment number 51.

    A couple of highs
    1)seeing MB & DC sitting on the floor in front of the start. I wonder what the world looking on (who were not BBC viewers) were thinking they were talking about.
    2) Naomi's strange input (I also noticed her support for Ingerland from the Ferrari pits)
    3) JB's reaction to the ING girls lining the stairs to the podium (I missed what he said to them)
    A couple of lows
    1) JL constantly big-upping Massa & Ferrari (especially in Quali). Please, if you are a Ferrari fan, try and be less biased.
    2) EJ's constant denial of stuff he has either said or implied. Whilst he was great for the sport, can he keep some of his snide comments to himself as he now represents wider interests than his own.
    I know that F1 only ever looks forward but would it be possible to put together a 3 to 5min montage of out-takes (or unscreened clips) from each weekend. The bits you include here are good but it would be funny to see one or two of the more relaxed moments - like the EJ painted trouser moment.

  • Comment number 52.

    I think the beeb are doing great. I agree this pre race build up has been one of the best. DC on the grid walk was brilliant and your blogs are very interesting. I bet DC wishes he hadnt spoke to Niomi though.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Comment number 53.


    Coverage has been spot on I must say. I was also worried when you were announced as presenter as the stuff I'd seen you do before......well it was sportsround so not much really however you have been excellent so far so keep up the good work.

    For those ripping in to JL please remember that he is so much better than F1's previous UK commentator and any sight of JA on the BBC would have me turning off in an instant.

    Getting Brundle on board was by far the best move you guys could have made the man is a legend.

    Roll on Silverstone.

  • Comment number 54.

    I've just had a thought - if things do go drastically pear-shaped between FOTA and the FIA, where does that leave BBC as far as F1 coverage? Do you stick with what, for all intents and purposes, could end up being a disaster in the making, i.e. an F1 series that consists of Williams, Force India, and a bunch of non-starters, or do you cover a breakaway series should one form? Enquiring minds want to know.

  • Comment number 55.

    Why not put the driving experience on the program. It would be a great feature. You could tell t was one shoot but it was still a great opening. EJ, DC and you are a great combination and I enjoy the opposite views as it helps let us decide.

  • Comment number 56.

    Re spectator number . . . .
    It seems totally weird that a circuit like Istanbul (with its reported 30,000 attendance) is preferred by "them powers that be" over the likes of Canada and Silverstone.
    This year Silverstone is pretty much sold out. OK, the tickets may have been snapped up partly because it's the "last Silvetstone GP", or, of course, in anticipation of cheering on Lewis to another fantastic Silverstone win. The Lewis fans will at least be able to make use of their Union Flags and wave them for Jenson AND Lewis!
    All we need is LH and/or JB to be up there exciting us and we could fill the stands at BOTH Silverstone and Donnington!

  • Comment number 57.

    No doubt Jensen is a great driver, but remember last year. So much does depend on the car.

  • Comment number 58.

    just one #1... its a pleasure watching/listening to you.

  • Comment number 59.

    Loved the coverage as ever - but please remove the SPORT + Red Dot banner in the top right of the screen during the race as it's very distracting and unnecessary.

  • Comment number 60.

    Hi Jake,

    Loving the blog as usual, it's great to have your behind the scenes info. Totally agree with your views about the Turkish GP - was there last year and although the city & track are amazing, the atmosphere is definitely lacking compared to say Silverstone or Spa etc.
    Although I am mainly really enjoying the BBC coverage, there is just one thing is really beginning to annoy me. Please could you tell JL that at the end of the GP when the drivers are being weighed & making their way to the podium - that we would really love to hear what they are saying, as opposed to JL talking about what they are saying?! Thanks :)

  • Comment number 61.

    Hey Jake,

    Another fantastic weekend for Jenson. Some people at work were saying to me today that F1 was in danger of becoming dull and boring this year, but I think for any of us British supporters who have watched Jenson go through the difficult years and to now be rewarded with such an amazing car and team, it is just as faaantastic as ever!

    Loved your gym session with Lewis - I think what made it better is that you're "just a regular guy" (not some ex-racing driver type) trying these things, which does help to emphasise how much hard work these guys have to put in. How are the chin-ups coming along?:)

    You must be getting to know the drivers now? Interview with Massa very relaxed and funny, you say Webber's a top bloke, you've obviously done interviews with Jenson and Lewis - what are your impressions of the others?

    Sorry but I had to laugh when you launched yourself into the pitlane infront of oncoming F1 car - can't beat live TV!!:)

    MB/DC grid walk very good - particularly when Jenson was so surprised to see DC there too!! Is DC in training for a new role? I noticed he took on asking more questions this weekend and did so really well.

    Coverage continues to be great, the relaxed style is great, the rapport between you guys continues to build (e.g. 'Oh I won't ask DC for his qualifying predictions coz he'll probably just say Red Bull or something...!'), and EJ is improving, but I'm still not quite sure about JL's commentary... more time required yet perhaps.

    Really looking forward to what the BBC comes up with at Silverstone. Unfortunately I won't be there this year, though am absoulutely sure the atmosphere will be amazing. I was there in 2007, and will not forget the roar of the crowd when Lewis took pole on the Saturday. This year I'll be leaving it in your capable hands of delivering the atmosphere and action to me in my armchair - I have no doubt it'll be a great show - go Jenson!!!


    P.S. Pink shirt for Silverstone!

    P.P.S Hope the move went ok:)

  • Comment number 62.

    I posted earlier, but something has been on my mind ALL day and it's not even connected to walking out in front of a Toyota!!!! Has the Humphrey Household's Move gone OK??? Please Jake, put us out of our misery and tell us that you didn't break the antique porcelain down the stairs of your old house and that you've managed to find the remote to your telly.....

  • Comment number 63.

    Hi Jake

    Top Blog

    Amused to see the three of you couldn't quite keep a straight face after Mark Webber's little dig at the end of his post race interview ;->

    Also suprised you didn't comment on Jensons musical engine celebration in park ferme (sorry cant speak/write French) before he removed his steering wheel and did the wobbly jump off the car!

    Full congrats to Jenson and BrawnGP for another deserved win.

    You and the whole presenting team are providing a top notch experience which is just getting better and better.

    Keep it up and cant wait for Silverstone, although a bit sad it will be the last one there.

  • Comment number 64.

    Hi Jake, great blog as usual, and the show was spectacular. As somebody had already mentioned, the 'other side' seems so boring since you guys took over! Keep up the great work.

    Any chance of Murray Walker commentating on the British Grand Prix? That would be grand. Perhaps you could play a part in making it happen?

  • Comment number 65.


    I'm loving the coverage, its keeps getting better every time and the relaxed routine is much better than the other guys last season. The fact that it was bordering on comedy in Turkey had me in stitches. Please keep it up!

    Driving with JB and LH - if there are any spaces give me a call because I'm sure I can get to Silverstone from Faslane quite quickly if I put my mind to it.

  • Comment number 66.

    Yeah Jake maybe you could play a part in getting Murray to commentate at Silverstone, remember he knows your name ;) That would be amazing, though!

    Great show in Turkey, loved you nearly getting run over (in the nicest possible way). Shows how raw and lively the programme is, and it's great for it.

    I'll ask one thing: never allow Naomi Campbell to feature on the programme again. Ever! Supporting England? Where did she think she was, Wembley?

    Here's my really rather trivial request: the music-to-picture-montage-for-the-end-of-the-show-man, I've said he is doing a superb job at choosing the music, but where has this silly image of the silver car on a black background come from with the BBC Sport logo under it? IMO, it's far more effective if the BBC Sport logo flashes on at the bottom of the screen showing the winning driver spraying champagne. Told you it was trivial, but I think it works much better that way - a la the start of the season.

    Can't wait til Silverstone!

  • Comment number 67.


    I think in a nutshell, you are whats known as a 'people person'. You seem to have that knack of putting people at ease and making your interation with them a bit of a laugh and light hearted, this in turn makes them drop their guard and brings out the best in them. You talk to these people like your average bloke on the street would (and i mean that as a compliment), instead of the usual 'stuffy' question and answer sessions we have been used to in the past. You appear to react to what they are saying, rather than nod and ask "question 2".

    Take your training session with Lewis Hamiliton at Turkey for example. Your never going to get more of a media proffessonal than him with his boring 'corperate' answers. This can make him seem a bit distant in some interviews. Your sense of banter with him in the gym brought him out of his shell and he came accross quite well i thought.

    The same goes for DC and EJ to the extent that you're all having slight digs at each other here and there as you seem to put them all at ease and it makes the coverage a joy to watch, eg, DC is always implying Jordan weren't any good - To Sam Michaels "You started at Jordan, so whats it like now working at a Professional Team like Williams", likewise EJ always implying he'd never have hired DC for Jordan because he wasn't good enough..etc. Great Stuff!

    As an earlier post said, the GP weekends now feel like your experiencing it with your mates as its informal (but not shallow) and on occasion is a little rough round the edges. Again, good to see.

    If you lot at the beeb can twist Murrays arm to be involved at Silverstone it would be great. You could maybe even squeeze him into the commentary box with Jonathan and Martin where he could do a stint. I'm sure when he used to commentate on the Bathurst Touring Car race for Australian TV they used to handover to each other and have more than one commentator.

  • Comment number 68.

    Hi there Jake!

    Have to say -- really, really loving the coverage on the BBC. Think it's the good blend between presenters, interviews, features, statistics and humour -- underpinned by a love of F1 -- which has made it so watchable! (it's a pity my girlfriend doesn't love it so much: I still feel a bit guilty when I sit there and try to tell her how interesting it is, with a smile on my face... her eyes are generally glazed over somewhat :)).

    I know my next view might be a bit controversial, but want to say it anyway in case anyone agrees. With respect to this year's technical restrictions on the cars, with the goal of making F1 more exciting to the viewer and making the races more competitive -- I can't help feel the directors of F1 have bodged it up, and they won't admit it! Anyone agree? Particularly, I just wanted to hear how they can justify that jumbling up the order of the results have made things better? Ok, so some good drivers last year ended up in the lower end of the championship table... but the same is happening this time. That's racing! It's like they bosses got bored of things and a bit sick of McLaren and Ferrari being good, so they wanted to jumble things up for the sake of it. If they had wanted to make races more open, then they should enforce all cars to be identical -- but of course, they won't do that because this is F1 racing, and an integral part of this is the manufacturing abilities of the teams! Unfortunately, the F1 bosses are not the smartest bunch of folk on the planet (good at making money mind you) so guess we're just going to get lumbered with whatever (bad) choices they make.

    The worst bit of it all for me is that I can't help but think the outcome of this championship might be very heavily influenced by the elementary problem of having ambiguous technical specifications for the cars -- which Brawn originally interpreted to their advantage, and other teams misinterpreted. The subsequent performance of the cars is not then indicative of any team's technical superiority -- it is a reading test! Moreover, it should be the responsibility of the F1 big-wigs to oversee these changes and ensure they're not ambiguous (otherwise we may get a weird championship... which we have!).

    Also can't help but say that if these big-wigs had any clue about how to write specifications for critical components, why were they written in English -- which is intrinsically ambiguous? (This is what I understand from reading papers, etc., but do correct me if I'm wrong). I work in the field of verifying critical specifications, and it is not an option to write them using anything other than mathematics -- boring but true.)

    Ok, thanks for letting me have my rant and looking forward to the British Grand Prix!

  • Comment number 69.

    one nice weekend..
    Thanx for coverage from pitlane, it is one of the best features of BBC coverage, why do it from the closed room of the studio, when you can do it from pitlane, we all hardcore f1 fans want to see the action as it happens live, we want to see it more even. more pit gals i wish.. I just wonder where do they manufacture such pretty faces. and so many of them. God is gr8 they must say in f1, bcoz all the pretty face are there isnt it.

    for the race: its getting predictable, I like that Jenson is winning, after the years of paitence at Honda, Hamilton gets the F1 reality for the first time since his debut, he is gr8 guy but that is also the truth that backmarkers dont have the pace but that doesnt mean they are bad drivers, so it again proves its about car than driver. Jenson win more points good. but massa, what happen to him i thought he was competitive. Vettel now what to say about him he will surely a champian one day, may be 2 years down the line. he deserves it. like this year belong to jenson. bcoz as they say Bcoz It's Wriiten. Kubica looks weak this year, i mean physically, bcoz he is tall so I think BMW forcing him to loose more weight, this is bad, FIA should change the rule and take the weigth of the car not drivers. thats going in bad direction. Loosing fat and being fit is good but not at that cost. and talking of fit.. Jake .. do more exercise & Yoga, that doesnot mean you need to spend time in gym but just consult a good physiotherapist.. and follow the routine its simple than pulling iron. (tust me), and you will be in better position next time when you meet Lewis. By the way that was good.

    The grid walk is awesome.. Martin brundle grid walk is like trademark..noone can do it better, he knows almost everyone on the paddock that he can go almost everywhere and he will bump into a known face, amazing. including DC on gridwalk was even better, didnt know that it could be better and it was MB territory, but then than BBC found something new, letus know whose idea it was! Was it Martin's sudden thought or it was preplanned. you should continue with it. MB & DC on gridwalk wow! :)

    can you do a story on f1 mrs... i mean all the wifes and girls around f1 drivers, even their kids. we know so little about them. can you show what is Michael is upto these days, I hardly see him in your coverage, we know ferrari he is at ferrari, he is an asset to formula1, we want to know.. what exactly he is doing, whats up with his family.

    Jake.. you look good there, you guys have a gr8 team, EJ, DC, Martin, these three guys are talented people.. give more respect to them they are god gifted. I think martin adds so much to coverage. keep up the good work you guys. and also friday coverage and commentry is good too. I wish we could see more on friday.. and preprations. thx for coverage this week looking for more next week. I wish for much longer coverage...


  • Comment number 70.

    I've noticed a few comments about Lee McKenzie, which I'm glad about because I think she's great. She's some beautiful eye candy coupled with a good racing brain, why are you guys keeping her locked away? It's a no brainer. Is it that the BBC are afraid of falling into the whole stereotypical "pretty face on a racing program" stereotype? (if there is such a thing, I dont believe there is). If so, might I say that Lee McKenzie is'nt stereotypical of anything. A great looker with a real knowledge of motor racing.....more Lee!

    I'll add my name to the More McKenzie campaign, :D And if one does'nt exist then I'll start it!!

  • Comment number 71.

    Hi Jake
    Great coverage and blog again :)thanks
    it's a pity that we don't have BBC broadcast here
    so I have to download it after the race..hehe
    but it is really worth waiting and watching

    watching the interview between you and Felipe is so interesting :)
    his symbolic "sunshine" smile proves it a success .haha
    maybe because of his babyface and the huge difference of your heights
    i thought i was watching CBBC for a moment.xD
    and also, the gym time with Lewis is a good idea, not only bringing us closer to their tough training but also showing that you are well-bulit.haha
    Lee's interview with Piguet is also interesting and we would like to know more about drivers', engineers' and even fans' stories through your camaras and reports.
    Talking about that coming race in Silverstone, i bet you are very excited about it and hope u enjoy the driving with Jeson and Lewis.
    oh.btw.. my friends talked about the "streaking event" there several years that man Lee's father?hehe. quite amazing

    Best wishes

  • Comment number 72.

    Hi jake loving the coverage can't wait for silverstone and can you take a picture of the BBC brandcentre tnk

  • Comment number 73.


    If you and/or the BBC want to see support for the 'Murray Walker Silverstone Commentary' campaign, why not check out: (22 signatures and counting, excluding yourself and all the others you will persuade to do so) (429 members and counting) (145 members and counting)

    What do you all think?

  • Comment number 74.

    Hi Jake

    The BBC are doing a great job! Silverstone next lets hope Jenson can work his magic again! This will be my 27th British Grand Prix and at only 26 that's quite an achievement, I hope that it will not be the last! Not quite sure why Silverstone is supposedly not up to scratch, the drivers love the track as do the fans - surely that should be all that matters! I also want to make everyone aware that it will be my Dad's 25th year of ensuring the track is kept clean for the race weekend, he and the others that all volunteer themselves for the weekend never get any recognition - so I wanted to say good work lads! Tracks are always commented on for how dirty they are but Silverstone should be praised for how clean it is. So thanks Charlie and all the guys from Scarab and Johnston, over the years we have had some good times!

  • Comment number 75.

    Hi Jake
    Do not mean to be offensive but you are the least knowledgable, least enthusiastic and least respectful of any of the presenters i have ever seen. Over 40 years i have watched F1 i adore it and watch all the sessions without fail. The way you make mistakes on your history to me is unforgivable, you are well paid, so learn.
    The way you talk to people as if you are an equal because you are with the glorious BBC is despicable. I would'nt mind so much if you just came on air green, willing to learn and respectful of those in the sport, admit your lack of knowledge of the history. To come out like you do, i find offensive. Other than that the BBC is as usual ten times better than the other channel.

  • Comment number 76.

    Great show Jake, the team is really beginning to gel. Jonathan was great in the race, he didn't trip over Martin as he's sometimes prone to. Lee did a fantastic job with Vettel, nice to see he'd calmed down a bit by the time she got to him! The whole team was excellent. Glad to see you avoided the Toyota - I don't think you're built to flow properly over the aerodynamics!

  • Comment number 77.

    I want to echo keanuf1 - the gridwalk with both Martin and David in it must become the norm, they work brilliantly together! :-)

  • Comment number 78.

    Very good blog again Jake.

    Have to say I laughed at your pit lane dodge but did feel guilty after. I'm enjoying the BBC coverage so much more than ITV. Really looking forward to the British GP. Have to agree with you on the support issue, the stands looked empty and not a good image for what was a great race and a great venue. British fans will make up for it at Silverstone. Looking forward to reading and watching next week.


  • Comment number 79.

    Another brill blog Jake,

    I also can't wait till the British GP, i think you are doing a great job presenting. I always look forward to watching the extras after the race. Keep up the good work

  • Comment number 80.

    Re: #75, yorkshireman 52

    i can't comment on jake's knowledge of F1 (I've only just started watching this season) but i think the fact that he talks to people as if they are "equals" is part of the appeal of the coverage. the presentation is lively and informal, and puts people at their ease. what about the video in the gym with lewis, that i commented on earlier, he is notoriously hard to interview but jake seems to handle him well.

  • Comment number 81.

    yorkshireman52, that's pretty damn horrid, and you know your comment is rubbish. Give him a break, he's new to this, he's learning, he's doing his best, he'll improve. People like you slagging him off do him no good. I'm sure Jake can accept constructive criticism, but not responses like yours which try to belittle him and rip him to pieces. Get off his back and try to support him. You say he's the least enthusiastic? Rosenthal takes that gong as he wasn't remotely interested. Least knowledgeable? Give him a break, it's not like hes had years and years and years of experience in the sport to call on. Least respectful? Are you having a laugh?!!!

  • Comment number 82.

    Coverage is great in every aspect but BBC Sport need to bring back there 1996 globe indent and bring back the Grand Prix name back. And have a title sequence with no CGI cars in it proper Footage instead.

  • Comment number 83.

    Hi!. I think that, yes, Vettel is feeling the pressure, not only to battle Button but also against his own team-mate, Mark Webber. The australian has been sidelined by everyone so far but on-one seems to realize that he has been as fast as the "wunder-kid". He lost 7 out of 7 in qualifying you say?. Yes, but he had a heavier load in five of those seven sessions, and if you match their fuel-loads, you'll see Webber's time was very very close if not outrightly faster...... And he's performing better on race day, maybe because Mark is not pressured by everyone as the german is. Vettel will, almost certainly, become World Champion one day; he has "it". But he's also a bit immature yet and lacks enough experience to keep his head cool race in, race out. Watch out for Webber though: if the RBR RB5 gains that little bit of speed missing at the moment, he could become a great threat in the upcoming GPs. Same goes for Vettel, of course. However, I believe Button has the crown conquered already, even if he says it's early-times. He's been incredible so far and I think he'll win a few more times this year. And, to end this comment, let me say one thing: Button is an exceptional driver, but almost ALL the other drivers are as well. The car makes them look good or bad, as Hamilton, Alonso, Raikkonen and others are showing this year and, on the other hand, as Button, Webber or Trulli. There are alwasy a few drivers that have a little bit more, that imperceptible talent that makes them extract a tiny fraction of a second a lap compared to others but, don't kid yourselves, if the car is not up to it, he (or she, someday, hopefully...) won't win periodically. Let's be fair, ok?. Oh, and Barrichello is a great driver too: he's just been going through a dark-phase. He might come back at any moment, so don't say he's less competent than Jenson Button is, ok?. Anyone is endowed to have a bad time, even in F1.......

  • Comment number 84.

    Well Jake its Monday morning the birds are singing even the canaries and Silverstone is on the horizon.To be fair Silverstone needs a lick of paint but you can't fault the actual track.Memories are plentiful Mansell breaking the lap record comming down Hangar Straight.Shumi breaking late at Stowe so late in fact he went off at 160 MPH and ended up breaking his leg.Darling James Hunt driving a Hesketh another favourite and not bad with a mike either.John Player Lotus black and gold drivers like Emerson Fittipaldi and the late great Ayrton Senna fabulous times.Robert Fleck what ever happened to him Oh sorry wrong game yeh we will miss Silverstone will we ever be able to see the drivers struggle to outbreak at Stowe twitch there way through Becketts and hit the limit at Copse.Can the Crane of Curves and Redgate compare at the moment I don't think so and for us Southerners it adds more onto the journey who mentioned Wembley.The politics are still within and it seems every meeting results in chaos no solution we all wait for another meeting dare I say it Ferrari are getting their way each time by suspending the outcome Ferrari can think of ways to their advantage of having another meeting.Jenson Button will win at Silverstone if the Brawn shows the same consistant reliability but it won't be a walk in the park.Above all sun if your listening shine shine shine!

  • Comment number 85.

    Jake, just a bit of advice for the Silverstone weekend. Can you please not bang on about that fact that just because Silverstone is losing the British Grand Prix, doesn't mean the British Grand Prix is disappearing forever. It will be going to Donington Park either in 2010 or defiantly in 2011. They BRDC people that are the people moaning easily forget that Donington Park was holding historic Grand Prixs in the 1930's when Silverstone didn't even exist as an Airfield, let alone a racing circuit. So people that say Silverstone has so much history are looking through blinkered vision, impaired by their selfish feeling or their prized commodity losing its most valued asset. I am not a fan of Bernie and i do agree that he is ripping F1 apart by the seams, but with this deal to go to Donington, he is guaranteeing that the British Grand Prix stays on the F1 calender.


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