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My Bahrain Grand Prix photo diary

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Jake Humphrey | 17:17 UK time, Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Hi there,

Another win for Brawn, another weekend of adverse weather, and another great weekend for Formula 1.

Now, quite a few people on my blog have asked if I could do a photo diary of what race day is like from my perspective, and I'm happy to oblige.

Obviously it's not totally comprehensive as there is a small matter of more than four hours of live TV to fit in somewhere which isn't conducive to snapping away like a tourist..
But I hope this gives you a flavour of this Sunday - and I know, I'm no David Bailey!!

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The chaos and thrills of a grand prix Sunday

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Jake Humphrey | 08:20 UK time, Monday, 20 April 2009


Blog 12. 11.30 Monday morning. Terminal 2, Shanghai Airport. Double espresso and steamed pork bun just devoured.

I finished our red button F1 Forum on Sunday evening by saying that this sport has once again proved you can't take your eyes off it for a moment - another weekend packed with incident, controversy and, yes, rain. Unbelievable.

Anyway, thought you'd like to hear about how this Sunday felt from my perspective.

To start with the morning of race day just flies by. Up, shower, out of the hotel by 8.30 (apart from this week when my watch had inexplicably stopped at 7.45 and the production manager Anne called at 8.35 as I was still in the shower... whoops... we finally got away about 8.55!)

So, apologise to Anne, negotiate China's rather haphazard rules of the road with our driver Mr Hu and translator No No. The team all get to the circuit, make our way past security to the Portakabin-style production offices, where I get on the wireless, check the news, finish my script, have a production meeting to discuss where we will be for each segment and then put on my 'show clothes'.

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Savouring the qualifying sandwich

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Jake Humphrey | 14:32 UK time, Saturday, 18 April 2009

Well, what a quali session that was! It's incredible just how dramatic they have been so far this season.

Lewis was the hard luck story in Oz, it was Massa the Unfortunate in Malaysia, Kubica is struggling here - and that's before we even start to talk about the front of the grid...Button's double pole, then the Red Bull-Alonso sandwich's almost all too much!

I tell you what was also pretty dramatic. After Q3 we were suffering camera breakup in the paddock so had to semi-sprint to another area whilst talking to DC and Mike before the drivers' press conference. Pretty hairy stuff but I'm starting to get used to that and it's all part of the fun!!

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It's all up in the air

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Jake Humphrey | 15:20 UK time, Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Hi guys,

Well I can't believe it's another flight and another blog... this time concerning the third race of the season.

I remember when I took this job people warned me that the year would fly by and the jet lag would soon take its toll.

Jake, cooking at home

I have to be honest that I scoffed at the warnings, assuring myself that the few days off in between would be recovery time enough. Well here I am, T3 at Heathrow, feeling a little sleepy even before adjusting to the time difference in China.

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Filling for Britain at storm time

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Jake Humphrey | 07:33 UK time, Monday, 6 April 2009

I just received a text from Gabby Logan saying: "That was a bit of a Scolari!" Scolari as in Big Phil.

Yes, it was quite a fill - over an hour sheltering from the rain and chatting about what was - or should that be wasn't - happening out on the track as the Malaysian GP came to a premature and somewhat predictable end.

I hope we made that seriously disappointing finish to the weekend a little more bearable for you.

All the time we were chatting and in between my questions, I was just thinking to myself that millions of people are at home wanting to see cars battle it out on the track - not three blokes blathering on.

But those were the cards we were dealt by the decision to schedule the race at 'storm time', which was compounded by a situation where even the drivers weren't sure who had finished where!

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