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The toe bone's connected to the...

Jennifer Tracey | 17:39 UK time, Monday, 1 February 2010

The 'foot' bone

...foot bone, in case you don't remember the song.

iPM is interested in hearing from you if your bones (leg or otherwise) are broken.

A few weeks ago, when Britain was frozen solid, we covered stories about the snow and grit and increasingly - about broken bones from people slipping on the ice.

On PM, Eddie spoke to the president of the College of Emergency Medicine, Dr John Hayworth. He said hospitals were seeing an increased number of people with fractures and this would have effects on patients and the NHS for many months to come

We're wondering if Dr Hayworth has been proved right? Are you a physiotherapist or a health professional who's been treating people with fractures? Are you managing to cope with the demand? Or are you waiting for your fracture to be treated? Has a small slip had a rather big impact on your life?

If there's an experience you'd like to share with us email us

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