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Radical studies: security and student visas

Jennifer Tracey | 17:38 UK time, Monday, 18 January 2010

It started with an email from listener Andrew Skilton:

"I was admissions tutor in a Theology and Religious Studies department at a British university between 2000-04. I was bemused by a surge in applications from applicants in Pakistan.

I ignored them because they were so bad, but a common theme was they all came from young men with a background in chemistry, physics or engineering who now wanted to write about the glory of god.

Overseas students are a major income stream for British universities. No-one has made the connection with the cut to university funding just announced by the government. How will this affect British security, as universities, which are businesses, are starved of cash?"

On Saturday's programme we spoke to Andrew about his concerns. We talked to the Director of the Centre for Intelligence and Security Studies at the University of Buckingham, Professor Anthony Glees and finally we took the points raised to the President of Universities UK, Steve Smith.

Listen to the item as it appeared on the programme

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