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Jennifer Tracey | 10:29 UK time, Sunday, 12 July 2009

Edward Stourton. Mind your backs!

You email, tweet , or leave a blog comment sharing your news in one sentence. iPM puts them together as a bulletin and invites a BBC legend to read it out.

The Today programme's Edward Stourton did the honours on our last show:

My son is in Philadelphia for a gathering of fellow cult-members who may one day realise they've been duped into cutting themselves off from their families.

After returning from working in Mumbai, Peter is still trying to explain his actions with the live-in housemaid to his wife.

I had to cancel the order for my new car as the manufacturers had no idea when it would be made.

A colleague is the envy of the office after having a huge bouquet of 12 pink roses delivered.

I had a lovely text conversation with my daughter; the first one we've had since she stopped talking to me four years ago; maybe we'll speak soon.

I completely lost it at the crematorium but I managed to get back enough composure to deliver Mum's eulogy.

I narrowly avoided my house burning down when sunlight focused by a mirror set fire to a curtain.

Husband jobless, three student sons jobless, I am now declaring myself available to house sit anywhere, a remote property would be ideal.

Spent the afternoon at the top of a ladder, using both ungloved hands to remove a swarm of bees from my neighbours' roof cavity, and thinking that this was a prime example of "Don't try this at home, folks!"

My 10 year-old-car is making expensive noises. "Scrappage me!" it coughs enticingly.

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