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Journeymen and Rejects? How about seasoned professionals!

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Jack Ross | 20:44 UK time, Sunday, 15 May 2011

In the aftermath of Inverness Caley's win over Celtic recently I read a comment which described the victors as consisting of journeymen, rejects and kids.

Given the significance of the result and level of performance produced by Inverness that evening, was such a description slightly derogatory and a little underwhelming with respect to the abilities of the players in that side?

Of course, the less dramatic and more accurate way to describe Inverness may have been this: A team made up of seasoned professionals deemed good enough to be sought after by various managers and to have made hundreds of senior appearances, plus others with strong enough character and ability to bounce back from rejection at a club or clubs, supplemented by young players displaying talent which promises a bright future career.

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Time to reflect on another season of ups and downs

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Jack Ross | 12:33 UK time, Monday, 9 May 2011

The end of a football season is always a time for reflection.

Managers, players and supporters alike will look back over the campaign and judge whether performances were good, bad or indifferent and whether ambitions were realised.

I was working at East End Park on Saturday where undoubtedly those of a Dunfermline persuasion could be more than satisfied with their individual and cumulative efforts over the season and yet, while watching the game, I was reminded of the same fixture at the same venue on the final day of the season only four years previously.

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Winning mentality much needed whether by nature or nurture

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Jack Ross | 11:35 UK time, Sunday, 1 May 2011

How often have we heard a coach or manager describe his dressing-room as being full of "winners"?

What exactly qualifies a players to be worthy of such a description? Do they need a collection of medals from winning titles and cups, or just simply illustrate through their performances in training and playing that they have a fierce desire for success?

The answer is both, with the latter almost being an essential pre-requisite for the former. However, in my own experiences, all players possess a huge competitive nature that craves winning, but not all can transform this hunger into achieving tangible success.

The reasons for this might just be found in another similar football phrase, which talks about a "winning mentality". This is the strength of character that enables players to turn good seasons into great seasons and turn potential into prizes.

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