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Leave no Silverstone unturned

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Jake Humphrey | 09:14 UK time, Thursday, 25 June 2009

I am sending you this blog from my sofa, in my house, with a big smile on my face. Here's why it's such a big deal...

I always think of myself as the kind of guy who doesn't really need the trappings of a wirelessly-routed, on-demand, 21st Century existence, and then odd things happen to make me realise that I'm just as fragile and hopelessly addicted to this digital age as the next person.

The first nudge that I'm no Bear Grylls was when Harriet and I moved house just after the Turkish GP and had no hot water for 48 hours. We are talking less than two days in total spent boiling kettles to fill the bath, and showering while crouched in the foetal position breathing about three times a second. The way we moaned though you'd have thought it was a lifetime - how spoiled we are! In fact, I'm already pretty sure I'll be regaling my kids with tales of "your mother and I used to get by with no hot water when we first lived here you know!"

I hope it didn't show on TV, but I had to endure the three-second sub-zero shower on both the days I went filming with Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button last week. I just used double the aftershave. I guess as Lewis tended to drive the £300k SLR with the gull-wing doors up he hardly noticed. Or perhaps he was airing the car. You can watch those pieces here and here if you missed them, by the way.

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Up, up and away

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Jake Humphrey | 11:19 UK time, Thursday, 18 June 2009

This week Meriddian left a comment on my Twitter page referring to my previous blog as surreal. Well let me tell you now that surreal doesn't even begin to describe the past couple of days - leading up to the most amazing Thursday morning of my life (and I'm safe from my wife arguing with me because we didn't get married on a Thursday!)

Anyway, the week started to get slightly weird on Tuesday...I ended up somewhere I never expected to be, at the St Johns College May Ball at Cambridge University.

I won't reveal my A-level grades on here, suffice to say I was close to not making any establishment, let alone Cambridge. Therefore I'm delighted and very proud that my cousin Simon has ended up as a Fellow at St Johns, the fact he is chairman of the May Ball is also rather handy when it comes to getting an invite!

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Enjoying a lap with Jenson and Lewis

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Jake Humphrey | 16:23 UK time, Friday, 12 June 2009

I'm writing this having just joined some of the production team for a spot of lunch in the BBC restaurant here at Television Centre.

I know old Terry Wogan likes to play on the fact that the Beeb canteen is hardly a place teeming with top-level TV types quaffing caviar and discussing 'media' - and he's right! The BBC isn't really a caviar kind of place, so I settled for a beans and cheese jacket potato whilst the rest of the guys went for fish and chips Friday.

I must admit I was tempted by the fish but in line with a Humphrey tradition I celebrated my house move on Monday with some cod and chips, sitting on the floor of the new place! Thanks for all your kind messages wishing me luck with the house move by the way, we're in, but it was quite a day!

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Hungry for Silverstone after JB's Turkish delight

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Jake Humphrey | 19:07 UK time, Sunday, 7 June 2009

Hi there.

It's 6.45pm here in Turkey, and I'm back in our own little motorhome - it's no BMW-size 'brand centre' but we love it!


I'm now really hungry, but resisting the temptation to dive into the Turkish crisps that I suspect Ted Kravitz left near my desk. My willpower won't last long though. I've been addicted to crisps since I was knee-high to Eddie Jordan.

I alway come off-air with a seriously grumbling stomach, actually. It's because I find it really hard to eat before we go live to millions of people (understandably maybe).

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