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Got a light?

Jennifer Tracey | 05:50 UK time, Saturday, 27 February 2010

BBC: the old days...

We know it's bad. We know it kills. And yet, many people carry on smoking. iPM wanted to hear WHY.

This weeks programme was, of course, inspired by a listener, Mo Hutchison. We read out her story and asked for yours.

Mo told Eddie her tales of smoking, we invited actors to read some of yours and the Scottish playwright John Byrne got in touch, so we asked if he'd write a personal story about the joy of smoking.

You can listen again or download the podcast.

If you would like details of organisations that can offer support and advice on how to stop smoking call the Radio 4 Action Line on 0800 044 044. All calls are confidential and free from a landline.

Or you might find these links helpful

NHS Smokefree: information about the free NHS support services

QUIT: an independent charity helping smokers to stop.

BBC Headroom: advice on how to stop smoking

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