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Election: "I live in a safe seat, should I bother to vote?"

Jennifer Tracey | 17:35 UK time, Saturday, 23 January 2010

Suffragette Alice Hawkins

Between now and the general election, we at iPM are offering a new service to you called Election Questions (if you have a better title, let us know...).

We tried to come up with some answers to Jean Buckton's question on disability last week.

This week, we try to answer David Anstey's poser:

"I live in a constituency that has returned the same MP since the constituency was formed nearly 40 years ago.

My younger son will be able to vote for the first time this year. I've already told him that there's no point him voting because the result in this constituency is a foregone conclusion.

What plans do the political parties have to make it worth both him and me voting in the future?"

And David wasn't the only one, this question has come up time and again. So

1. We asked the three main UK parties to provide us with a single sentence as to why David and his son should vote.

2. We asked Peter Barratt what he thought. He gives talks about his great-grandmother suffragette Alice Hawkins, pictured above, and her fight for the right to vote.

3. We invited the Director of the Power 2010 campaign, Pam Giddy, to put her case.

4. And we asked Politics professor John Curtice, of the University of Strathclyde, what options David and his son have.

Listen to the result.

If you'd like to send us an Election Question drop us a line

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