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Goal celebrations are part of football's fun

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Jack Ross | 12:02 UK time, Monday, 30 August 2010

It has been a very disappointing week for Scottish teams in terms of progress in Europe, and a somewhat forgettable few days for me personally after my departure from Hamilton. It would be no surprise therefore if this week's blog was one of negativity and inquest into what went wrong.

However, I thought I would lighten the mood and try to take football lovers back to the good times by discussing the ever-changing goal celebration and the recent trend towards dampening scenes of elation with new regulations and the cautions that come with them.

paixao_celeb_595_sns.jpgHamilton's Portuguese Paixao twins celebrate a goal in their own distinctive style. Photo: SNS.

I am sure that most would recognise that the celebrations that follow a goal have become far more exuberant and rehearsed in modern times and perhaps there are some who yearn for the days of the simple old fashioned handshake.

And yet if we accept that times have changed and that the current-day player will opt for a more flamboyant celebration, then should we not seek to embrace it as part of the entertainment the game can offer?

I say this because during my career I have attended many soccer schools for children and, while the kids enjoy the specialised coaching and tips they receive, the highlight of their week almost always comes from them or their team scoring a goal.

Any player or fan will tell you that the ball hitting the back of the net is the greatest feeling in the game, and the elation that comes in the aftermath is very difficult to replicate.

Furthermore, when I have watched these children score, they usually run off mimicking their own personal favourite goal celebration, whether it be the latest one used by Cristiano Ronaldo or the star striker at their local team.

Celebrations play major roles in football folklore, sometimes more than the goal that preceded it. For example, I was very young but remember Marco Tardelli's joy at scoring in the 1982 World Cup final but have no recollection of the goal itself.

Similarly, I am sure that there are many that enjoy the memory of Roger Milla's corner flag shuffle and Jurgen Klinnsman's dive and happily admit it brought a smile to their face as they watched them.

In a climate where we are desperate to encourage more fans to the game, and eager to capture the interests of kids, then surely we must foster an aspect of the game that only encourages a feel-good factor in football.

I acknowledge that there is a valid safety reason for the decision to inhibit goal celebrations but surely a more common sense approach could be applied and players given more licence to interact with their fans after a goal is scored.

Within the Sportsound programme "The Pitch" there was a discussion asking for potential rule changes from players and fans alike, and while there was a host of alterations proposed, the regulations surrounding goal celebrations is one I would like to see altered.
Anyway, enough of the talk of the good times in the game and back to my own situation.

I am unsurprisingly disappointed to be without a club at this time of the season but offer no ill will towards Hamilton, and indeed I spoke to several of the players before their game at Inverness and was delighted to see them get back to winning ways.

I am open-minded about my own future, and will look forward to whatever that provides!


  • Comment number 1.

    I have been enjoying your blog, which I trust will continue, and hope you have a new team soon.

  • Comment number 2.

    Sorry it didn't work out at Accies. Bad enough to get criticism from fans at the game and in the fans' forum, but to have to write about it on Monday....! Anyway, best of luck.

  • Comment number 3.

    As an Accies fan I wish you all the best in finding a new club. I'm sorry it didn't work out at Accies - but I am sure you'll not be out of the game for long.

    Thanks for your undoubted commitment and effort.

  • Comment number 4.

    "unsurprisingly disappointed"

    There's a story to tell I'm sure!!!

    You gave Saints good service, and a very good spell when you were IMHO the best rb in the SPL.

    Maybe playing through injury affected your game? Who knows?

    Either way, I wish you well and hope you get fixed up soon, either playing, managing (if that floats your boat) or broadcasting (you always come across well).

    Re celebrations... surprised you didn't mention Mehmet's 'dance'!!!

  • Comment number 5.

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  • Comment number 6.

    A goal celebration is fine if it is a spontanious reaction but this rehearsed "carry on" is so phoney that it approaches the theatrics that occurs when someone is suposedly fouled during a game.
    Maybe these players (sounds like a theatre ensemble) would be better served trying to improve their performance as FOOTBALLERS rather than actors.
    This does not even take into account the mass "fertillity" scenes of players kissing each other whilst lying on the ground after a goal is scored.
    Maybe a few stewards armed with buckets of water would dampen their desire?

  • Comment number 7.

    Agree with #6 about rehearsed celebrations. Tardelli's was pure emotion and stands out because of it. It showed what scoring meant to him and probably echoed the feelings of most Italians at the time.

    Some goal celebrations actually spoil the enjoyment of a goal eg. Arshavin running towards his own fans with finger pursed to lip in a 'hush' motion, what's that all about? Henry used to do it aswell. Also hate the two hands thrown back over shoulders to point at player's own name on the back of his shirt - very me, - not a team player! Great one was David Villa for Spain with his matador bow - relevant and stylish. What could a great Scottish one be in the same vein?

    Jack what did you do after your 12 career goals?

  • Comment number 8.

    I remember after that world class goal from the by-line (total fluke but we didnt care) against Dunfermline at EEP, Jack ran the full length of the pitch and slid the last 20 yards on his knees to celebrate with the Falkirk fans.

  • Comment number 9.

    Sorry to hear about you leaving Hamilton, Jack. Come to Caley, we're very accomodating. Would you consider the Accies win at the Caledonian Stadium at the weekend to be a shock? Because I've heard a lot of pundits say it was a bit of a shock result as they all expected Caley to win fairly comfortably after the 4-0 win at Tannadice last week. It seems to say a lot that a team that has been in the SPL for a couple of years now and done quite well, winning at the team that has just come up from Division One, is seen as a shock result. Would you say Hamilton and Inverness are of a similar level?

  • Comment number 10.

    Are you able to say what went wrong at Accies Jack ? To paraphrase someone ' one bad game doeth not a bad player make '. You were being touted for Scotland only a year ago by some respected commentators, and rightly so. I am surprised that you agreed a contract with Accies that allowed them to jettison you so abruptly.

    Sincerely hope that you get a good club soon. When you do please do all you can to temper the more extreme goal celebrations although a handshake and jog back to the centre circle has probably gone for good !

    Mind you I broke a floor board when Faddy got that one in Paris so can hardly criticise.

  • Comment number 11.

    As mentioned before, I can't believe you didn't mention Billy Mehmet's dance!!!!!!!!!!!!! As a St Mirren fan it brought a smile to my face, even though it didn't happen too often.

    sorry to hear things didn't work out at Hamilton. Come back to saints!

  • Comment number 12.

    Thank you as always for all your responses.

    Firstly, Billy Mehmet's dance! I can imagine it may have been a source of irritation to those who don't like the rehearsed celebration but the number of young St Mirren fans who loved the dance and tried to copy it was incredible. Personally, I just think Billy's a bad dancer!!

    Re Comment 8, I cannot believe that Falkirk fans feel that goal was a fluke as most of my career goals were scored by my weaker foot from the shy line! As for the celebration, I remember it very well and was a highlight of my time at the club. This takes to me to comment 7 where in answer to your question my celebrations were always spontaneous but full of excitement (they have to be if you don't score many-although 12 goals is my league total, I have 3 or 4 more in cups!!)

    Finally, comment 9. I think in football snap judgements can be made at times hence why perhaps Hamilton were being written off after two games and Inverness talked up, albeit after a great win at Tannadice. I think there is very little to choose between the majority of the teams in the SPL with those fortunate to have a reasonably prolific striker perhaps the most likely to have a slight advantage.

  • Comment number 13.

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