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Living the high life in Monaco

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Jake Humphrey | 21:03 UK time, Sunday, 24 May 2009

Well, that was some four-day blast in Monaco. It almost felt like the first race all over again because just as Eddie, DC and particularly I got used to wandering the pit lane like three nosy fans with decent access...we get shoved on a boat for the weekend!!

Yeah, I know what you're thinking, on a boat in Monaco...hard life Jake...but as much as I felt like the cat that got the cream, I did kind of miss being in the heart of the action.

There is something that always makes me tingle when I am live, feet from the drivers while they put their helmets on and prepare for battle, so it was a shame not having that connection.

Talking of feet, ours were able to breathe on the boat. Shoes were banned on deck so it was socks all the way.monaco595.jpg

DC had identical socks on both days but I don't think he's the kind of guy to wear the same pair two days you?

We are now all on a bus after a bit of a trek - the taxi drivers couldn't get to our TV area so we all had to walk about 30 minutes in convoy to where the buses were.

When passers-by pointed them out, the crew thought they had all become famous for being on the blog before they remembered that they were being spotted because they had BBC emblazoned on their tops.

Mind you, someone did stop Sunil to ask if he was the guy who chooses the music - they'd seen the post-Barca pics I uploaded.

Anyway, Monaco was a real culture shock for me. Loads of people are staying on for the parties but, to be fair, if there is one place it's good to shoot away from in my opinion this is it. It doesn't have the space of Australia or the class of Barcelona and while the GP is the one that really stands out for me on the calendar, I'm not sure about the vibe of the place.

In fact, my favourite moment was when Legie and I escaped and had a romantic meal for two at the hotel.

Due to the cost of staying in Monaco we were holed up in a place in the mountains above Nice that was 25 minutes away.

It was a typical simple French hotel with a little terrier called Nino that followed me around, a red 2CV out front and thousands of very loud croaking frogs that sounded magical at night.

The food was whatever the owner knocked up in the kitchen and was a great way to end Saturday, particularly the local red Murray Walker's words, FANTASTIC!

My moment of the weekend? Murray joining us live from the paddock on Saturday pre-qualifying and being his usual brilliant self. When he answered one of my questions using the words 'well Jake' I couldn't believe it. The man who simply was F1 in the UK for so long actually knows my name!

So, the weekend from my perspective. Well, you'll be pleased to know I've learned my lesson about the sliding doors and there were no embarrassing incidents with motor homes this week. In fact there wasn't time for much!!

On Thursday evening McLaren asked me to host a pub quiz for the team. They really went to town for their staff with scampi and chips and proper ale brought over from the UK. It was a morale-booster and seemed to go down really well, even when I joked as I awarded the prizes that it might be the most points they see all season.

I have found the whole of 'Maca', as Martin Brundle calls them, really supportive and open since the start of the season so I was glad to give them my time.

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However, I wasn't so glad when, after less that four hours in bed I was up at 4.15am to get to DC's place, pick up his gorgeous 1971 Merc and head onto an empty-ish track before it was closed by the police at 7am.

It was worth getting up early to drive the course with a two-time winner, even if he did have to cut the chicane to overtake the bin lorry. He's a great bloke, DC, and I'm really starting to enjoy spending time with him and Eddie.

That evening I would have liked to be in bed by about 7pm but was asked to present a drivers' fashion show to raise funds for the Elton John Aids Foundation as a favour. I was only too happy to do my bit.

My co-host was Bernie Ecclestone's daughter Tamara, and while I made do with a Reiss suit I bought in the sales a year ago she wore £2m worth of diamonds...only at Monaco, hey?

That finished at about 11pm and by the time the frogs were croaking me to sleep it was gone midnight and I was well aware that 6am would soon be upon me.

So you can appreciate how welcome a quiet meal was on Saturday night now!!

The boat we'd managed to borrow the sun-deck of was packed with Jenson Button's Dad's mates, and after his win Jenson cruised along the harbour side right in front of the boat, did a huge wheelspin and gave everyone a wave.

He really seems to be at home at the front. Unfazed, pulling out the flying laps when needed, and remaining scarily consistent. The boy's quick. Let's remember he's also leading a team that until a few months ago didn't even exist and now he's leading the championship by 16 points.

By the way, If you only watched the race and not Saturday's output I suggest you give it a whirl next weekend. We get a bit of breathing space that Sunday doesn't afford us.

Oh, and PLEASE accept an apology from me that we didn't get the press conference away which I know is a huge bugbear (of mine too!). We did show it on the red button but basically we were unable to do so on BBC One because of the unusual circumstance of the last day of the football season. If we'd run over at all, Final Score would have come on air after the final whistles had blown... far from ideal.

We're all F1 fans on this show and will always fight your corner and do all we can to make the output as good as possible.

Thanks, by the way, to all the people who came up to say hi over the weekend - great to meet you all.

Finally, now we've arrived at the 'Riviera' restaurant (the name is deceiving!) at Nice airport it's time to sign off by saying check out the blog later in the week for some video and photos of the weekend that I have done.

No kisses this week...


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  • Comment number 1.

    Good blog and an interesting read through - just got off a flight from Istanbul, so had to put up with some poor substandard commentary (from Turkish TV) before boarding and then didn't get to see the end of the race ... not that I missed much.

    Hope you enjoy Istanbul: hope you get a bit more time there and have a decent hote ... I can give you some tips.

  • Comment number 2.

    Superb insight Jake and thanks for posting :)

  • Comment number 3.

    Excellent blog Jake. Great to hear that you didn't let Monaco go over your head. The coverage this weekend was really good, and your opening featuring going back in time looked amazing! I couldn't get over just how well it had been produced. Some great "acting".

    Your drive with DC was also a highlight of qualifying. It was also great to see Murray Walker live on TV again. Any chance he could feature in your Silverstone Coverage this year?

    Keep up the great work. Onwards to Turkey!

  • Comment number 4.

    Great blog. I was wondering what and where you were.

  • Comment number 5.

    Have to say, not watched much F1 this season and rather stumbled upon this blog. Great reading though Jake, just watched a few video clips of Monaco down the years, so much tradition and glamour! Very jealous of your job now Jake, sports journalism and travel, my idea of heaven when Uni is over!! I think I'll start watching the F1 again soon

  • Comment number 6.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 7.

    Another weekend of great coverage, thanks! Particularly interesting to get your take on the Monaco vibe and all the other off-camera stuff that's been going on. Great blog - you're living the dream for the rest of us, keep it up!

  • Comment number 8.

    shame that the forum was short, if murray was still there it'd've been nice to see him on there. Surprised Brundle managed to get from the comm-boxes all the way to the boat AND get a pint.

    And that was a "lovely" romantic drive with DC, does he take all the men he picks up in monaco around like that :p

    Seriously though, I hope you do more stuff like that, especially a sort of teaching session of sorts, where you could be taught by DC and Brundle how to drive.

  • Comment number 9.

    Nice blog Jake, sounds a tough regime but very exhilirating.

    Enjoy it!

  • Comment number 10.

    "I'm not sure about the vibe of the place."

    Could you elaborate?

  • Comment number 11.

    Loving your blogs Jake, keep up the excellent stories behind the scenes, really is good to see not all is glam and glitter or effected by it.

    I thought this weekends coverage was excellent also, it really seems like the bbc team is starting to gel together now. I do have to say the Murray Walker appearence was my favourite moment also, closely followed by a jubilant JB parking in the wrong place and running back to the podium.

    I have only one request, having watched quite a few practice sessions online and loving them to, any chance having a word and getting Anthony Davidson off the radio and in front of the cameras, he is brilliant in my opinion, cracking sense of humour and his insight is informative and easy to listen to.

    Keep up the great job your doing, shame forum was so short, but that's a measure of how much I'm enjoying it.

  • Comment number 12.

    As always Jake, loved all the weekends coverage, and wasn't that a cracking result for the Brawn boys and team again!

    Got to say I really liked your 'filming' with the old stars of F1, loved the drive around Monaco with DC, and was extremly jealous of Lee's chat with Jens (wish I was in her place)

    I am an avid reader of your blogs, they make us feel part of the team and what is going on around you. Miss your sign off kisses (lol)
    Keep yp your excellent work


  • Comment number 13.

    Although it was a shame people may have missed things such as the interviews because of lack of time, it is a big improvement from ITV for there to be an apology about it. They never used to bother and would just end their coverage at the drop of a hat on occasion, particularly in the last couple of years that they covered it.

    The coverage has been excellent, both on the telly and on the website. The drive with David was amusing and the whole atmosphere between everybody suggests a real teamwork exists between everybody. Even if this wasn't the more exciting of races compared to some, the coverage lifts it in a way that didn't happen last year. Thank goodness Martin Brundle's co-commentator of last season isn't doing it this time round, Jonathan Legard deserved his opportunity after being on the radio.

    Well done on a job well done.

  • Comment number 14.


    I notice your and DC's lack of shoes on the Forum, (well we couldn't tell what DC had on thought it may of been a pair of slip on shoes lol)
    But didn't EJ have his shoes on still? How did he get out of it?

    And were you not very hot in black? Thought you may of wanted something lighter to wear in that heat?


  • Comment number 15.

    great blog jake..loved the piece with yourself and DC driving round the track early doors.
    unfortunately, my team lost the league up here in scotland. was a totally drab affair and i missed the GP as well. heard that jenson drove superbly once again however what concerns me is that formula 1 is destroying itself. theres simply no real competition for brawn gp and dare i say this year is starting to become a little predictable and a little boring.
    in a few races time jenson could have more or less sewn up the championship! wheres the fun/drama/excitement in that???
    is F1 going backwards jake??

  • Comment number 16.

    Good blog Jake, seriously about the Shoes issue, why were they not allowed.
    I was also aggreaved that the BBC thought that Eastenders was more important, couldnt the BBC just drop it, you have the iplayer to catch up on Eastenders.
    Still didnt ruin a good race and the BBC on the boat was more closer ITV have been recently...nearly a mile or so away...still cant blame them after the 1997 incident on the Boat they were on!
    Why didnt Brundle and Leagrd do the commentary outside, would have been very fuuny as well, being with the crowd noises and the cars as they screeched past.
    The F1 Forum needs reinventing, it would good but its ended up being the same old, same old.
    It needs to be less and less on what we have already heard.

  • Comment number 17.

    Tanks for another great blog. Would also like to commend you for how great youre doing the coverage this year (the f1 forum is great too)- compliments extend to DC and Eddie too. Keep it up!

  • Comment number 18.

    Hey Jake,

    I see that there a mostly positive comments on your blogs and I just wanted to add my tuppence worth! I was a little apprehensive of the BBC taking back F1 as despite the adverts ITV did bring it more up to date. However, I can safely say I have been blown away by the coverage this year. You guys certainly have taken it a step up! I have to say the first right thing they did was sign up Martin Brundle who I think has the potential to be the new Murray Walker in terms of being the voice of F1! His views and opinions are always spot on and I hope he is aware how much he is appreciated by us back home!

    The second thing they have done right is to provide a presenter who is funny, knowledgeable and comes across as a fan of the sport he is fronting (thats you by the way!) It also doesnt hurt that youre a lot easier on the eye than Steve Ryder or James Allen too! Considering you guys have all been thrown together recently you all seem so at ease with each other and its great to see the joviality.

    Lastly, the interactive side of things has really helped to bring this coverage to life and these blogs are a welcome insight into what you guys are really thinking and its all the better for improving the coverage. I now not only look forward to each race, but also reading these blogs as they come up.

    Keep up the good work Jake! You have a new legion of fans :0)

    Ps. I think whoever chooses the music for the montages is doing a great job! (I see they have had criticism in past blogs!)

    Pps. sorry for the long comment!!

  • Comment number 19.

    Excellent blog Jake, really enjoyed the video of you and DC. Keep up the good work and hope you enjoy Turkey.

  • Comment number 20.

    Thanks again Jake for the fantastic coverage - I sent in a question to the forum, was watching happily live on the website when my internet decided to pack up :-(

    I especially liked the driving round the track beforehand with DC - if you're allowed, try and do it again at other tracks!

    Keep up the good work :-)

  • Comment number 21.


    With all due respect, you just come accross as a Richard Bacon wannabe.

    The difference is Bacon has substance, and seems to genuinely give his opinion when questioned, you seem to be so scared of giving your true opinion, that you just say what is appropriate.

    I can't see that changing, you are a yes man, and that is why I don't appreciate your skills, plain and simple.

  • Comment number 22.

    Hey Jake:)

    Another great blog. I think I'm beginning to realise why your blog is so addictive - you just have an excellent way of keeping things real. Even with all the excessive extravagance of Monaco, and DC and EJ's attempts to drag you over to celebrity stardom, you still remain "the boy from Norfolk" - living the dream like any one of us would want to!

    Much like Hooplar (comment #10) I was wondering why you weren't sure about the vibe of the place? Did it feel more corporate, as Suzy Perry was saying, and therefore less atmospheric than the Circuit de Catalunya and the crazy Alonso fans?

    Whose boat were you on by the way? You must have had an amazing view of the race from where you are - hope you got some good pictures?

    Of the coverage, the two highlights for me were your drive round the track with DC at the beginning of qualifying and the interview with Murray Walker - your "Murray knows my name!" comment is another which underlines what I was saying about keeping it real - I'm sure all of us here would have been the same! Murray is a legend - please get the BBC to get him to commentate on the British GP!:)

    Look forward to reading your next update:)


  • Comment number 23.

    Superb blog Jake, I can understand exactly what you mean about your time in Monaco. I can imagine that it's an amazing place to be but it can all be very hectic and I did miss the buzz of the pitlane this week (even if it's sometimes hard to make out what is being said).

    The coverage was, as ever, amazing this weekend. The lap with DC was brilliant, although I think you would have preferred it if it could have been done a lot later in the day and the piece where you 'went back in time' to interview Graham Hill, James Hunt and Jackie Stewart among others was a real highlight. Not to mention having Jenson take us through his pole lap - if we could see more of that over the season I would be immensely grateful as having the driver's aspect is really insightful.

    Also it was great to see more of Ted and Lee this weekend as they're very knowledgable and provided some great news stories throughout the weekend. It's just the shame that the race was a bit of a snorefest and the championship is turning into a bit like the 2002 season where Schumacher dominated. I don't mind if that is the case though because Jenson is a great guy and would be a worthy champion.

    Hope you had a good time in Monaco and on the boat (by the way, on the forum did I see EJ sneak on wearing shoes?) and enjoy the week off before Turkey.

    Tom xx ;)

    P.S You and Jonathan having a romantic meal - what a story! I wish I could have seen it

  • Comment number 24.


    Just to say what a "Murry Walker 'FANTASTIC'" job you are doing presenting this seasons F1 coverage. Glad to see it back on the BEEB where it belongs... Also thanks for the great blogs, so refreshing to get a real insiders look into a sport that has unfortunately been taken away from the true fans due to corporate demand.

    3 quick points:
    Can we get Martin to give his driver of the day like he use to do. Always enjoy Martins insight, could listen to him talk F1 all day.

    Can you get the F1 Forum put on the iPlayer? I have missed a couple of races this year and used the iPlayer to great effect but I dont get all the reaction post race.

    And finally, will Eddie ever agree with you and DC? Comical how he backs his old drivers and the fact that force india are distantly related to Jordan F1.

    Keep up the brilliant work, enjoy Turkey and see you in super Silverstone. I have my ticket to the best race on the calander. BOOT BURNIE TO SAVE SILVERSTONE!


  • Comment number 25.

    Your pundit owns a hotel in Monaco and you have to stay out of town? I'd be having DC on about that!

  • Comment number 26.

    Good show as ever maintaining the high standards you have set.

    Monaco, always looks good visually on the telly, and this year didn't disappoint. The onboard footage really makes you appreciate the skill and accuracy of the drivers.

    I agree Jake, it was great to see Murray in the Qualifying show and hear those classic vocal tones of his. I have to say also, there seems to be a real sense of banter between you and DC now that is increasing with every race.

    EJ.. Bless him. I feel i have to comment on him everytime i post. He's still an amusing part of the coverage to the extent i'd maybe miss him if he went. This weekends highlights were:

    1.His usual gazing off behind the camera whilst you and DC were chatting.
    2.Using the word 'Bollocking' during the post race chat
    3.Disagreeing with whatever DC says and vice versa.

    These aren't criticisms at all. It all adds to the coverage. Like him on loathe him, he's opinionated and not scared to say what he thinks. Its good to see. (and i'm not a big EJ Fan)

    Infact, there seems to be a good sense of Banter between the entire BBC team now which is great to see. The odd sarky / tongue in cheek remark between you all is welcome to see.

    By the way, good to see Ferrari getting back into the mix. We need more teams to challenge Brawn and make the races tighter and therefore more exciting.

  • Comment number 27.

    Jake, Jake, Jake.

    What an awful broadcast....!

    ...if only you had taken DC's advice and presented from the jacuzzi you would have made TV history!

  • Comment number 28.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 29.

    "only at Monaco, hey?"

    Lol, brilliant! Good to hear a 'feet on the ground' perspective of Monaco!

  • Comment number 30.

    "The boat we'd managed to borrow the sun-deck of was packed with Jenson Button's Dad's mates.."

    A snappy-enough blog, Jake, but you really need to work a bit harder on composing sentences which don't make any reasonably-educated person wince.

  • Comment number 31.

    Really enjoyed this weekend's coverage, Jake. Absolutely superb. I loved the "interviews" with the old legends since I am far too young to have seen them in their heyday, and the return of Murray Walker AND Nigel Mansell was very special. Not to mention the use of three Muse songs over the weekend as montage backgrounds ;)

    RE: Eddie's use of "b********g" - no apology? Or is that allowed now? I must admit I texted my mum back in Croydon to say "Ha Eddie Jordan said b********g!"...

    Really like Ted and Lee's features too. Keep Lee's little snippet with the fans in the stands (or in the rocks), it's a really great indication of the atmosphere. She could possibly be used more mid-race for retirees, for example we didn't hear from Buemi after he caused that shunt with Piquet.

    All in all it was great to watch once again, can't wait for Istanbul!

    Ollie :)

  • Comment number 32.

    Jake, I'm afraid I have to say that I'm appalled at your sorry attempt to "look like" a presenter from the 1950's and I'm even more appalled that the BBC allowed you to get away with it. Standards of presenting at the BBC have certainly deteriorated. A cheap, short sleeved, shirt, and one which was quite obviously far too big at the collar, and a cheap tie didn't even go part way to looking like some of the impeccably dressed reporters, particularly those reporting motor racing, in the 1950's.

    Your performance, and your standard of dress, didn't, unfortunately, improve throughout the programme. It certainly became very obvious that you, indeed, did not fit in with the expected standard at Monaco.

    I'm afraid to say that you looked out of your depth on Sunday.

    Time to grow up Jake and join the rest of the adults. Raise your game, or please go back to children's TV.

    BBC.... please give us a more sophisticated presenter for this premier of all sports....!!!! Or give it to a channel that can do it justice...

  • Comment number 33.

    Hi Jake

    Another great show and blog. I'm glad to see you guys managed to pull off commentating from the boat unlike ITV.

    That lap with DC in the merc was brilliant. Please say thanks to Martin for the random person interview.

    I'm amazed that the frogs croaked so loudly as you would think they would be trying to stay alive and out of the cooking pot by keeping quiet.

    BTW did you see the Royal Box. It had the hugest sliding door ever. There is no way you could walk into that!

    Looking forward to Istanbul.


  • Comment number 34.

    I love reading your blog, you never fail to make me smile!

    The format this year is excellent and the coverage excellent.

    You're doing a great job, I just worry you'll lose your innocence and real world persona as you become famous and richer!

    You are so sweet - why wouldn't Murray known your name? When will you realise you are now the face of F1 to everyone who avidly watches your Saturday and Sunday productions???

    Keep up the great work and please don't become "one of them" just yet, "one of us" is great journalism and we love seeing this world through your eyes.

  • Comment number 35.

    with regards to message number 32. What are you going on about???? Who actually cares about "cheap shirts" that is possibly the most ridiculous comment i have heard. I for one am glad that the bbc now have coverage of the F1 calender. NO adverts, better presenting talent especially with DC and EJ there with valuable f1 experience. And they kept the legend that is Martin Brundle (who is probably the most in the know person when it comes to f1) The web-site is brilliant. I cant actually pick a fault. So keep up the good work, and ignore all the moaners they just have not got anything better to do.

    Another great blog btw.

  • Comment number 36.

    @ edithsitwell

    I think Jake is doing a tremendous job. If you want a presenter with a formal suit, then either watch BBC News 24, or sit in your armchair, watching all those black and white archives. Get with the new times.

  • Comment number 37.

    Great blog Jake. Really enjoyed your drive around the track with DC.

    See you in Istanbul!

  • Comment number 38.


    What a bizarre and out of touch comment.

    We have a young and enthusiastic fan/journalist presenter, one of the best modern-day drivers, a past team owner (and race winner) and no adverts allied to excellent and highly proficient technical coverage...

    Just think how bad it was last year and you will understand how brilliant we all think this years format is.

    Not wishing to cast aspersions, but you sound like my parents; everything today in this country has gone to the dogs and we don't do anything like it used to be done - and they are in their 70's! HMMM...I wonder...

  • Comment number 39.

    Hi Jake , Still loving most of the BBC's output .. But , Few things ,
    Please dont , dont let EJ do anymore interviews , Its not his fault but surely you ( all ) can see what we see ? , he is not good at it .
    Also can we have some more ( longer ) tech bits ? , ITV used to do this bit so much better . There is a host of new stuff this season but the BBC seems to be ignoring it completly .
    And the forum , I give up , It's not happening is it ? , You ( and others ) constantly badger us to e-mail in , and then you only get to read out a very few , And finally JL , Again still not good , I sometimes find myself giong over to CBBC for a little light relief , Please please move him back to where he belongs .
    Ok ranting done , Ta .........

  • Comment number 40.

    Monaco Baby...

    First of all - Well done Jake!

    I think you did a real impressive job over what must have been a very 'huge' weekend. Without doubt the BBC presentation has a younger, informal and fresher feel to it which is a breath of fresh air - also your love of the sport is also starting to show through - so thumbs up big man!

    In a funny way, my fave part of the Monaco GP weekend has always been the whole pre race coverage and build up - the interviews, beauty, surreal atmosphere, glitz and glamour... its special and unlike anything else

    And it ceratinly was my fave again this weekend. Seeing Murray Walker and Nigel Mansell was awesome. It was these legends that made me fall in love with the sport when i was 10 years thanks

    Also, i loved the old clips and your 60's retro intro to the race day coverage, great editing

    Which brings me to a suggestion

    It would be fantastic if you could include a 'Legends of the Track' segment into the coverage, where you interview legendry drivers or team managers that have shaped the sport, Examples could be

    Stirling Moss
    Alain Prost
    Nelson Piquet
    Nigel Mansell
    Michael Schumacher
    Sir Frank Williams
    John Barnard

    Be great to see them interviewed

  • Comment number 41.

    Edithsitwell seems to be one of those people who had prejudged Jake because he has done kids telly. Read the 606 forum on the day the team was announced.

    Entirely predictable and completely tedious much like peoples use of the term 'dumbing down' or trying to be the first to say a TV show has 'jumped the shark'. Very little to do with the reality just wanting to appear erudite and superior.

    Perhaps a quick letter to points of view would be more suited...Dear BBC as a licence fee payer I feel it is a disgrace BLAH BLAH BLAH.

  • Comment number 42.


    I do feel Ben Edwards should have the commentating role over JL

    Anyone agree?

  • Comment number 43.

    Thank God that F1 is on BBC now. No more stupid interviews by 'Louise', Jake a plus, 'cos no more drivelling by 'Football Man' into his black ice cream. Hurrah for Eddie Jordan! Go on Ed tell it like it is. David Coulthard is a find too. But, Please buy a couple of umbrellas for the Three of them.
    But just a few comments:
    BUT: Still too many graphics and pop music. Why the use of the music and graphics from Mad Men? And please Martin, spare us the interviews with the freeloaders, WAGS and pop hangers on and the less seen of MM and Ecclescake the better.

  • Comment number 44.

    @ Edithsitwell

    I can only assume you are joking. Infact you have to be.
    There is no question that ITV raised the standard of presentation of F1 when they took it over from the BBC in 1997, but there is also no question that the BBC have raised the standard even further by taking elements of what ITV did and improving it massively. Thats a fact.

    I can only assume you want to go back to last year with a presenter wearing a double breasted, brass buttoned blazer, holding a stilted, pre-scripted converstation with an Ex F1 Driver who'd sit on the fence when asked the same repeated questions of "Can Lewis Do It?", "What about Lewis", "How will it affect Lewis"..etc..etc.. yawn

    Here's to the BBC's current balanced, unbiased coverage, slick presenting, and the depth of coverage us casual or hardcore F1 fans have been crying out for.

  • Comment number 45.

    is there any chance we can watch a re-run of the F1 forum online
    keep up the good work plus can have mike G back on please his insight was fantastic

  • Comment number 46.

    #42, no I do not agree sorry. jonathan and martin are starting to gel now and seem to be getting better.

    another good weekend from the BBC team.

  • Comment number 47.

    can we see more of suzi perry ;-)

  • Comment number 48.

    Hi Jake

    BBC presentation just gets better. I thought the 'camera trickery' with you interviewing Graham Hill & Jackie Stewart was brilliant.

    Unfortunately though I have to agree with ultima_volta. Ben Edwards and Martin Brundle would make an awesome commentary team.

  • Comment number 49.


    I can only assume those people who continually criticise the BBC's coverage this year haven't watched it for the past few years; ITV was good but not as good as this...the BBC have upped the bar fantastically.

    I find that you make F1 accessible and as much as I appreciate Steve Rider's talents as a presenter, I find you far more personable.

    Your back in time bit at the start of the programme was good, it made me smile and brought bygone days of F1 into this era - it made me smile even if it was a bit of a cheesy concept!

    This partnership between you and DC is getting great, you are like a couple of old mates and whilst I was initially disappointed by EJ it is funny to see his interjections which seem to be him disagreeing just for disagreement's sake! DC has taken to TV like a duck to water, he's very professional...I don't think EJ will ever reach this level but then I'm not sure he should, it makes me chuckle when he is looking around the place whilst you are chatting!

    Great to see Murray on TV this weekend, as someone has already said it is a shame you didn't get him on the Forum. Hopefully that can be organised for Silverstone? Would be nice to see his thoughts in the race build-up if you can get him, too. The Forum was a bit short this weekend but I guess that's because you were on your boat and couldn't get people on to have a chat with them...

    The man who puts music to the montages at the end is doing a great job! It is always really appropriate. I must say I far prefer the montages when they end with the winner spraying the champagne and the BBC Sport logo flashing on to the bottom of the screen as opposed to it flashing on to the screen with that silver CGI of an F1 car which isn't from this present era.

    Keep up the good work Jake,


  • Comment number 50.

    The more the season goes on, the more you guys are beginning to gel and you seem to be becoming a load of mates enjoying each others company and talking about a subject that you love. I love all the snippets ( specially your drive with DC around the track. You were like naughty school children!!). It reminds me of the Top Gear team which is no bad thing. Keep it up guys..loving it!

  • Comment number 51.

    Oh and Martin's 'F1 Insight' features from his ITV days were brilliant. Any chance of getting him to do a few of them again? Very informative and very interesting.

  • Comment number 52.

    A superb article Jake, thanks once again for taking the time to update your blog. It has fast become a 'must check' webpage in our house!

    Really enjoyed your drive around Monaco with DC, what a fantastic car. We were hoping he would show you around his hotel there too, perhaps to give an insight into what it is like to be a multi-millionaire ex F1 driver.

    I hope you take the comment above regarding your choice of shirt(!?) with the pinch of salt it deserves - you are doing a superb job and have gained many fans already.

    Can't wait for Turkey!

  • Comment number 53.

    'A cheap, short sleeved, shirt, and one which was quite obviously far too big at the collar, and a cheap tie didn't even go part way to looking like some of the impeccably dressed reporters, particularly those reporting motor racing, in the 1950's.'

    Are you drunk? Are you REALLY that bothered about a supposed cheap shirt (not that you actually know)? Grow up and go whinge about something else rather than a 'cheap, short sleeved, shirt'. If that's THE most important thing you have to moan about, then in so many words, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

  • Comment number 54.

    Another great job done Jake...
    Well we didnt even make it on a shoe string but we did enjoy a great racing weekend. The BBC's coverage just gets better. Before we get to Jenson, it was another uneventful race from Monaco really for me, half a dozen highlights, shame about Lewis, this year really isnt his is it? still a very long way to go. Jenson was brilliant. No other word for him, he is looking the world champ we know he is, its something about the British spirit isnt it, I think Lewis came under a bit of stick, to cocky, arrogant even, all too easy for him in his first two seasons, Button however the folk hero? Well he's a multi millionaire racing driver so not too much sympathy but hey what a classic story even if its not rags to riches. All the way Jenson its your time now. Silverstone will erupt. A fine if not sad sends off for a great f1 circuit. Keep up the great work Jake and thanks to all behind the scenes. Brilliant job.

  • Comment number 55.

    Hi Jake,

    Just finished watching the Beeb coverage this morning after managing to dodge the results all weekend while I've been away. Shame the race wasn't the most exciting but the pre-quali and race build-up coverage more than made up for it - really loving the banter between you guys. It's great to have characters like DC, EJ and of course yourself giving the show a much more entertaining and personal feel, something the ITV coverage definitely lacked. I'm really enjoying your blog too, great to have behind-the-scenes info from obviously a genuine F1 fan.

    Also, three words after watching Martin's gridwalk...bring back Jacques!!

    See you in Monaco 2010 - I'm saving the pennies already! :)
    All the best from sunny Tunbridge Wells

  • Comment number 56.

    Jakes, I just want to say that you once again showed yourself as an excellent host for Formula 1 and it;s very very enjoyable to watch your style of presenting.

    furthermore, I exploded in excitement several times hearing 3 Muse songs used over the course of the weekend. Kudos to the music guys behind BBC F1, the guys are geniuses! ;)

  • Comment number 57.

    great work jake, i'd say that was your best blog so far and the lil clip with you and dc made me chuckle a tad. very envious of your work

  • Comment number 58.

    Enjoyed the race, the commentary, and the blog. One complaint: the red button service is brilliant, allowing selection of normal coverage or in-car views; sadly, to change from one to the other requires going through the Sports Multiscreen home page...and this was showing TENNIS!! Thus, to change from normal to in-car required a gap in the coverage; intensely annoying, considering I'd thought all that had gone once the BBC got the F1 back. No objections to having the tennis selectable from the Sports Multiscreen page....but why have it appear every time the home page is selected? Surely it should have been the normal GP coverage on that page?

  • Comment number 59.

    Post #21 that was harsh

  • Comment number 60.

    Off to Istanbul Park in a couple of weeks. Massa for the win anyone?

    Enjoyed the coverage and the blog, keep up the good work.

  • Comment number 61.

    Good coverage again this weekend Jake, keep it up!

  • Comment number 62.

    Hi Jake,

    For me, this weekend was the best for the BBC. The pre-qualifying show was great. Seeing Murray, the tour around the track, and the whole show really demonstrated the history behind Monaco. It was great. Also, the pre-race show was brilliant. The best bit was your 'Step Back In Time' feature. Really cleverly done. I thought that was FANTASTIC - as Murray would say!

    Shame the Forum was curtailed but understandable.

    PS - I know this had been said a hundred times, but as it is the last British Grand Prix at Silverstone (in all probability), could you ask Murray whether he would commentate one last time?

  • Comment number 63.

    Very nicely done, thought the retro-intro was cheesy but effective. Commentry going well, Legard doing his best to spice what was ultimately a procession.

    Really starting to look the part, keep it up and have fun in Turkey!


  • Comment number 64.

    Jake, I know exactly what you mean about the vibe - try the Classic Grand Prix weekend at Monaco sometime, it's completely different and terrific fun, and the vibe is great.

  • Comment number 65.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 66.

    Great qualifying, good - if not too exciting - race. Pleased to see that Ferrari are picking up pace, though I don't see them catching the Brawns on points. Interesting to see how McLaren, and Hamilton in particular, react to their dip in form.

    Agree with your reservations about Monaco - I've been there a couple of times and think it's a pretentious hole - all glitter and no real substance, with some of the rudest people I've had the misfortune to meet - couldn't wait to get away.

  • Comment number 67.

    Cool Blog Jake,

    Firstly I would like to say that I loved the full video of you interviewing past F1 Legends.

    From reading the blog it seemed to me that Monaco did not give the impression and vibe that you were hoping for, but watching the video of You and DC going around the circuit shows that you did enjoy the ride round.

    I did like Lee's part on the "hardcore" fans, thats what I think makes Monaco.

    Well Keep Up Great Work and Roll On Turkey!

  • Comment number 68.

    Watching Jenson's immpresive, impromptu jogging session at the end of the race reminded me of Nigel Mansell after (I think) the end of his 1992 battle with Senna. If I remember rightly he had to be helped out of his car and nearly collapsed in a spluttering sweaty heap in front of the Crown Prince. Any footage of this for the website?

  • Comment number 69.

    Hi Jake

    Loved the coverage this weekend! Martins grid walk was one of the best ones so far , really love his sense of humour! Regarding JL, i think he is doing a great job and obviously he is never going to please everyone but i think he is coming into the role nicely and is working well with Martin.

    I agree with @62 - any chance we could get Murray in on the commentary for Silverstone? Even for the start of the race? Bring back his infamous GO! GO! GO!

    I think your doing a great job and despite what people say i love EJ! You NEED someone who just says it like it is and gives a frank opinion. i was surprised at the "Bollocking" comment but thats us Irish we just say it as we see it! As a former Team Principle he has insight into the FIA proceedings and others teams and i also believe his Kimi rant was completely justified. Kimi is a liability at Ferrari, get Alonso in there ASAP.

    Roll on Turkey! Gobble Gobble! :)

  • Comment number 70.

    To be honest i don't understand why ITV hosts any sporting coverage because the BBC does it 10 times better and the case is the same in F1.

    Much prefer the BBC coverage and presenters and love not getting those flaming adverts in the middle of my sports!

    Top job!

  • Comment number 71.

    As an avid F1 fan I must say how fantastic all of the BBC's coverage is! I can now watch the practice live on the BBC website, watch the race with great "red button" features, we have the F1 forum and also all of the extra features on the website in between GPs - the classic races are fab. It's driving my wife mad!!!!

    Jake you're obviously a big F1 fan and it's refreshing to see EJ and DC have a bit of banter and it's good to see EJ giving us his opinions - valid or not!! Martin and Jonathan have now gelled (was a bit worried when I watched Melbourne like many others I'm sure!). Thanks guys you've made the licence fee well worth it, all I have to do now is convince my wife that we need a 50 inch plasma!!!

    Keep up the good work - looking forward to Turkey already!

  • Comment number 72.

    How do I get a job like yours?!

  • Comment number 73.

    Great blog and a great show on Saturday and Sunday, loving your input Jake. In fact your coverage hasn't half improved Formula one. It was getting boring but I like all the new stuff and the balance between you DC EJ MB and JL is spot on. I really like your style, you come across ....well quite naturally, just like talking to a bloke down the pub. The online coverage is terrific and the high quality pictures are a revelation.Enjoy it and no I'm not really jealous:)

    Murray for Silverstone...please.

  • Comment number 74.

    I think Jake is the best thing to happen to F1 in a long time. Love the blog.Have been watching F1 for years and am really enjoying it again because of the coverage.

  • Comment number 75.

    Great Blog Once Again =] and nice to see Ferrari back
    (probs won't last)

    Just wondering, can't martin brundle to his grid walk later on at quarter to, the drivers are never on the grid at like 20 to and we end up listening to randomers?

    anyways, i so want your job when i'm older, it actually sounds pretty good =] or Lee's job X x

  • Comment number 76.


    Great blog! Thanks for giving us a look at behind the scenes - be it the drive with DC or the blog details about 'Maca'.

    I think we'd all like to hear more about the team - does Martin get any juicy gossip from his mates still in the different teams? Does Ted shmooze better than anyone else in the Paddock? He got words with Max after The Meeting and Ross Brawn after the win - Ted is my hero!!!

    Excellent coverage that really is world class.


  • Comment number 77.

    Hi Jake
    We were in Monaco for the race - first tme at Monaco, and agree about the lack of "buzz". Too much money and not enough passion, in my book - it seems to be all about image rather than love of racing.
    I have to say, the signposting was TERRIBLE. As a first timer to Monaco, I was assuming "tiny country, biggest event in their year, lots of foreign visitors IMPLIES decent direction signs". No way - couldn't see any signs for our gate, to get to the Grandstand. Spent 90 minutes sweltering up and down down BIG hills, then finally got there. Plus 2 toilets for 1000+ fans in our Grandstand (and I thought SPA and Silverstone were bad).
    MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT - after the race a maintenance guy went past on a forklift and all the crowd applauded and blew the air horns (as we had done for Jensen) - apparently he does his lap of honour every year.
    Have to agree with earlier comment about EJ - he literally DEPRESSES me every time he opens his mouth, and is definitely NOT entertaining. DC is a good guy, very funny, and should relax more (Not to the point of showing his rear end though, as I unfortunately witnessed in a TV prog. a few years back... the image has never left me)
    Anyway, here's hoping for some overtaking in the next race.

  • Comment number 78.

    Jake lovin the coverage and would love to have your job.. seriously. Would really like to see more interviews with less successful drivers eg. Sutil, Glock, Piquet, Nakajima as they seem to pass under radar slightly.
    And how was there room for Ted and Lee in pitlane but not you DC and EJ.

    Best comment was in qualifying when Martin told DC 'We had to drive the car son' after DC said Martin had it easy in the 80's and 90's with simple steering wheels. Absolutely hilarious.

  • Comment number 79.

    Great coverage again by you and the guys, oh and the BEEB of course ..

    I would second the other posters comment on seeing what you (JAKE) can organize by way of getting the Murray back for another cameo at the final Silverstone Grand Prix.

    Edinburgh F1

  • Comment number 80.

    Hi Jake.

    Not the most thrilling Prix, but then Monaco is more about the drivivng challenge and I was surprised that so many made it to the finish. The best parts of the coverage of the weekend for me were Martin Brundle's interview of Jaques Villenuve on the grid("aren't you too old and past it"), and Jenson Button parking in the parc ferme, getting out of the car and wondering why none of his team were there to celebrate with him! I also enjoyed the opening sequence. A new impressive way to introduce some old footage.

    I was dissapointed by the forum this week. You said in the pre race coverage that a point for discussion was to be the FIA v FOTA meetings, and I was looking forward to some good debate between the pundits with email contributions. It was not even mentioned!

    Also I would have thought that the lack of action in the race would have created a good oppurtunity to address more viewer emails. It would have been good to have got more discussion with Suzi Perry than just a couple of sound bytes and a promotion for the MOTO GP covereage next week. The forum was also very short, which I realise was due to the French Open and Premier League which is not your fault. I was just expecting more.

    On saying all that, the coverage is still streets ahead of last season and I appreciate the jobs that you and the team are doing. Looking forward to Turkey. Keep up this excellent blog.

  • Comment number 81.


    Fantastic coverage so far, cant knock it at all. I've been following F1 for 15 Years and this has been the best season of coverage yet.

    I think your a perfect presenter, im glad we have somebody young and fresh in the role. I also like the fact you have a great relationship with DC and EJ (particularly DC, loved the video in this blog post!)

    I think people need to give JL more of a chance, hes definatly getting better, it must be difficult commentating on F1 compared to the other sports hes worked on.

    Any chance we can see you on twitter? Would be great to get some minute by minute updates!

    Keep up the good work!

  • Comment number 82.

    Hi Jake
    Loved the coverage, another great Brawn 1-2. Your amusing comment on Martins performance in 1986 but just to let him get one back ask him about Detroit in 1984 for Tyrrell! One of his best drives in my opinion, immortalized on youtube.
    It's been a tonic to have F1 back on the beeb where it belongs, great website too.
    Keep it up and congrats to the whole team at BBC F1.

  • Comment number 83.

    Hi Jake, great blog as always. Just wondering, did you and DC get to drive the track because of DC's connections? Or can any member of the public just rock up and give it a whirl?

  • Comment number 84.

    I have just watched the lap of the track in the vintage Merc.

    It is so funny when DC says 'this is where Martin's lap came to an end when he run out of talent!!!'


  • Comment number 85.

    Just eating toast and watching BBC Breakfast in bed. Always an interesting way to start the day because it makes me laugh as much as brings me up to speed with the news. They're currently doing a rather surreal item about people being attracted to each other because of how they smell. I knew Harriet saw something in me!
    Hey, how good was the sun yesterday? We were all expecting to fly home to a rainy Monday according to the weather reports so sunning myself on Richmond Green was an unexpected treat.
    Anyway, before I do my usual unpacking/washing chores I've read through your messages - thanks for being so friendly and positive on the whole. I'm so happy you are enjoying the BBC coverage, and the ratings bear that out too which always motivates the team to keep working hard. I've tried to respond to any points you've all made...
    #1 Jordan D - any tips for making the most of Istanbul greatly appreciated.
    With regards to the short Forum ... #8 Blythy_vxR, we had to stop early for the last day of the football season I'm afraid. And #11 Glimiril, keep your eyes peeled for me getting a driving lesson from a rather well known someone pretty soon ... guesses on a postcard!
    What did I mean when I talked about the vibe #10 Hooplar and #22 Naomigo? Well I feel similarly but not quite as strongly as #66 babbo_umbro or maybe #77 CJLBEEB. Monaco is so expensive that many true fans are priced out of it I think, leaving just corporate fans and those who have the money to see the action - this seems to dilute the atmosphere somewhat. I suppose the best example is that despite our boat being packed with genuine fans, the boat a few moorings down was packed with people lying on their back sunbathing during the race! I was looking at them thinking there are thousands of people across the world who, if they were lucky enough to be here, wouldn't be having a mid-race doze ... that's what I meant by the vibe. Well done to all those who did dig deep to be there, it was great to meet so many of you and I hope it was worth the effort!!
    As for my black top #14 Kordith - yeah, I remember linking into Ted's Qualifying report and thinking that a black jumper was a bad move, and that was early on in the broadcast. I stayed in the shade for the whole race ... hope I didn't look too sweaty on TV!!
    # 15 connors-75. Unlucky about Celtic mate. McGhee for you next it seems?? As for the sport going backwards ... I predict McLaren, Ferrari and Red Bull not giving Brawn a moment's peace in Turkey ... I think a race like Monaco can make you think the field is really strong and really weak respectively, but the reality is that it's so, so close out there. Talking of being competitive, well done Force India by the way this weekend.
    #16 WebbyFoxes. You asked about Eastenders being broadcast. Here's the deal as I understand it. The BBC have certain programmes they are contractually obliged to transmit. One of those is Eastenders Omnibus on a Sunday and of course that show is a certain length. Any minute we went over would have delayed Final Score on a vital weekend for football. As ever we would like to broadcast F1 all day but there are other people to please obviously and this weekend we came off air bang on time. For the record we've regularly gone over our transmission time this season. We have your best interests at heart - it's what we're here for!
    #18 Gravedaveuk...thank you very much for your lovely coments. Sunil picks the tracks and does a good job I agree.
    #21 JobyJak. Thanks for your comment. Made interesting reading on my day off! I think Richard Bacon is one of 5 Live's biggest talents and for the record Harriet and I stick him on every evening as we go to sleep. However, although we're both presenters, our respective roles are totally different. He has a talk radio show lasting several hours, covering controversial topics and with long periods of time to really get into the nuts and bolts of a particular issue. My job is far more technical I'm afraid with World Feed pictures being rolled in with no warning as to what's on them, no autocue to rely on, various hard counts that I have to hit, breaking news from the pit lane and guests being lined up at the drop of a hat. My job isn't necessarily harder that Richard's, it's just understanding broadcasting and realising my job is very different. As for 'appreciating my skills', well I wouldn't expect you to do so, to be honest. Essentially the hardest part of my job is the unseen stuff that means we all get from A to B covering all the topics and eventually, after 4 hours of TV finish to the precise second - the only person who really appreciates that is the PA and the network director. Not glamorous but those elements of the job are so important in sports broadcasting. The racing and DC/Eddie need to be what you remember. If I go unnoticed I've done my job well.
    As for offering my opinion, well not surprisingly you are the only person to mention this in the past 3 months because there are two people alongside me who are employed to do just that. Our chats regularly last about 2 minutes and if I filled that time with my opinions then, trust me, we would be flooded with complaints. It's not like the various views on air go totally unchallenged as #24 RyanH002 points out. Eddie and David regularly disagree on things which means various viewpoints get aired ... and makes great TV in my opinion. My opinions compared to theirs simply aren't worth the airtime. How can I ever match them for experience and achievement in F1? Hope that answers your concern.
    #30 nickslick75. Yes, I'm afraid despite my best efforts a bit of poor grammar or a poorly constructed sentence might slip through the net now and again!! Particularly when I'm driving through dark tunnels and sitting in airport departure lounges! I guess I always think it's best to get the blog online as soon as possible, the pay off is people hopefully accept it might not be perfect in all areas. If I'd waited until I had enough time to write it you'd see it appear online an Monday evening probably. Many people tell me they go online on the Sunday evening to have a read, hence my keenness to be swift. Point taken though.
    #39 355simon. With regards to only a few emails being read out, I agree that we only managed about 5 this week. I think the problem stemmed from the fact we had no analysis time on BBC1 so by the time we'd seen the re-run highlights, press conference and analysis of the race on the red button, the time just flew away. I did try my best to marry up emails to chat points but I absolutely agree we need to include them even more and is on my list of things to improve for Turkey...promise. Same applies to StaffsSteve #80. Not ideal mate to not talk FOTA v FIA after our promise, but it was a time issue once again. Really sorry.
    #40 ultima_volta. I'm hoping we hear from our fair share of legends during the Silverstone weekend. They really add depth to the sport, I agree.
    #45 hamster1001. F1 Forum is online. On the right two thirds of the way down...enjoy!!
    #58 molemot. Sorry you had navigation issues. All interactive/red button services are still in their infacy and sometimes a little issue like this arises. We'll be doing all we can to put it right. as ever. Hope it didn't spoil your enjoyment and do always let us know so we can do something about any issues.
    #68 JemWilts. Jenson's run will go down as one of those famous F1 images won't it!
    #71 smilingmturner. Good luck trying to convince your wife to let you get a huge TV - I've been trying for 5 years with no success and I'm on the bloomin' thing!!! Hat obviously thinks I look better on a smaller telly!!
    I was really pleased that you feel you're just watching your mates down the pub #73 Speedingmal. That's precisely how I want it to feel so thanks.
    #75 Kimi-14. I know what you're saying that it's annoying when there are too few drivers on the grid for Martin's walk. The person who actually decides when to do the walk is Martin himself when he feels it's the optimum moment. He tells Mark the producer he's ready to go, I then get the call and link straight to him. I think I'm right in saying that any later than 20 to the hour and the drivers don't want to talk. To be fair Martin's grid walks have been cracking all season, we've almost always got the pole-sitter and a few other treats too along the way ... one of my favourite parts of the build-up.
    #81 philjf1. Funnily enough I have actually registered at Twitter. I couldn't get jake humphrey so I went for and I will start regularly using that soon too (probably in Turkey) so start following everyone!!
    Right, that's your comments answered, keep them coming and please remember to log back on later in the week for photos/video I shot.
    Oh, just for the record I'm really enjoying using this blog and getting the chance to converse with you all.
    Roll on Istanbul!!!!!

  • Comment number 86.

    Great blog Jake and great coverage this weekend, glad to find out who's boat it was as i was wondering that all weekend! i knew Jens would through you guys a bone at some point!

    Would of been great to of maybe have done a piece on DC's hotel though, shame it wasn't thoght of as i think people would really of liked to see that, or at least seeing you pick up the car from the hotel or something.

    Can't wait to see the coverage of turkey as it's going to be a very interesting race i think due to the very fast corners there....very suited for BGP and i think we could see Red Bull coming back there too so it should get a bit tougher for them and better viewing for us.

    Would love to see a bit more behind the scenes stuff.

    Kepp up the good work mate, you lucky thing you!

    ps if you need anyone to emtpy the bins or anything i'd be happy to ablige!?


  • Comment number 87.

    Jake - I presume that today is not a day off. That's an incredible response. Thanks for addressing so many points.

  • Comment number 88.

    No you didn't look sweaty at all just thought, as you confimed you might be a bit hot there in that lovely Monaco sun in black!
    I for one appricate that you get your blogs on soon after the races as I am one of those people who love to read what you have to say. I also understand how and when you are writting them so your grammer may not always be the best. Who cares if that is all people have to complain about, then they must have very good lives.

    Can't wait for your pic's and Istanbul
    Off to work for me now


  • Comment number 89.

    Another great blog Jake, and brilliant coverage at the weekend. It's interesting to know that you felt the vibe wasn't great you guys certainly did a good job of covering that up on screen as it felt exciting right up until the race began. Sadly the race itself couldn't quite match the build-up.
    This season began in such a thrilling manner and I'm not denying there is clearly potential for more excitement (particularly as Ferrari seem to be getting their act together...any chance BMW might eventually do the same?!)
    But I can't be the only one who is starting to feel uneasy with the Button/Brawn winning streak. Today I read that Ross Brawn is comparing Button to Schumacher, and that's exactly what I'm afraid of. If the other teams don't catch up soon, F1 is in danger of turning into the boring foregone-conclusion championship that it was in Schuey's era. Not that I'm blaming Button himself he's in an amazing car and is making the most of it, as anyone would in that position. And obviously Brawn GP will design and engineer the best car they can because they, like everyone, want to win. I just wish the others would catch up because this team's dominance is making this season feel processionary. And it's a bit frustrating to keep hearing people pour superlative praise on Jenson when, in all likelihood, if Alonso, Raikkonnen, Massa, Hamilton or Vettel was in the other Brawn, JB wouldn't see them for dust.

  • Comment number 90.

    Great show, and nice to be able to see the drivers press conference online, thanks.

    One little thing that you could change - please get rid of (or at least make smaller) the red button 'Sport' banner in the top right of the screen. It's very distracting and I don't need to be constantly reminded that the option is there. Once the race has started I have no intention of pressing any button, red or otherwise, on the remote! By all means stick it on before and after the actual race, but no need for it during. ta.

  • Comment number 91.

    Jake. Not many people would take the time out to respond to all of the posts so well done mate. My 3 year old son kept recognising you on tv this weekend - "it's Jake Daddy" - I hope he didn't mean "It's Daddy Jake". I dont think that any sport is as well presented now on TV - great effort and congrats to the whole team.

  • Comment number 92.

    Thus forum is fantasitc. Never would you get a chance to converse with the presenter. well done BBC.

  • Comment number 93.

    Hello Jake. I have been glued to the F1 this year, counting the days between races, and on the websites daily! I think the success of Lewis last year helped raise my interest, and I do feel sorry for all the poor guy has been through lately. Although one bad thing about the loss of add breaks, is i have to judge toilet breaks myself! Haha.

    May I ask two things?..

    How do you feel working with David and Eddie, they are obviously not just TV presenters, and have the experiance and wealth of F1.

    Also whats your take on the drivers themselves? We see the glamour of their lives, success and excess. What is the real deal with our heros?

    Lastly all praise and good luck to Jenson, nice to have a new face on the podium, with an interesting story. Roll on Turkey....

  • Comment number 94.

    Hi Jake,

    My already-high-respect for you went through the ceiling when I read your response to the totally unjustified comments from JobyJak. Once again, you presented a totally FAN.........TASTIC! race weekend, and all credit to you and the rest of the utterly brilliant BBC team for your coverage.

    Murray has to guest-commentate at Silverstone, doesn't he?!

  • Comment number 95.

    Yet again the coverage was cut short and for what, the repeats of Eastenders!!!!! That aside I have been largely enjoying the BBC's coverage
    Jake seems like a genuine F1 fan and DC is fab, it's a shame that it is spoiled by the stupid comments that EJ feels the need to make on a regular basis. Most of which are ridiculous. Martin Brundle is as usual fab in the commentary box and I had such high hopes that JL would be better than ITV's James Allen but it is not happening. Get Anthony Davidson in there he is witty and knowledge and brilliant on the radio

  • Comment number 96.

    snell30 in #95, you need your ears testing if you think Jonathan Legard isn't better in every respect than that terrible excuse of a commentator, James Allen.

  • Comment number 97.

    Spot on, the first thing i said when i heard the BBC had F1 again, apart from WooHoo, was for god sake don't employ that idiot James Allen. The team are doing a fantastic job now and do not need a clown with no presenting skills to muck it up.

    You can't be serious, Big Leggy is closer to Murray in his presenting skills than James Allen ever was. Allen would be better employed with a red nose & big feet in his local circus.

    Have been an avid F1 fan and motorsport in general since 1971 and Murray is a legend when it comes to commentating on F1, Rallying, saloon car racing etc. He is a very hard act to follow as he has been a fixture for so long. He has been greatly admired and will be for many years to come, any presenter who follows him will always be compared to him and will find it difficult to be generally accepted for many years.

    Big Leggy Legard: stick with it but let Brundlefly get a word in sometimes ;->

  • Comment number 98.

    Thanks jake for making that clear, suppose martin brundle does in fact probably know best about timings and i do agree his pit walks are usually great, so funny :)

    i also forgot to say how much i love the music choices and that thingie you did with the whole back in time thing, it worked really well, BBC are great =]

  • Comment number 99.

    Hi Jake

    I think it's really good you take the time to reply to the comments, especially your articulate response to jobyjak. i had said something similar to someone else on the previous blog, that the show isn't about you, you're the one who needs to hold it together! and you do a very good job of that! loved the drive with DC, it was good to see a lighter-hearted side to him, i think he could relax away from Eddie - LOL!

  • Comment number 100.

    Fantastic insight into the world behind the camera. Love DC's 1971 can tell hes driven it round there many times before.

    Oh and well done to DC for sneaking in the small Scotland flag above your head when you were presenting on Sunday.


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