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Motorhomes, sliding doors and wild Spanish applause

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Jake Humphrey | 18:01 UK time, Sunday, 10 May 2009

So, win number four for Jenson Button... the lead gets ever bigger. I'm writing this before jumping on a plane home and although I've not had too long to work out what to write I wanted to upload something as quickly as possible.

Quick story for you. I was chatting to Jenson in the Brawn hospitality area before the race and, despite the fact he was about to jump in his car and battle to victory, he was actually asking about me! How was it going, was I enjoying my first season in the pit lane?

I imagine many other people would be lost in their own thoughts considering the situation. I was impressed and thought I'd share it with you.  His dad seems like a top bloke, too.

Talking of top, I didn't make it onto the third and top floor of the Ferrari 'motorhome' this weekend.  I was actually talking about the teams' houses on wheels with someone from McLaren, who quickly reprimanded me for calling it a motorhome... I think McLaren refer to theirs as a 'brand centre'. Well, whatever they like them to be known as, they are mind boggling! 


It was, of course, the first time I'd got a close-up view of these structures, which are where guests and media are entertained and where drivers, technicians and engineers hang out. And I have to admit to a little bit of jealousy.

You see, at the long-haul races the teams get the buildings the track supply them with, as do we. Once the European season starts, we all exist in 'brand centres'... some more impressive than others.

Ours has a little kitchen (well stocked with grub thanks to truck manager/driver Pete!), some metal steps that have stripped the skin from everyone's shins and carpet on the walls... but it's a cosy home for our team and I think I'll grow to love it by the time we've lived here for a few races.

By comparison, the way the other half live has to be seen to be believed.  Good old Eddie Jordan got a bit carried away and claimed they cost £40 million to run... I think it's nearer 10% of that but they're mega-plush anyway!

In fact, only a few of them don't have automatic sliding glass doors and I made a right twerp of myself when I expected Force India's door to gracefully slide to the right... it didn't and I walked right into it. Cue a loud bang, a bunch of people trying not to laugh and a very embarrassed TV presenter pretending he meant to do it... suffice to say I didn't get away with it!

I spent most of this weekend in the pit lane as opposed to gorging myself on bread and cheese in our kitchen and I managed to soak up the atmosphere for the first time this season.

Despite one well publicised race-goer giving everyone a bad impression of this part of the world the fans were great.  Their love for Fernando Alonso is quite astounding.  We sent Lee out to meet them on a hill and it was a relief she came back in one piece.  Lots of dancing blokes, gallons of body paint and more Asturian flags than you can imagine.  

The roar as their guy came home in the points was something else.

Anyway, it's now 6.45pm and a flight back to the UK is calling.  I won't deny that as an F1 fan the next few races, which include Silverstone and Monaco, have got me feeling like a little kid... I can't wait for two of the events of the season and I hope you enjoy them on the BBC with us.

Thanks to those who pressed the red button and joined us on the F1 forum.  I'll log back on here on Monday to read your thoughts and respond then.

I'd love to hear what you have to say and I'll respond to as many of you as possible.

Thanks again for tuning in!

Jake x x


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  • Comment number 1.

    Cheers for the update Jake.
    The BBC's coverage of the GP is getting better every race, and you have really settled into the role as Presenter.
    Your F1 knowledge also shines through during the broadcast and this really does help improve the coverage.

    Don't worry about the sliding door... we've all been there (haha!)

    I'm looking forward to the rest of the year of F1 on the BBC!

    P.S. At the end of the year can you do a comparison of how the Fernando Alonso fans compare to say Lewis and Jenson's at Silverstone or Massa and Barrichello's at Brazil. All three are fanatical!

  • Comment number 2.

    The online coverage is just so far ahead of what preceded it it's unreal, congratulations to the BBC for that. It's great for Jenson Button, he seems like a nice guy and must have thought he was never going to get a chance. A really interesting time for the BBC to get the coverage, looks there will all sorts of change over the next few seasons. One thing's for sure, whoever interviewed Lewis Hamilton must have felt a few chills, there was an unhappy young man not enjoying his season. Really enjoying the coverage, you've taken the best parts of ITV (basically Martin Bundle) and made it much more human and less stuffy, lots more interaction, articles etc. Good stuff Jake, keep it up.

  • Comment number 3.

    Good update Jake. Loving the coverage. Keep up the great work. Who hasn't walked into a glass door...

    I think everyone is looking forward to the next few races.

    If you guys need a chef to cook in the motor home I'm happy to help

  • Comment number 4.

    hey jake your doing a great job in fact all of you are!!when your at silverstone look out for me id love a wee chat.if u spot a 16yeard old boy wearing a newcastle united jacket (won't be tht hard) then thats me.
    keep up the good work and good luck for the rest of the season!!

  • Comment number 5.

    Top class coverage from the BBC, you and the team are getting better and better with every race. It does seem Jake that you really do enjoy the sport and that shines through with the coverage. Is there any plans to improve the coverage even more, now that we have moved into the european season?
    Keep up the great work guys, and here is to maybe one of the best F1 seasons of all time!!

  • Comment number 6.

    Hello Jake and congratulations on your informative and entertaining coverage of the F1 season so far,I'm really enjoying it.Also,DC,EJ and the F1 strategist in waiting M Brundle.HaHa. What an entertaining programme you are providing us with and I'm glad that you are enjoying it too. Thrilled for Jenson and team Brawn. What a turnaround in F1? Makes it all VERY interesting indeed. Even though I would love to see Mr Fantastic Alonso doing better, but early days yet. Jake, just one thing though, I don't mean to be rude, but I do think some smarter shirts for you handsome guys would'nt go a miss. And what gives with those awful trainers?? Looking forward to the rest of the season and I'm certainly enjoying your blogs. Thanks and enjoy. Suz

  • Comment number 7.

    Great coverage again from the BBC. Eddie and David get better and better but I wish you'd put the F1 forum up on the interactive red button and/or on the website after the race. I often watch the race on SKY+ and want to see the forum a bit later on.

  • Comment number 8.

    Again, a really insightful blog and great coverage that is improving race by race.

    The music montage at the start of the show was great - but please have a word with the guy that chooses the music for the final musical montage that closes the show - yes Tracey Chapman is driving about cars but it simply isn;t the right atmosphere or feeling to finish a great F1 show with. Too many times its music that just makes you feel slightly depressed or let down when you should be left with a buzz having just watched great coverage and great racing.

  • Comment number 9.

    Hi Jake,

    Great blog as always - I continue to enjoy the view from behind the scenes (I especially enjoyed seeing Ted Kravitz in the background during the F1 Forum and quickly hiding when he realised the camera was pointing his direction! :-).

    Now that we're a few races in, I'd like to suggest an update to the main title sequence.

    The graphics are good and the music is great as always! But it is really missing a montage of live clips. Even if you don't have access to clips from the past year or two, you now have plenty of content from this year. Please as I think the titles don't convey the excitement that the music and the show does.

    Please keep blogging and posting pix!


  • Comment number 10.

    Hey Jake

    Just wanna add to the growing positive feedback...Your settling into the role really well and you control that unruley pack admirably

    Just a couple of observations

    Any chance you could get a few more viewers e-mails into the forum segment..? I know its difficult, but id like more input and questions from the fans - as its our opportunity to talk to the experts

    Also - id love you to have a fantasy or predictions league within the team...I noticed youve started asking EJ and DC for a winners prediction...But you could build on that to have a mini competition

    See you at the Principality

  • Comment number 11.

    Hi Jake,

    Fantastic again! F1 is my second sport behind football, and now that my team, Nottingham Forest, have survived the drop zone - big thanks to Norwich for that - I have a wonderful summer of racing to look forward to!

    I was dreading life in the third tier (again), and the ritual Ferrari/McLaren sprint to the finish, but neither of these have happened.

    And it's all down to you, Jake - you're a wonderful man! Let's hope that come 1 Nov we have Jensen as champion, and, as deference to you, also that Norwich are already 10 points clear at the top of Div 3.

    Carry on the good work!

  • Comment number 12.

    I agree with Dossan at #9. The titles need some live shots to mix into the intro. I can understand the BBC trying to be original wih it but some good old clips from before would make it better.

    I noticed you and DC didn't go for the pink shirt/ black trouser combo this week. May I ask why?! That was brilliant!

    I haven't walked into a glass door but I have banged my head a couple of times thinking the window was open. We are all really stupid, aren't we?

  • Comment number 13.

    Forget the Great Barrier Reef job as being the best in the world - presenting Formula 1 and going to every Grand prix is surely the best. What I would give for that.

    Anyway, I'll be at Silverstone this year for the 5th time so if I see you (which is very unlikely as I'm only there on the Sunday and need to get a good spot at Copse with the deck chairs!) I'll make sure I say hello!

    Another interesting Forum; another question unanswered! It's becoming a ritual! "Alex from..." (Oh! Not yet); "Brian from..."(Oh! maybe the next one); "John from..." (Oh no! Times running out!).
    Still, I'm not giving up that's for sure. "Gianni from Peterborough" will get a mention in the Forum soon!
    Of course, Its impossible to get through every email. How many, roughly, Jake did you get today?

    Still great coverage though. Really enjoyable. Commenting on StuBurt's post-race montage comment, I would just like The Chain to close it off, but so far I've enjoyed all the end montages regardless of song.

    The BBC have stepped up coverage quite substantially. I only hope it continues. I know it will!

    Enjoy Monaco Jake!

  • Comment number 14.

    I have to say the interactive forum today was great simply because of the argument between EJ and Martin Brundle. I think DC raised the point about how he was lucky to have always had good cars to drive when they were discussing Hamiltons plight. DC then said Martin Brundle would understand since he had some very bad cars including the Jordan he used to drive. EJ then said something like how Brundle finished up more times without wheels than with wheels on the car to which Brundle said that was because the car went faster upside down! Had me in stitches :DDD

  • Comment number 15.

    Great Jake. This proves Jenson's growing maturity and I think everyone has walked into a glass door at one point. Got an image of the BBC 'brand centre' and how does it feel by walking so close to more than a million pounds worth of material when in the pits?

  • Comment number 16.

    Good stuff.

    I'd like to see pictures of this 'brand centre' of yours if possible please :)

  • Comment number 17.

    Read all your blogs so far jake and i think its great that you've come so far from me watching you on cbbc to doing the olympics and now F1!! Long may it continue!!

    p.s. does anyone know what the song in the end credits was?? really like it lol!!

  • Comment number 18.

    I wish I had your job.

  • Comment number 19.

    Watching Formula 1 has once again become a pleasure made so much better than ITV's coverage by the informative and fun nature of the commentary.

    You do a great job as link man and the contrast of DC EJ and MB adds a new dimension.

    Eddy is used to high value homes and was probably comparing the "brand centres" to his latest Sunseeker Yacht which when doing his valuation!

    The Brawn results are nothing short of sensational and defines Ross as one of the technical wizards of the sport- To see Jenson lapping Lewis Hamilton must have given the team a real buzz.

    Here's to Monaco which should be a cracker


  • Comment number 20.

    Interesting and different perspective of the weekend on your blog as usual. Keep 'em coming.

    I did wonder if the BBC could maintain the standard of coverage.. guess what.. you have. It's basically slick. Even on the rare occasions it isn't, it doesn't matter. Due to the interactive nature of it all, it feels like we're all watching the GP as fans, You, DC, EJ, and us the audience.

    One final comment. Jonathan Legard. The bloke has finally got the hang of it in my opinion and i'm really happy for him. The past couple of races have seen a noticeable positive difference. He now comments on the pictures and appears to be on the ball more often than not, whereas before you could tell he was having trouble looking at the live feed, the timing screen and his notes all at the same time. He's had some negative comments on here in the past, but he's definetly getting a lot better, so good for him.

    Still loving DC and EJ winding each other up. Its great TV. Yeah EJ can go off on one every now and again, but who cares. Its live telly and entertaining.

    Other than that, keep doing what your doing - love it.

    PS - Don't do a live broadcast from a small dingy in Monaco harbour like ITV attempted years ago. I don't want to switch on the telly to see you looking pale, trying to do a link to camera whilst DC and EJ are throwing up in the background.

  • Comment number 21.

    Jake, the coverage is better every time, keep up the good work.

    Your knowledge is really showing. Please don't stop EJ now, he really is getting into a groove, his outburst at Kimi was fantastic - being a Ferrari fan it is really deserved! David is also really entertaining and provides great insight.

    I would love to see a little more about the motor homes, sorry, Brand centres, and Jake, if it's any consolation all "Brand Centres" should have sliding doors!

    Great coverage guys, and great season - luckily no Hamilton bias on this channel unlike the other one last year, nor any Button bias either, keep that going too!

    Only criticism - whoever chooses the music needs to re-think the selections, too slow, boring and soft!!!

  • Comment number 22.

    Hi Jake, glad to say I'm enjoying the uninterupted coverage of the racing and the presentation from the team is informative. Good to listen to Eddie Jordan, did he take any lessons from Geoff Boycott? Good to see someone not afraid to speak their mind and say it as it is!. Martin is typically Knowledgeable and factual and his opinion is well respected, Jonathan doesn't quite do it for me though, time will tell. NB I notice the commentators were using the Official Timing screens a lot to rleay data back to us, Can more timing info be put on the TV?

  • Comment number 23.

    Jake man I like your pretty much fit the bill for F1 and it's always an interesting read...

    most likely the best presenter I have seen fronting the show...full stop

    nice one mate


  • Comment number 24.

    Hi Jake

    I have to champion the responses before me and congratulate you and the BBC team on the great coverage we're receiving in 2009.

    Tell me though, how does the reaction Fernando gets at his home GP compare to Hamilton at the British GP?

    I've been to both in the last few years and I have to say, Alonso's fans are way more knowledgable and passionate, but I was only in two grandstands...........

    The only other place I've seen such passion is Brazil............but I was lucky enough to be there when Massa won............I'm still recovering now!!!!

  • Comment number 25.

    Great work again this weekend again Jake.

    Any chance you will walk onto the grid again like you did at Shanghai? And how about getting Anthony Davidson on the forum, his insights have been really good on free practice.

    Best of luck making your way between pits paddock and grid in Monte Carlo!

  • Comment number 26.

    did Martin get told to get rid of his ice cream today? it disappeared pretty damn quick...either that or he just loves his ice cream...

  • Comment number 27.

    @ post 14.

    The song was "fast car".

    It was originally written and performed by Tracey Chapman.

    I believe the version they used today was by Mutya Buena.

    GO JENS!

  • Comment number 28.

    Im so pleased BBC have got the coverage of F1 like most of the above. Uninterupted coverage is great, we dont miss any of the action and I have to say it has been one of the most interesting seasons I have seen (not dominated by Ferrari in some way!).

    Keep up the good work. I have to say I am really looking forward to Monnaco, its my favourite Grand Prix every year (other than Silverstone) and glad that BBC have employed Martin Brundle.

  • Comment number 29.

    I have often maintained in this and other fora that, as it is, F1 is a boring parade of sponsors, mainly because of the impossibility to overtake, unless the car behind is much faster. This is still the case. Paradoxically, the KERS have made things worse. An example is today situation Massa-Vettel. Thanks to the KERS system, Massa was able to overtake Vettel at the start, and then, being slower, he compromised Vettels race: Vettel was a potential winner, having being in real terms the fastest driver in qualifying. This leads us to another clear F1 travesty: qualifying with race fuel, which negatively upset the real race values. Here I see two problems:

    1. We are deprived of the only chance to see a real race between drivers, since we never know during qualifying if the pole position was due to the fuel load (and in the race things usually only happen at the box during pit stops)

    2. Those that choose to go for glory on Saturday by adopting an aggressive strategy (low fuel load), may held up other faster car/driver on Sunday, especially on circuits where overtaking is not only very difficult, it is nearly impossible (see Monaco, for instance)

    In short, the race is still mainly down to team decisions and strategy rather than the driver ability: taking also into account fuel load, Vettel was the fastest driver but his race was compromised by KERS and fuel strategy; Barrichello could have won the race, but strategy prevented him from doing so; Weber got the podium thanks to strategy (despite being a good driver, we did not see him doing anything exciting on the track to get third place)

    To conclude, just now, the F1 Driver Championship is nothing else than a second Constructor Championship in disguise, because it mainly depends on team decisions, strategy, overtaking at pit stop, etc.

    I really like to see Brawn and Button up there in winning position: this could not happen to better people. But I also want to see pure and exciting racing, which unfortunately is not happening in F1. Perhaps F1 decision makers should look at Moto GP for advice.

    But these are not a problems that came about this year, or any other recent years, they are old problems. But in the attempt to make F1 more interesting, years ago the decision makers introduced artificial elements that artificially upset results, compromising pure racing: no other sport has ever taken such unsporting actions.

    Perhaps while waiting for a solution to the overtaking problem, they could do something else.

    In a forum, years ago, I suggested that:

    A. They should change the qualifying section to allow driver to race for pole position without fuel load, and give us public the excitement of the a pure race, driver to driver, without artificial interference (this was what they used to do in the past, when the pole position was obtain by the best on the day)

    B. They should award additional points and a trophy for the best lap time in each race. Not being able to race on the track because of overtaking problem and because of most things being decided off the track, (see strategy and pit stop), drivers should be allow to race against each other through time race. This would provide the incentive for a race from start to end, and would provide excitement for the public, since the effort should produce new best lap time after best lap time, shifting from driver to driver, until the very last second: we currently see the drivers and teams settling for their position during the last third of the race, with no overtaking on the track being possible and no more pit stops and change of strategy available (in the last third of the race, thing usually only happen if it rains or if a car broke down, that is by fate or luck). I am currently following F1 GPs both on TV, but more and more on the computer screen Live Time, which I find by far more interesting.

  • Comment number 30.

    Well isn't this a Jake/BBC love-in!! Not one negative comment so far and you'll be glad to hear that I'm not going to change that. After a few initial road bumps the BBC coverage is getting better and better and better (sorry!) Really enjoy the banter between EJ and DC; Martin's knowledge and insight is superb and Jake's enthusiasm for the sport really shines through. Add in no advert breaks, all the online stuff and the post-race forum with the excellent action on track and the BBC is doing an great job. Now just got to hope Jenson keeps it up! How much more likable is the guy than Lewis Hamilton?!

  • Comment number 31.

    Great blog and coverage is high quality. Particularly like the opportunity for red button variations on the race. Quick question on today's crash at Turn 2 though. It looks like Trulli was nudged off the track by another car (?a BMW) and then returned to hit Force India while the 2 Torro Rossos hit each other before hitting Trulli. On the replays I could not see who it was who nudget the Toyota. Not suggesting any impropriety on the wheel to wheel racing, but just interested to know who it was? Thanks

  • Comment number 32.

    Cool Blog Jake

    From what you said about Jenson asking about you, I think it shows that Jenson was very thoughtful and sounds like he values the coverage that you and the team have been providing.

    I really enjoyed the race today and the F1 Forum. one bit that made me chuckle was when you said about letting Martin finish his ice-cream and he was he first person to answer a question, even though he didnt finish his ice-cream. I also like Eddie's bright colours he was wearing, especially the red shoes, it made him stand out.

    I will definately be watching Monaco GP but I will have to record the qualifying because I'm going to London and seeing Girls Aloud perform at The O2 on that Saturday, but I will catch-up in time for Race on the Sunday.

    Keep up the fantastic work and roll on Monaco!

  • Comment number 33.


    Excellent coverage as ever and a gripping race. Had hoped Jenson would do it again and his strategy just seemed to work like a dream. Shame for Rubens, he must be wondering just what he has to do to get one up on Button!

    I was disappointed (but not, I have to say, surprised) by Lewis's interview, on the other hand. The boy really needs to learn how to deal with the media - he did not come across well. Totally understand his disappointment with the car, but his responses to the press were a bit much. He needs to take a leaf or two out of Jenson's book!

    By the way, my boyfriend just commented that he finds the signing-off kisses quite metrosexual. Not quite sure what he means by that... :P

  • Comment number 34.

    Hello Jake.
    Of course the Force India motorhome isn't going to have a sliding door but I guess with the others, you didnt notice that.
    Of course the coverage is getting better and better but the continuity has been a bit here and there but the content and EJ has improved a bit, his ranting has calmed down and DC has ever has been informative.
    I so wish I could have a job on the programme!

  • Comment number 35.

    Worldfed - I agree 100%

    Ant would be an amazing addition to the BBC tv lineup.

    He's intelligent, knowledgable and a little bit cheeky; the perfect cocktail of great commentary..............and he's very tiny.........Alonsoesque ;)

  • Comment number 36.

    Questionable1 - yes!!! Jens is so much more affable anddown to earth. Just compare Jens last year when he was finishing 15th compared to Lewis finishing 9th today..........totally different.

    Jake - How do you see the personality differences between the two Brits?

  • Comment number 37.

    I've returned to F1 this year after the dullness of recent years both on the track and courtesy of ITV turned me right off. This year has been brilliant. Top marks to the BBC. Now please do the same for the cricket. I can't stand Sky's commentary team.

  • Comment number 38.

    My husband and I love watching F1 races and I am so thrilled for Jensen Button, as he was almost finished in F1 3 weeks before the start of the season and for several years he has not had the car or the recognition he deserves and I am so thrilled for him now he is with such an expert as Ross Brawn.
    He has had his F1 career turned around completely, and there is no more deserving driver than him. I am also pleased that Mark Webber got 3rd position too as he has had a hard time of it this past year, and he deserved a break.
    The blackened face today in Spain was not on, and I seem to remember that a similar thing happened last year there and Lewis was made fun of in a racist way. These racists should be sought out and banned from the circuit.
    Anyway well done Button, and Daddy Button is lovely too!

    Jo Sparkes
    Female 59 !

  • Comment number 39.

    Thank for the great commentary and the behind the scenes look at F1. Can you get us some photos of the non-motor homes?

    The Blog is really good but you don't have to link to EVERYTHING - just the interesting things please!

  • Comment number 40.

    Superb coverage today. Enjoyed what I saw of the buildup (as I was emptying my room at the time) so I'm watiting to watch it all at my leisure on iPlayer when it's started working. Good to see Martin in his BBC Sport shirt.
    Great commentary by JL and MB and superb to hear (and see!) lots of Lee today. Tell her from me she has a massive fan in Wales!
    I really enjoyed the re-introduction of the pole position lap.
    Only two minor problems for me. I'd LOVE to see Ivory Tower brought back when doing the grid lineup and The Chain over the closing credits and not a random song.

    Jake, you were amazing today. Can't wait for Monaco!

  • Comment number 41.

    Keep up the good Work, enjoy the lushness of Monaco in two weeks ;).

    Great Coverage, and do not worry about walking into the door a few laughs are needed down that end of the pits. :)

    BBC much better than ITV. Been watching for as long as I can remember which is Barcelona 1994. (I'm 17)

    As a Red Bull Supporter great to see DC there to although I'd still like to see him in the car, add a few race wins to his name and hand it over to Vettel next season but still Red Bull being up the sharp end, bring on the double decker diffuser. But still though well done Brawn.

  • Comment number 42.

    Hi jake,

    can you please suggest to the producer or who ever about doing a behind the scenes bit, you seem to mention a lot in your blog about all the goings on behind the cammera on race day and would be very intresting to see how you all do it every weekend, or find out who provides us with the pictures we see and who decies what battle we are going to watch on the FOM feed you all get.


  • Comment number 43.

    Loved the race coverage

    Unfortunately couldnt watch the forum so expected to see it on the red button later or at least online this evening as per the last race. Unfortunately nothing at the moment!!! Im loving the forum so could you use what power you have and get them at least to put it online please!!! With it being a red button programme you cant record it so give us a chance to watch it please!!!!

    Other than that another brilliant BBC weekend :-)

  • Comment number 44.

    @ post 31 expat-spur:

    I was surprised that no-one seemed to pick up on Rosberg initiating the second corner pile up. Although it wasn't his fault, he was forced into cutting the second corner, and he then rejoined the track quite forcefully into the path of Trulli, who swerved to avoid (I don't think they actually touched) and you could see him slide off the track, already sideways.
    I think maybe if the crash sequence had been shown in slow-mo or from a closer on board camera angle then this would have been picked up on so that trulli wouldn't get all the blame.
    Is it not possible to show this sort of footage, at least in the post race forum?
    I'm not sure what the rules are for rejoining the track after being forced off, but it did seem that Rosberg could have joined a bit more consideratly, and this could have saved some innocent casualties.

  • Comment number 45.

    "x"'s at the end of the blog? really jake? aside from that great blog, interesting to hear about button being charming bloke, he seems one of the most genuine drivers, even sports stars across the range, out there

  • Comment number 46.

    Great stuff so far from the BBC, a great improvement. As a presenter, (yes another compliment coming here :D)you are the whole package, and EJ and DC round it off perfectly. I esecially enjoy all the red button practice and forums (the MB and EJ Jordan argument!) as well as the online coverage.

    JL and MB are a good team, and JL is improving all the time.

    The sliding door incident made me chuckle, I remember many like that! :D

    Keep it going and good to see you enjoying things, I know I am! :)

  • Comment number 47.

    @ post 31 expat-spur:

    Just to add, it seems it was Alonso who forced Rosberg to take the off track route.

    As far is i can see, it was all fair enough really.

    Just strange that no-one explained the cause of the incident.

  • Comment number 48.

    Once again an amazing race, loved the shirts this week lol
    Once again the race had many entertaining elements to it and i must say as an Alonso fan i very much enjoyed him being able to grab 5th, poor felipe!

    Excellent blog, i look forward to it after every race. keep up the great work

  • Comment number 49.

    Hi Jake.
    I was wondering if you have ever been to the Monoco Grand Prix before?
    Also do you have a favourite memory of a Monoco Grand Prix? Either having watched it or from seeing old highlights.
    I hope you enjoy the next race, wish I could be there like you.

  • Comment number 50.

    Another brilliant job Jake and crew. I guess your becoming a proper fan now that you can take in the atmosphere in Europe. As with alot of other peoples views, I think the BBC have done a awesome job taking the coverage from ITV. My only complaint is, can you have like a 5 minute break between the end of the race and the forum (i think Martin brundle and DC would agree; they need a tea/ice cream break as well as the fans)? :-))

  • Comment number 51.

    Hey Jake,

    Another great blog. You must be so excited to be going to Monaco, all the glamour and a great setting plus a few good looking girls will be there too! Jenson seems like a really nice guy and deserves all the success he gets now after having to deal with so much criticism and poor results in the past.

    I have two questions: What's been your favourite memory of the season so far? And what are you most looking forward to visiting or seeing in Monaco?

    Thanks Jake and the coverage is superb as ever, I don't know how you manage to keep everything under control with something as unpredictable as F1 and with Eddie and DC 'discussing' the main talking points of the day!


  • Comment number 52.

    Hi Jake,

    Really like your blog, it gives a great insight of what it must be like to be an average fan in the paddock. I bet there are times that your wondering round and get slightly star struck.

    I think that the motor homes, brand centers or what ever they are now called should be rebranded "motor mansions". It seems to reflect their grander better than brand center or motor home. As for you walking into the doors of the Force India Motor Mansion, im sure you are not the first person wondering around the paddock to expect the doors to open automatically, or to miss the writing above the handle that says pull.

    It would also be great to have a segment where DC takes you round the track at speed in a high performance road car, would be great to see your face after he has thrown it in to a corner at a hundred.

    DC and EJ seem to be great pundits and both bring great, yet different points of view on the action and the behind the scenes goings on. Your knowledge seems be be that of an avid fan which is great to see as you put the right questions to DC and EJ, giving us fans the answers to the questions that we would also like to put to them. The forum is also great, and although i havent managed to watch the whole thing the bits i have seen i really like.

    It would also be great if the BBC could provide a couple of boxes for DC and EJ to stand on while you are all together chatting, your far to tall for them.

    It would also be great if there was a little competition running between every member of the team, where you pick your top three and the driver they think will be on pole getting points for every correct choice. Could lead to some great banter between you as the season progresses.

    After all that i have a couple of quick questions for you:

    With regards to your comments about Jenson chatting to you about how you were finding the F1 life, have you found the other drivers, team bosses and other predominant team members as accessible as Jenson and John were to you?

    And finally,

    Had you been to many races before you got this fabulous job, or were you just an avid armchair fan?

    Keep up the good work Jake,


  • Comment number 53.

    What a great race! Well done on the coverage, Jake.

    I thought Webber's retake on Alonso was amazing. When he flicked from one side to the other of Alonso, on the long shot Webber appeared to pass through the rear of Alonso's car it was that close.

    I did spot something a little odd from the in-car shots of Hamilton. I say odd, because it didn't appear for other drivers. Whenever Hamilton was turning a fastish corner, a vortex (I think) appeared to the rear of the front tyre furthest from the apex. I'm not sure if this could be from the front wing, the tyre itself, or those silly looking things they put on to keep the brakes cool, although it could be down to overall bad design of the McLaren. I know that vorticies produce drag, and would be great for downforce either.

    Vetel was very unlucky to get stuck behind Massa for nearly the entire race. Red Bull and Brawn need to get KERS sorted, and quick. When I saw that Barichello was doing a 3 stop strategy I thought: Rubens, no. Not 3 stops. Didn't you learn anything from last time?

  • Comment number 54.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 55.

    Hi Jake,

    Was the luxury of only having to be on a plane for a couple of hours in order to get home nice? Great blog once again. I laughed out loud at the non sliding door incident!

    It's good to hear that Jenson is still as affable and friendly as ever. I tell you who always comes across to me as a seriously nice guy; Christain Horner. Don't say if he isn't, I couldn't bare to have all my illusions shattered.

    I'm a huge Red Bull Racing fan actually. It was such a shame that Vettel got caught up behind Massa. I had tipped him to anyone who would bother to listen to me (not many!) for the win. Pesky Ferrari and pesky KERS to! The fantastic move Webber made on Alonso was, in some small way a consolation. That move was utterly fearless. There is certainly no doubt about Mark's commitment to scoring points for his team, unlike some I oculd mention.

    Anyway, I've gone on for far too long as per usual. I can't wait to Monaco.

    Cheers Jake. x

  • Comment number 56.

    Hi Jake, great blog again..nice one.

    One thing i wanted to raise with you, i was planning to go to the Spanish Grand Prix, i quite fancied the trip, a few days in the sun..lovely! when i investigated as to the prices re entry to the race i was pretty shocked to say the least.
    if i remember correctly the base price to get in and sit on a hill was nearly £200!! grandstand tickets were anything from £300 to over £1000 and im assuming these particular tickets were close to the big tv screens.
    once i added up what my flights from Scotland and what my accomodation and spending money would be, well it was way over my price range.
    although ive followed F1 since the 80s and as a child and ive always wanted to go to a race, particularly one abroad, i am really put off with the amount id have to spend just to get in especially if i want to sit in a good seat in a grandstand.
    And that was me planning just to go by myself, if i wanted to take my girlfriend or a mate then the cost spirals out of control.
    why does it cost so much to sit on a hill??



  • Comment number 57.

    I think this weekend we've seen the true level of the BBC's coverage during a "normal" European race, now that the excitement and surprise of the long-haul races and new winners is over.

    From the evidence it looks like the BBC is doing a very solid and capable job, far superior to the past few years on the other side. The rapport between the team is growing all the time, the features are well balanced rather than being the Lewis Lovefest, and proper attention is being paid to the scheduling - the post-race forum being a masterstroke.

    I wasn't keen on the QPR / Briatore feature but you can't please everybody. I treated it as a pre-qualifying splash and dash opportunity! At least you didn't repeat it on the Sunday - in previous years I didn't bother with the race build up as it was basically a repeat of the previous day's show with a 5-minute qualifying report thrown in.

    The weak link remains Eddie Jordan. It's fine having an opinion, but it seems that once he's got his teeth into something he won't drop it. We get that he doesn't respect Kimi, we get that he hates KERS, but please ask him to stop banging on about them all the time!

    Some people are still criticising Jonathan Legard, but he's improving with every race and at least appears humble enough to accept *constructive* criticism. Plus if you really can't stand him there's always the option of Five Live commentary - last year you were stuck with one soundtrack like it or lump it.

    The onboard stream was finally full-screen, so a big thanks for listening to feedback, it really is appreciated.

    If it seems that I'm being overly critical then so be it, but honestly I'm just taking the opportunity to give you feedback on comparitively minor points - the overall standard is so high.

  • Comment number 58.

    Thanks for the blog Jake and interesting that Jenson is human and interested in other things. Like the presentation and think you have got the strongest F1 team yet presenting! I am reminded of the Frost Report when you David Coulthard and Eddie Jordan walk along together; it is pure Cleese, Barker and Corbett in terms of proportions.

  • Comment number 59.

    Agree with all the posts; coverage is excellent and so much better than ITV. Don't forget the BBC nabbed TED from ITV too, that man is a legend!!

    Would like to back up a previous comment regarding the forum, its great but there are occasions when I Sky+ the race but cannot + the forum. Please can we have it availiable on the red button like the highlights or at worst on the web site???

    Keep up the good work.

  • Comment number 60.

    Thanks for yet more insight behind the scenes. Dont feel jealous of the other "brand Centres". Remember that length and girth are not everything! It's not the size of what you have got that is important, but the quality of what comes out of it that matters. The BBC's output was once again first class this weekend. You had a better weekend than some of those teams with big "brand centres". It's good to see the teams are serious about cutting costs!

    Regarding the coverage this weekend, for me the circuit walk with Rubens Barrichello was one of the most informative pieces I have ever seen. It would be great to use him again for that particular feature. He really knew every nook and cranny of the circuit and explained really well the how important the lines, the entry speeds and exit speeds are, and also the key things to look for in a quick lap. It was a very good feature in the pre race show. Well done to Martin and Rubens for that.

    Good to see that you three have had a visit from the fashion police. Not a pink shirt in sight! And good discussion in the Red button forum again. The race was not the most lively, and yet you all still managed to fill an hour with good debate. I guess that there will be a chance for more emails in the less lively races.

    Regarding posts above
    Swerve1 #20 - Good advise for Jake - Dont go for a dingy in the harbour at Monaco. Use a public convenience instead!

    scope6 #41 - I agree that Rosberg was the main trigger for the turn 2 accident. Brundle did recognise that in the commentry, but the main focus seemed to be on whether Trulli or the STR's could have taken more avoiding action. More onboard footage would help.

    blasdg #21 - I thought the closing sequence music fast car worked well. Sometimes softer music fits the occasion well. After all it was hardly the liveliest of races.

    Lavendyr01 #33 - I haven't noticed these signing off kisses. I will have to pay more attention. Your boyfirend's comments will keep me glued to the television at the end of the Monaco programme.

  • Comment number 61.

    Hi there, Jake!

    The cheers for Alonso as he crossed the line in the points was something else!

    I can also totally reason with the whole excitement of the coming races (Monaco/Silverstone) which i'm fortunately able to attend in person!

    Just wondered, as a TV presenter, if there were any tips specifically in Monaco/Silverstone for getting the most out of an F1 weekend?

    Keep up the great work, Jake!


  • Comment number 62.

    Jake, Good job sir. mature answers beyond your age and a cool hand luke style. like it.

    Pity then we cannot have The Leggard performing a faultless dialogue but then again he has no chance in the footsteps of the iconic Murray Walker. i wanted to know why Murray was not brought back? Can you answer that one for me please.

    Oh and how big is the Brawn 'Motor Home'?.. I hope it is a lean mean little caravan.. kind of reverse chic. do their reputation the world of good on top of an already good one.

    Hoping to be at Spa and/or Interlagos; i like the latter very much because everything is easy on the eye! Hope you don't get too distracted!

  • Comment number 63.

    Hi Jake,

    Another great show, loving the F1 forum, especially when you manage to get people like Adrian Newey involved.

    I'm also starting to love the disagreements between Eddie and DC, they're going to come to blows at some point this season! :-)

    Keep up the good work.


  • Comment number 64.

    Hi Jake

    I'm loving the BBC Package of the F1 weekend more and more. I love how EJ just opens his mouth and well, I think he says stuff before he thinks. Still feel sorry for DC, check out how many times DC was speaking or went to speak and EJ cut him off (especially in the forum).

    Can you see if you can get Ted into your Forum occasinally, I know it's a tight squeeze in there, but I'm sure he would have some interesting things to say about what he had observed going on the garages through out the race, stuff that may not of qualified interupting the race commentary to say, but would be good to bring up in the Forum?

    Love all the work you guys are putting in, and everyone has walked into a sliding door, that has turned out not to be a sliding door!!!!

  • Comment number 65.

    I must admit to being totally wrong... When I heard the news of who would be involved in the BBC team for the forthcoming season return of Grand Prix to Aunty Beeb, I was in despair that they had choosen Jake 'Children's Presenter' Humphrey to be the presenter!! 'What does he know?' I screamed to myself... Well, five races in and I must just go and bake myself some very tasty humble pie today!! I couldn't have been more wrong. If you are reading this Jake, on your return from Barcelona, you are doing a wonderful job. You clearly have a passion for F1, certainly a fan. You are witty, good at your job, and a v-e-r-y welcome addition to my seventeen glorious weekends of Formula One this year. Keep up the superb effort you are putting in!!

    Now, must go. I can smell something burning from my oven... Burnt Humble Pie anyone????

  • Comment number 66.


    Next time you speak to John Button, ask him if he still has the bouncy castle. The venue was Rowrah and Jens was racing in either cadet or Jr TKM. You never know, he might remember!!

    TV coverage excellent this year and the options on the red button are brilliant. No need to miss out on anything now, and no ads!!

  • Comment number 67.

    62. havanatopia
    "Pity then we cannot have The Leggard performing a faultless dialogue but then again he has no chance in the footsteps of the iconic Murray Walker. i wanted to know why Murray was not brought back? Can you answer that one for me please."

    I think you find he retired from ITV as he didn't want to be traverling all around the world every couple of weeks and wanted to spend more time at home with his wife, as most of his life he was a Grand Prix's.
    He is also in his mid to late 80's now. So I guess he probably prefers to be an 'arm chair' pundit these days. (-;

  • Comment number 68.

    Generally agree with the overall sentiments already expressed. Great to have F1 back on the BBC and the whole presenting team seems to get better with each race as the on screen chemistry builds between you all. Just a few thoughts though.

    As mentioned, the opening titles really could do with some footage rather than the graphics. Love the voice over part which created almost a gladitatorial atmosphere, but then it went into some CGI rather than actually seeing the 'gladiators'!

    More behind the scenes stuff would be great.

    The technical clips which Martin Brundle does are usually quite interesting but almost feel a little randomly placed in the scehdule (giving you time to move location!) but then are completely forgotten about rather than leading into a conversation about them.

    More fan emails in the forum would be good too and someone actually answering the questions that are asked! Don't think any of them were actually answered yesterday!

    One more thing! Is it possible to put the live timing screen info onto the 'red button' maybe in a split screen with the action?

    Overall though, the coverage is great & still improving. Its helped to reinvigorate my love of this sport. Keep up the good work!

  • Comment number 69.

    the bbc's coverage thus far has been great its team should be congratulated for their work.
    this season shows that with races like we have seen the popularity of F1 may just rise, i for one will continue to enjoy the sport as the presentation of the coverage improoves my enjoyment will increase, even my wife is enjoying this season basicly becouse she likes jenson button and wants him to win.
    i agree with her on that but i want brawn to win the constructors title mostly if only to put the bigger names noses out of joint.
    hopefully if teams wanting to join and engine makers come in it will open up the grid to a few more cars racing and new exciting drivers to wow the fans, maybe some female drivers would shake up the order.

  • Comment number 70.


    The coverage on BBC is great this year. sitting watching the coverage on tv with timing info from on my laptop is a pure joy. even if a bit nerdy.

    DC and Martin Brundles comments are very interesting and add a lot to the program and the forum after the race is great.

    Interesting to see that Fisichela finished the race on a strng footing going faster than everyone at times and about equalt Jenson at best. shame this wasnt picked up by the commentary and an explanation found.

    Also would be good if you guys can do a feature on the guy with the best job ever. the chap at the end of the race who hands out the watches and the caps. I mean surely he must do soemthing else?? great job wish i had it.

    Keep up the good work and enjoy Monaco!!

  • Comment number 71.

    Great blog Jake, as always!

    This really compliments the rest of what's going on with the BBC's coverage of F1.

    I really enjoyed the forum yesterday although find that EJ can dominate a little and leaves not a huge amount of room for DC and Martin Brundle etc. Would be good to get Ted in on the action from time to time and maybe even the Jonathan! Would be interesting to hear different views.

    Really enjoy the input from Braun and Newey!

    You guys have clearly put a lot of thought and effort into the coverage... its great!

    A suggestion for when the A-Z thingy is finished... you could do a section on Questions from Fans... might uncover some of the lesser known intricacies of the sport!? Just a thought?

    Anyway keep up the good work!

    PS How many airmiles do you have now????

  • Comment number 72.


    Should've signed off with a


  • Comment number 73.

    Quick moan - why on earth did the BBC even make mention of the blacked-up fan? Seemed a bit gratuitous to me. The man is clearly an idiot and doesn't deserve the time of the yourself, the BBC or messrs Jordan and Coulthard.

    Otherwise good show all round - I really appreciate the F1 forum on the Red button - very refreshing after years of ITV cutting away just after the podium.

  • Comment number 74.

    Austriagate was in the 6th race of the season. This is the 5th.

    Also Austriagate was honest and manly and direct, "what you see is what you get", and the loser received his plaudits. And the team didn't unanimously take stupid-looking lines such as "the 3-stop strategy was our choice (that's why just about nobody's computers predicted it as ideal) and we decided to give it to Rubens (the leader and the heaviest of the two) so that he has the highest chance of victory (by taking him down to 5th when the 1-2 was in the bag)". And it comes straight after they wrecked his race in Bahrain by handing him an extra pitstop for no reason whatsoever.

    It looks no doubt as the most blatant internal manipulation in the series since 2002. And it's quite extraordinary, sickening and embarrassing (not the manipulation itself which is fine, but the media and public's reaction -or lack of- in comparison).

    The same press and public that a couple of years ago went apopletcic because McLaren supposedly "did not allow Lewis to overtake", in Monaco of all places, when Alonso was 10 seconds ahead and was told to slow down in the last stint.

    Apart from BGP's reputation in the long term, BBC's signal -which distances itself from tabloid pieces- is known to be received around the world, and its reputation will also be tarnished.

  • Comment number 75.

    Yay i can finally write on here.

    Firstly Jake you're awesome! Being an Aussie living in London i wasn't aware of you on t.v before seeing you for F1 coverage and i'm impressed. You're SO much better than Steve Rider, not to take anything away from Steve but i think you're brilliant, great job!

    So when are DC and EJ gonna have an on air arguement, haha was looking a bit tense at times there on saturday quali, but i guess that's what makes the beeb coverage that much better.

    Thanks for the Kimi interview at the start. I went to the opening last wednesday and actually saw myself on t.v yesterday haha awesome!

    My only issue with the coverage is Jonathan Legard. For someone that has apparently been commentating on the sport for awhile i just can't see it. He makes too many mistakes calling specific drivers. I can't count the number of times he's mistaken Trulli and Glock and Webber and Vettel. It's not too hard to learn the helmets like everyone else. The comment on Sunday that Ferrai were 7 in the constructors, when actually that was Toro Rosso. I also get the feeling that Brundle isn't all that happy in the box with him (just an observation is all). His 'passion' seems forced and at times completely irrelevant to what's happening. I think of Malaysian GP (i think Malay Gp) when Vettel pitted for routine pit stop and he got all wound up about it and Brundle calmly mentioned scheduled pit stop!

    I can appreciate mistakes being made when commentating that is the nature of things but there are just too many too often.

    Anyho, still loving the BBC over ITV and Jake..awesome!

    peace out

  • Comment number 76.

    Thanks to scope_6 for the explanation of the Turn 2 incident. Your eyesight is better than mine. Like you I was surprised no-one went into the cause for Trulli going off. Cheers!

  • Comment number 77.

    Great job Jake!
    Really really enjoying the BBC coverage I get a shiver down my spine every time I hear the beginning to the titles. Thought Martin's comments about Lewis very interesting in the forum, I have known for a while having watched Lewis's career unfold over a number of years what a nice chap he actually is, it is a shame he is encouraged to provide corporate responses denying a natural urge to set the record straight in his own words. This year although frustrating will provide Lewis with the experience that will ultimately see him go on to become one of the true f1 greats. Loving the fact the Jenson has had the opportunity to shine at last. Off to find the tent pegs going to do Monaco on a shoe string!

  • Comment number 78.

    Another great blog Jake and another great weekend of F1 television coverage from the BBC, it really is a pleasure to watch these days and something to look forward to, particularly the Forum after the race with its extra insight.

    A couple of small criticisms though

    Who selected the music for the pre and post race montages, have they ever watched a race, Formula 1 in vibrant, fast paced and exhilarating, hardly a fit for the elevator music we were subjected to this weekend.


    Why draw attention to the idiot who blacked up, hes one person out of 100,000+ and thus a total irrelevance, so why draw attention to him, surely your just encouraging him and giving him exactly what he wants.

  • Comment number 79.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 80.

    Hi Jake
    love your blog and coverage a lot :)
    someone above mentioned that he wish he could had your job. haha. Well, i prefer to be the assistant or an intern in your team. After making some radio progammes about F1 at campus and watching BBC coverage this year, i realize that it is really difficult to make most people satisfied..but you and the whole team really do a great job and I hope i can get inspiration from your coverage and work in BBC one day...

    Enjoy the coming summer days and keep giving us surprises in Monaco ~~


  • Comment number 81.

    Hi Jake

    Well what can you say about this season so far?........AWWWWWSOME!!!
    Jenson seems to be taking this season all in his stride I hope he can keep it up cause he's had so much bad luck in F1 and I for one thought he was barmy for staying with Honda for the last few seasons as they seemed to be going nowhere but...I guess now that Brawn has taken a firm hold of the reigns things finally seem to be going Buttons way AT LAST! I think it just goes to show what an important part of the ferrari team Ross was (given there mistakes so far this season).
    Now, on to the BBC's coverage, it's so much better not having adverts spoiling the on track action, can we make one appeal though? It seem's that lea has got up to speed with getting hold of the drivers as they drop out (fab job this weekend Lea), The Commentators, absolutely nothing wrong with Martin as he always does a great job we love him, but I hate to say it LEGGARD arrrrrggggghhhhhh!!!!! the man drove us potty this weekend, at one point he hadn't got a clue who was where, is he watching a different feed to the rest of us? I think he'd got Rubens in 5th at one point and he was 2nd! and his references to football were just plain annoying, during qualifying he made reference to Vettel having possession, POSSESSION OF WHAT???? he sounds like a football commentator! can we please have Anthony Davidson in with Martin or (never thought I'd say this) James Allen back? at least there was some excitement in his voice and Martin seemed a lot happier with James, (moan over for now) Jake I'd just like to say how well I think your doing as presenter keep it up and your blog is great too!
    Well roll on Monaco let's hope Brawn do it again :-)

  • Comment number 82.

    Any chance of HD coverage. That would look amazing!!

  • Comment number 83.

    Well enough's been said about how great BBC coverage is etc etc - glad to see there are no "bring back Rosenthal" posts or anything - not that anyone taking 2 minutes to watch the much improved coverage could possibly want a return to the "dark side".

    Talking about taking 2 minutes to watch the coverage, did Serpillo slip in a DVD from a few years back or something because the comments in 29 bear nil resemblance to what I was watching!

    1. On fuel strategy, Jens was on a theoretically worse strategy than Rubens but managed to win by over 13 seconds - had to be down to driver input. Yeah you are going to get teams driving to strategy but doesn't that make it all the more intriguing? Sunday's race showed us that even though we know the starting fuel weights, teams can and do switch things around depending on the circuit, relative performance of the cars, race conditions etc. Oh, and the reason that a driver drives for a team is because this is a "team" sport! So the cars, mechanics, strategists, truckies, head cooks and bottle washers all play their part in building up the bigger picture.
    2. KERS diminishing the racing? Oh please behave!! On this note I would also like to talk about Webber having done nothing to deserve his 3rd place - a perfect example of a KERS car vs non KERS car and drivers making a difference cane after the safety car went in - did Serpillo nip off for a quick comfort break as the rest of us watched Alonso first engage the boost button and slip by Webber, only for Webber to throw his cajones into full tilt boogie and slide back up the inside of Alonso at something approaching 190mph???

    Writing this now there is plenty more I could say about the post but to be honest, I got a bit bored reading it so have forgotten most of the rest of what he said about points for fastest lap, blah blah!

    All I will say is this is the best coveraege for years and years (even my wife will sit and watch it with me now!) and we are seeing some of the most fantastic racing for - well I can't remember how long (makes some of the classic clips, which we would have been salivating over a couple of years ago as being action packed, look a bit dull!!)

    Magic - guys, keep it coming.

  • Comment number 84.

    Now ive managed to catch the forum i have to say what a brilliant programme that is!! Its my favourite part of the weekends find out so much in that hour. I love the various onboard feeds we get to see from different cars at the start of the race we dont get to see during the actual race.

    Loving what the BBC are doing and cant wait for Monaco!!

  • Comment number 85.

    Great job Jake!

    Just a suggestion - how about a F1 magazine program one evening? Say on the Wednesday after/before a race for half an hour. Yes, many, many things are covered during the qualifying/race coverage, but a race preview/review program would be great to explain in detail why things happened like they did during the race, what the tams are developing (best guesses!), etc.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Comment number 86.

    Hi Jake,
    Got to say that I am truly staggered at the coverage you and the team are delivering this year. I didn't used to bother watching the pre & post race/quali coverage (except the now legendary grid walk obviously!) but now is a different story completely!
    Just one thing ....... do you think you could get Jonathan Legard to stop using the term 'shot in the arm' during commentary as it really makes me cringe.
    Anyway, to finish upbeat ....... roll on Monaco! The coverage is a joy to watch.
    Best wishes,


  • Comment number 87.


    First of all sorry to see Norwich go down, my beloved Northampton went down as well so we won't be welcoming you to Sixfields next season. At least you can console yourself with having possibly one of the best jobs in the world, a job you are doing brilliantly along with the rest of the BBC team.

  • Comment number 88.

    Keep up the good work Jake and the BBC! You're definitely doing a great job!
    The amazing coverage being provided both on TV and online is making up for everything else which is lowering my opinion of F1 this season, with the rule changes doing nothing to help overtaking, and all of the big names being found in below-average cars. Bring back the days of Hamilton v Alonso, Massa, Raikkonen, Kubica, and this season really could have been the best yet for an F1 fan...

  • Comment number 89.

    The English motorsport audience prides itself as one of the most knowledgeable, but such forums provide further proof that they haven't got a clue and they jumped on the bandwagon. So clueless that dumbgrass goes aplenty.

    The 2 stop was considered the ideal strategy by just about everyone else's computers even those on lighter fuel loads or worse tyre management than Rubens, so the line that BGP had chosen it was complete and utter tosh. Everyone's simulation shows 2 is ideal, Brawn who have always gone for 2 and have reasonable weight suddenly decide 3 is the best.

    Clear said the computer predicted Rubens's strategy to be 1.5s faster, shame he'd have to overtake Button in the last stint for that to happen, very likely eh. Ross said he was disappointed with Rubens's 3rd stint, what he didn't tell us is how many fresh sets of option he had left.

    At that moment they know that everyone else is on 2 stops and they are 6 seconds ahead with the 1-2 in the bag, so putting someone on 3 makes no sense whatsoever and can only compromise his chances and track position.

    Splitting driver's strategies especially when these are straightforward isn't equal opportunities by definition, one will be better than the other and somebody will be hampered. The only exception might be being stuck in traffic, or street tracks where you have to allow for SC situations.

    Even if you decide to split the 2 drivers at that moment, it has always been the case the one that goes for the 3 stopper is the lighter one who pits earlier for obvious reasons, especially if he is more threatened by traffic. It's unheard of that the earlier stopper goes for less stops than the later one.

    There are also minor "evidences" rather than proofs, such as that Rubens was screwed in similar fashion by BGP in Bahrain, or that Rubens was screwed in similar fashion by Ross Brawn at Ferrari, or that Jenson is ahead in the points and is the future investment of the team etc.

    The specialist press are no mugs, they are in the trade for years and clearly know about the above but keep quiet for obvious reasons - don't spoil the 'fairytale'. Anyone with basic motorsport knowledge or experience wouldn't even question what happened yesterday. The average bangwagon viewer doesn't know how it works so happily goes along with Brawn's claptrap.

    BGP, not just their employing of such tactics but above all their effort to hide behind their finger in such embarrassing fashion, was shocking and totally out of the blue, and will have lost them so much support in the long term. Brundle said they are favouring Button "subconsciously", how pathetic. BGP -and press for that matter- would have kept much of their pride and credibility intact had they come out and said "yeah this is how it happened because there is a fear the rest will catch up later on and the last 2 WDCs were won by one point". This is the minimum one would expect of them.

  • Comment number 90.

    Nice story. SO many of us are interested in the practicalities of the weekends racing, so keep up this type of article.

    PS please stop referring to DC & EJ. They have names, stop the poncy club in aclub familiarity.

  • Comment number 91.

    Really liking the music choices, picking Mutya Buena instead of Tracy Chapman shows diversity. Good stuff. After listening to twenty screaming V8s through my surround sound system its nice to have a mellow, reflective ending.
    Not that I mind some Social Distortion, Killers or Rancid, some time.
    No doubt one week-end it will be Push The Button !

    Spain is the first time we have benefited from Lee being used as we came to expect with ITV / Louise. It made a MASSIVE difference, well done Lee, and well done BBC for listening.

    The full screen onboards - thanks for this also.

  • Comment number 92.

    OK. New tech question. Why has Barrichello run in the last two races without aero covers on the rear wheels, and Button has? I have not heard anyone point this out before or comment. Presume it's to avoid a foul up on wheel changes, but interesting one opts for them, the other doesn't. Can't remenber if Barrichello runs them in qualifying.

  • Comment number 93.

    Like everyone else really enjoying the coverage, especially the internet. What we're not getting on the internet is details post qualifying of the fuel and weights of the cars - and assessments of this. Any chance you, Martin or DC can give your views on this during Saturday afternoon / evening?

  • Comment number 94.

    Very interesting post from NikosBg. Would it not be fair to say that Brawn were simply covering the bases? Of course, there are so many different variables that we know nothing about (tyre condition etc) but even Rubens didn't allude to any issues with such things in his interviews - he looked pretty hacked off from the moment JB apologised for being excited at winning just after the race so I would have expected any possible reason that contrributed to has fall off in pace would have come out (knowing that there is usually an excuse for everything if a GP driver gets so inclined as to want to pull one out of the bag.

    It is very interesting to think whether or not BGP are running team orders or favouring one driver over the other. I think it has more to do with the way that a driver consolidates team empathy through their own performances than any deliberate attempt to manufacture results (Rubens has been around long enough to be able to see where it might be happening in an instant). In any team event, when your leader is giving that little bit extra and getting the results, it tends to pull everyone else along too (take the England rugby results in the World cup for example), and Rubens' comments in recent GPs about the team making silly errors and stupid strategy calls won't help motivate the team members to give that little bit of extra effort that JB's totally positive and team biased outlook might. Schumi was a master at getting the team to really give him their all, team orders or not, and just look at how Alonso gets the whole of Renault rallying to his cause.

    I sincerely hope that there are no such shenanigans going on within BGP as it would really sour what is otherwise a totally exhilerating period in British motorsport - a bit like having a prodigal son finally come in from the wilderness. I hope NikosBg is totally wrong!

  • Comment number 95.

    So we have arrived in Europe and fed on the first race event.

    I think there are 4 winners so far this season -- BrawnGP -- Red Bull -- Jake Humphrey -- and finally us refreshed F1 Fans!

    I was expecting a good show from the 'Beeb' but it is way better than I expected but the best 'plus' has to be You Jake -- Keep up the great work!

  • Comment number 96.

    I love your blogs Jake, it is the highlight of my week just seeing what has been going on. Keep up the good work.

  • Comment number 97.

    BBC thanks for a wonderful service.......apart from one Jonathan Legard. What is this guy on and what was that ramble of his about how Jensen was now driving for the few points he could get when in fact he was third behind Rosberg, to name one of his numerous gaffs. Also there is obviously no chemistry between him and Martin Brundle, witness the intro to the race where they both stand with their mikes looking directly at the cameras. Martin looks so uncomfortable it's embarrassing.
    Please send him back to his obvious love, football and get us, I never thought I'd say this, James Allen. Come on back James, all is forgiven and love your blog.

  • Comment number 98.

    Thanks again for an alternative angle on the weekend. Jenson and Lewis both seem like genuinely nice guys. I hope McLaren get their act together soon so we can see them wheel to wheel and then see how nice they are.

    The BBC is doing a great job. I love the way Eddie Jordan throws his wild opinions into the ring for others to consider and Martin Brundle's insight is awesome. Jake ties things together well. I have my reservations about Jonathan. He was something of a motor mouth spewing out only the most obvious of observations to begin with but he's calming down and choosing when to speak and what to speak about more carefully now. I agree with those who say there should me more timing information displayed during the race.

  • Comment number 99.

    I am new to F1 this season and am totally loving the BBC coverage - even timing my gym visits on a Saturday and Sunday so I can run and watch the qualifying and race coverage with the lovely Jake, DC and Eddie.
    Am still surprised by the amount of access Martin gets to the drivers on the does he do it?!

  • Comment number 100.

    NikosBg - I just read your second entree, on this blog,
    1) Is this the right site to be putting your cpmplaints down. Maybe it is, I'm not sure
    2) In the first stint (yes RB did get away faster than JB) JB radioed in a number of times and we heard one of them asking rubens to go faster, and I doubt Jenson could of over taken him as the actual set up and performance of the cars is so close he probably couldn't of just got around him, but had he been infront I bet he would of pulled away.
    3) Once they were not together after the first stops, without JB there anymore to push him, RB was slower. Jenson with the extra weight and clear track was faster.
    Ruben with 10 laps less fuel should of pulled away a big gap but it was Jenson who closed the gap instead.

    In the long run the better driver won, I beleive. And don't get me wrong, I like Ruben's but I just think Jenson is the better driver


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